The Art & Science Of Using The Social
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The Art & Science Of Using The Social



Nursing Expo November 2009

Nursing Expo November 2009



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  • Henry Ford Hospital twittered during surgery

The Art & Science Of Using The Social The Art & Science Of Using The Social Presentation Transcript

  • The Art & Science of using the Social Web
    Nursing Matters Expo 2009
    Presented By:
    Catherine Tryon September 18, 2009
  • Is Social Media a Fad?
    It’s a fun medium
    Easy to get started
    Low barriers to entry
    Rapidly uses up resources
    Maybe… or perhaps it’s bigger than we really know…
  • Erik Qualman Thinks… Not.
  • What is the Social Web?
    It is how people are using online technologies to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other.
  • Practical Uses for Social Media
    Network with friends & colleagues
    Connect with your patients
    Keep up to date with industry trends
    Participate in online communities
    Job search & search candidates
  • What To Do & Where…
  • What is Healthcare doing online?
  • custom search engine that searches over 2800 hospitals.
    **This search engine will only return results from hospital websites.
  • St. Mary’s Hospital Facebook Page
    198 Fans
  • Children’s Hospital Closed Facebook Group
  • Cleveland Clinic Nurse Recruiter Linkedin Profile
  • Who’s searching who…
    Careerbuilder says that 45% of employers have used social networking sites to research candidates –
    35% rejected a candidate based on what they found.
    Inappropriate language
    Photos with drugs or excessive alcohol use
    Blatant discrimination
  • Surgeons Send “Tweets” during Surgery at Henry Ford Hospital in Feb. 09
  • UW on Youtube
  • Johns Hopkins Podcast Page
  • What is so attractive about Social Media?
    People trust “a person like me”.
    Mass advertising (one-way) is replaced with ongoing interaction & communication.
    Social networks use word of mouth and peer reviews/endorsements.
    Trust, transparency, openness & honesty reign. Fakes are found & exposed.
  • Healthcare is Social
    60 million people are using new media to interact and share their health experience online.
    Roughly 1200 Facebook communities that advocate for cures of chronic illnesses.
    72% search for medical information just before or after a doctor’s visit.
    36% search for what other consumers have to say about medication or treatment.
  • The Social Life of Health Info
    Read someone else's commentary or experience about health or medical issues on an online news group, website, or blog.
    Consulted rankings or reviews online of doctors or other providers.
    Consulted rankings or reviews online of hospitals or other medical facilities.
    Signed up to receive updates about health or medical issues.
    Listened to a podcast about health or medical issues.
    Source: Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project
  • Patient Focused Sites - Social Networking group that connects patients with similar diseases symptoms & health problems. – A gold mine of straight talk and encouragement for people living with diabetes. - A site for chronically ill teens. – Create a carepage to send updates to everyone, share photos, and receive supportive messages. - Patients & providers can connect on blogs, forums, discussions on drugs, symptoms, & more.
  • Nursing Focused Sites – Serves the nursing community with a collection of professional education & resources. – A Nursing Community for Nurses. – Nursing News, Jobs, Continuing Education, and community. – An online nursing community. – Website for nurses caring for acutely and critically ill patients.
  • With or Without You ….
    … The conversations are taking place.
    What are they saying about you?
    About your competition?
  • The Art of Social Media
    Choose Your Audience
    Set Your Objectives
  • The Breakdown of Participants
  • The Science of Social Media
    Create Your Strategy
    Choose Your Tools
    Measure Results
  • Where to Start?
    understand the conversation that is happening in your market.
    approach your community
    begin to connect your facility or service into a tribe.
    share unique content & become a leader of the tribe.
    If you find something about your organization “out there” that’s less than flattering – Use the opportunity to show how you can fix it.
  • Social Media Services
    Social Media Strategy & Consulting
    Social Media Teleseminars
    Social Media Presentations
    Internet Marketing – Email Marketing
    Online Reputation Management
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Podcast / Audio Production
  • Thank You!
    Catherine Tryon Consulting
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    Powerful Fun Productions
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