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25.02.14 Phare Conference 2014
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25.02.14 Phare Conference 2014


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Every time and every society is structured around fundamental stories that shape them. Today we are on the crossroad between the old and the new. While our society today still shows many of its …

Every time and every society is structured around fundamental stories that shape them. Today we are on the crossroad between the old and the new. While our society today still shows many of its structures based upon and determined by the industrial mindset, little by little a society based...

Published in: Marketing

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  • 1. A NEW CIVILIZATION how the internet is shaping new systems to live in
  • 2. the surprising reason we have a 40-hour work week (and why we should rethink it) @cvanholder -
  • 3. the wonderful world of weeds @cvanholder -
  • 4. those INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURED systems we live in uniformisation. centralization. standardization. mass. top down hierarchy. functional organization. reductionistic. mechanical. rational. @cvanholder -
  • 5. the future has been around since the 70s @cvanholder -
  • 6. in a slowly transforming world @cvanholder -
  • 7. in a scared & slowly transforming world
  • 8. which is being disrupted
  • 9. which is being disrupted
  • 10. with a lot of incentives to create alternatives
  • 11. Humanity is at a critical juncture. What is needed is as straightforward as it is profound. Our global civilization needs a new operating system, and fast. (…) The very same ways of thinking that brought about the industrial age and made possible many of our advancements, have also fueled the myriad crises that are now converging upon us. ! Bernard Lietaer @cvanholder -
  • 12. the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes Marcel Proust @cvanholder -
  • 13. LOOKING THROUGH NEW EYES p2p as a new structural matrix @cvanholder -
  • 14. centralized, top down organization 
 > a distributed network of humans ! functional categories > ambiguous roles, through the spaces between 
 a radar in a bigger system > entrepreneurial spirit 
 consumption, passivity 
 > agency, creativity ! determine content & truth > curation, mentoring, guiding to navigate ! massification, similarity > diversity, equality !
  • 15. a network of micro entrepreneurs with a touch of humanness
  • 16. a new world in touch with forgotten values @cvanholder -
  • 17. THE MATRIX designing systems to live in @cvanholder -
  • 18. will all be a networked economy ? @cvanholder -
  • 19. how would a starbucks of the future look like?
  • 20. networked distribution @cvanholder -
  • 21. how a 574 year old school is preparing for a world without classrooms @cvanholder -
  • 22. how a start-up is taking a shot at the future of (dutch) media @cvanholder @cvanholder -
  • 23. LOOKING THROUGH NEW EYES navigating an unknown world If we are suffering from the crash of our old institutions, we are also pioneering a new civilization. That means living with high uncertainty. It means expecting disequilbria and upset. And it means no one has the full and final truth about where we are going - or even where we should go.  ! Alvin Tofler
  • 24. the architecture of stories as our 21st century algorithm
  • 25. using a balanced brain
  • 26. the importance of being ANTIFRAGILE @cvanholder -
  • 27. you may forget everything I just said, IF YOU JUST REMEMBER THESE 5 THINGS: ! (*) networks are replacing industrial models
 (*) different set of values and structural characteristics (*) be inspired by working models of disruption (*) we are pioneering a new civilization, it’s a hero’s journey
 (*) in times high uncertainty, try and aim to be antifragile @cvanholder -
  • 28. We are optimistic because we know it can be done. We know a whole world of pressing problems can be improved by peer networks, digital or analog, local or global. (…) That is a future worth looking forward to. Now is the time to invent it. Steven Johnson (Future Perfect - 2013) @cvanholder -
  • 29. THANKS let’s meet in the future @cvanholder -