Vault 2013 Office Romance Survey
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  • 1. Vault Office Romance Survey
  • 2. Have You Ever… 44% No …participated in an office romance? 56% Yes 50% 44% No, Ive never participated in an office romanceA majority ofrespondents stated 40% Yes, a random office hookupthey have engaged inan intra-office 30% Yes, ongoing but casual relationshipromance, with the 21% 21%most common being 20% 17% Yes, a long-term, serious relationship"random hookups"and "casual 11% Yes, I met my spouse/partnerrelationships." 10% at work 3% Yes, other
  • 3. Dodged That Bullet! Have you ever avoided a potential romance that you would have otherwise pursued, specifically to avoid an "office romance"?Despite that 38% Nomajority, nearly 40% ofrespondents said that they 62%have also consciouslytaken action to avoid an Yesoffice romance.“Too many risks; as a woman to be taken seriously you cannot do this at all, even if it ismutual. Otherwise your perception amongst other women is no better than that of ahusband-stealer, never mind the mens viewpoint on it—its a no-win situation.”
  • 4. Can’t Buy Me Love Does the shaky economy make you more or less willing to take romantic risks at work? Although most participants say they are adamant in their position on 27% hooking up at work, 27% say the bad economy has dampened their inclination to do so. 65% 4% No effect More willing Less
  • 5. We’re Just Good Friends While the majority of participants answered negatively, more women than men reported having an "office spouse.” Do you have an office "husband" “I know this guy is happily or "wife"? This is someone with married, but we enjoy each others whom you do not have a romantic sense of humor and since we are relationship, but you hang out both older and wiser, we are better together all of the time (on able to handle a strong friendship breaks, at lunch, etc.). without the complication of a romance. It is fun to flirt, but nothing more. And it is good on the 31% ego!” 69% No
  • 6. Do Not Disturb Have you ever… * Respondents who have engaged in an office romance “Got caught in my boss office after breaking a couple of pictures and knocking over a chair.”Had a tryst in the 35% office According to Been participants, hook-ups in the caught in office itself arent unheardthe middle 5% of, but arent entirelyof a tryst in the office commonplace either. Being caught in the midst of one, however, occurs more 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% frequently in movies and television than it does in the real world.
  • 7. They’re Just Jealous… If you participated in an office “Nobody knew about it (I think)” romance, did it impact your personal or professional relationships with “Management is aware and we are other coworkers? assigned to different teams.” “We both had previous relationships with people at work--it was awkward.” 24% No “He doesnt work directly on my Yes team, but we have many mutual office friends. If anything, people are very supportive of our relationship.”
  • 8. TMI? Have you ever …80% 71% Yes70% 65% No60% The majority of respondents generally50% adopt an “its none of40% 35% my business” attitude30% 29% when it comes to their co-workers office love20% lives, though some still10% take notice when these 0% relationships seem to Felt uncomfortable because of co-workers Felt that a co-worker gained a professional help advance careers. intra-office romantic relationships advantage because of a romantic relationship with a co-worker/superior“No one sleeps together. But they flirt like crazy, and that totally affects who gets special treatment.Integral to the office culture.”
  • 9. Forbidden Love: Married Affairs Have you ever ... 70% Yes 58% 60%“There are all kinds of 53% Nohook-ups, especially on 50% 47%business trips. I do think 42% 40%that those individualswho hook up with co- 30%workers also engage in 20%extramarital affairsoutside of the office too 10%(I dont think the office 0%environment is what Known a married co-worker to have an affair Known a married or seriously involved co-drives their affairs). at the office worker who had a romantic liaison while on a business trip for the company More than half of respondents say they know about married co-workers affairs.
  • 10. When It’s Not Cool: 35% Co-workers in different office locations Co-workers in different departments 30% Co-workers at the same level 25% Co-workers in the same office locationSurvey People at different companies whorespondents are 20% interactless comfortable Co-workers who work on projectswith romances togetherbetween co- 15% Co-workers in the same departmentworkers who workclosely together. Co-workers at different levels 10% None; all office romances are acceptable 5% Office romances are never acceptable Other 0%
  • 11. Encore—Do You Want More? Based on your experience, would you participate in an office romance again? 70% 64% While the majority of 60% respondents are open to 50% pursuing an office romance in 40% 36% the future, women are more 30% likely than men to opt out next 20% time around. 10% 0% Yes No Do it Again? By Gender 80% “It is not worth the risks 71% 70% involved—office jealousy, rivalry 57% 60% and potential harassment and 50% 43% legal issues. There are lots of fish 40% 29% Men in the sea, so why fish at your 30% Women companys pond?” 20% 10% 0% Yes