Discovery Time


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Discovery Time is an activity based session that gives opportunities for chidlren to explore, use all the key competencies, and have fun. It gives teachers time to converse, observe and discover more about the children in their care.

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Discovery Time

  1. 1. Discovery Time Rooms 1 and 2. Tauhara Primary School.
  2. 2. In Discovery Time we learnt about shapes.
  3. 3. Our senior buddies or Tuakana come and help us during Discovery Learning.
  4. 4. Sometimes our mums come and help.
  5. 5. We cut out our shapes coloured them in and then put them all together.
  6. 6. <ul><li>We made Kites using the diamond shape. </li></ul>
  7. 7. We made triangles in the sand pit. Triangles have 3 sides .
  8. 8. We made 3 D shapes in the sand pit.
  9. 9. We made squares and rectangles with 4 sides . Squares have 4 sides the same. Rectangles have 2 short and 2 long sides. This is a square This is a rectangle .
  10. 10. We made a fish with our shapes.
  11. 11. We cut our shapes out to make a picture.
  12. 12. We cut out our shapes and then we put them on our paper to make our shapes of our houses .
  13. 13. We made our cars with Mobilo.
  14. 14. We made our ramp and garage from blocks.
  15. 15. We made bigger ramps for our cars with a garage on the end.
  16. 16. We had to cut the doors and windows out of the box for our house.
  17. 17. We made houses with doors, windows, a slanted roof and a garage.
  18. 18. We made shapes into houses and patterns using the Laptops.
  19. 19. We had show and tell to show the other children what we had made . We sat nicely on the mat to listen to the other children.
  20. 20. We showed the class how our computer pictures looked.
  21. 21. We showed the class how our kites looked.
  22. 22. We showed the class how our picture shape houses looked.
  23. 23. We showed the class how our ramps worked.
  24. 24. We all enjoyed being creative Together and learning about shapes!
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