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Hallowe’En In Northen Ireland
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Hallowe’En In Northen Ireland


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Published in: Travel, Sports
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  • 1. Hallowe’en in Northern Ireland
  • 2. Introduction
    • Halloween is celebrated on the 31 st October.
    • It first originated in Ireland but when the Great Potato Famine hit Ireland in the 1840s, many Irish people went to America and the tradition also started there.
    • It is also known as All Hallow’s
    • Eve.
    • School’s in Northern Ireland
    • close for one week at Halloween.
  • 3. Carving turnips or pumpkins
    • In different countries, people make lanterns out of vegetables.
    • In America and places they use pumpkins, but in Northern Ireland and Ireland it has always been traditional to carve a turnip.
    • Then a candle is placed inside
    • it.
  • 4. Trick or Treat
    • Trick or treat is mainly done by children.
    • They dress up in costumes and go round the doors in their neighbourhood and say ‘Trick or Treat’
    • A trick means that if they do not receive sweets or treats at the door, they can play a trick on the person in the house
    • A treat means the person in the house has to give the children something like sweets or money.
  • 5. Dressing Up
    • It is also traditional to dress up in costumes at Halloween.
    • People are supposed to dress up as scary things, but some people don’t.
  • 6. Favourite things to dress up as
  • 7. Food
    • At Halloween we eat different types of food.
    • There are a lot of sweets for young children including toffee apples.
    • We also make apple tarts with money in them.
    • Eating different types of nuts also happens including monkey nuts (peanuts in their shell)
  • 8. Games
    • We also play different types of games including bobbing for apples.
    • This involves a barrel filled with water and apples floating in them and you have to catch an apple in your teeth. You cannot use your hands!!
  • 9. Fireworks and Bonfires
    • We always have fireworks on Halloween night.
    • However, fireworks are now illegal in Northern Ireland and you can only have them if you buy a fireworks licence.
    • There are usually displays in different towns for people to watch.
    • There are also bonfires in some places but they are not as popular as fireworks.