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This is the presentation I gave on March 31, 2010 for the La Crosse PC Users Group

This is the presentation I gave on March 31, 2010 for the La Crosse PC Users Group



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  • Social media developed from the explosion of online tools that helped people communicate
  • Go to Linked in here
  • Go to Linked in here

La Crosse PC Users Group La Crosse PC Users Group Presentation Transcript

  • Social Networking AndThe Power of LinkedIn
    Catherine Tryon March 31, 2010
  • Who is Catherine Tryon
    Over 20 years in the IT Industry
    Over 15 years of Internet Marketing Experience
    Small Business & Social Media Consultant
    Entrepreneur, Trainer, & Speaker
  • Social Media Has Changed The Marketing Landscape
    It has leveled the marketing playing field.
    It’s community owned – can’t buy access to it.
    Customers are overwhelmed with Advertising messages ( Avg. 3000 per day).
    Customers have more choices.
    Customers are talking back.
  • It’s all about Conversations
    Business communication is becoming more personal.
    93% of people believe businesses should have a social media presence so they could communicate with them. ~ Gartner Group
    People want to be heard, especially if they are have an issue with your company.
  • And Relationships
    The most successful communities online tap into our basic human nature:
    We want to belong.
    We want to make a difference in the world.
    We want to be heard.
    Create relationships that satisfy those needs.
  • Whose opinion Matters?
    91% say consumers reviews are the #1 aid to buying decisions ~ J.C. Williams Group
    87% trust a friend’s recommendation over a critic’s review ~ Marketing Sherpa
    One word of mouth conversation has the impact of 200 TV ads ~ BuzzAgent
  • The New Trust Economy
    The line between business & personal is blurring – people are interested in doing business with people!
    “Social networking is always important when it’s real and is always a useless distraction with it’s fake” ~ Seth Godin
  • Statistics
    74% of all US adults are now connected to the web.
    ( US is #8 June 2009 - #1 is Norway @ 86% )
    2009 Average age of Social Media users
    Linkedin 41
    Facebook 34
    Twitter 33
    MySpace 29
  • The Big 3
    Social Networking Platform with over 350 million users
    Real time micro-blogging with over 50 million users
    Business oriented professional network with over 50 million users
  • So You’ve joined Now what?
  • What is Linkedin?
    The free social network for business professionals around the world.
    Your digital portfolio and contact list
    60 million members
    170 industries represented
    200 countries
    20 million US members
    Executives from all the Fortune 500 companies are Linkedin members
  • The LinkedIn Professional
  • Why Use Linkedin?
    Increases likelihood that your profile will be seen when someone in your network is looking for a professional like you.
    By adding connections, you increase the likelihood that people will see your profile first.
    Increases your Google ranking
    Research new people in advance of a meeting or event.
  • Find a New or Better Job
    It is who you know!
    This is your searchable online resume
    Ask your connections for introductions
    Give and request endorsements
  • Check New People Out
    Perform a Reference Check:
    Does their profile match their resume?
    Does the candidate have recommendations?
    Hiring a Consultant?
    Do they have any recommendations?
    Have they given any recommendations to others?
    45% of hiring managers said they were checking new hires’ social media profiles. Careerbuilder .com
  • Our Linked In Agenda
    1.) Home Screen
    2.) Profile
    3.) Contacts
    4.) Groups
    5.) Inbox (InMail)
  • 1. Home Screen
    Formatted like a 3 column blog
    Left hand column: will use for navigating
    Main column: things you will manage yourself.
    Right column: Linkedin applications & ads
  • 2. Build Your Profile
    Your Profile is like:
    Your personal online business page
    An online resume
    Advertisement for YOU!
    It should be designed with Marketing YOU in mind.
    Think of a Linkedin Profile as your online digital portfolio for you!
  • Profile Worksheet
    Use your real name!
    Professional headline.
    Add a photo – use a professional one.
    Fill out the basics today.
    Eventually reach 100% profile completion.
    Status updates – make it work related.
  • 3. Contacts: Building Your Network
    Inviting and accepting connections
    Max invitations to connect is 3000
    Connection sources:
    Address Book
    Searching for people or companies
    People move around a lot & information changes – this keeps your database fresh.
  • Recommendations
    Third party testimonials add credibility to you when people do find you.
    Encourage colleagues to give you a recommendation.
    Give a recommendation freely to your colleagues.
  • 4. Join Groups
    Max is 50
    Search for groups that interest you
    Join groups with tons of members
    Start a group
  • 5. Linkedin “InMail”
    1st degree connection (directly connected) or those you share a group membership with, you can send a message for free.
    When invitation is accepted that makes you a 1st degree (direct) connection.
    2nd and 3rd degree connection can send emails with upgraded ($) account.
    Too many disapprovals can jeopardize your account
  • What to do after today…
    Complete your profile to 100%
    Connect with the people that you know
    Write a recommendation for a colleague or friend.
    Ask for your friends for recommendations
    Join or start a group that interests you
    Build your network strategically
    Always update your profile – keep it current!
  • FREE 15 Minute Phone Consultation
    If you would like a free 15 minute consultation about Social Media, please add your name, phone number, and email address on the sheet & we will setup a time to talk.
  • This Presentation is Available Online
    Download from
    Search for Catherine Tryon
    Go to my LinkedIn profile and download from my slideshare link.
  • Thank You!
    Phone: 608.843.2345