Eval Q4 Photoshop


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Eval Q4 Photoshop

  1. 1. Firstly, I opened my documents to find the photograph I wanted to edit. Ithen right-clicked it and went to Open with>Adobe Photoshop CS4
  2. 2. When It had opened Photoshop, the first thing that I wanted to do wasdelete all background colour. To do this I right clicked the ‘Quick SelectionTool’ icon on the tool bar which gave me a drop down menu. I thenselected ‘Magic Wand Tool’. This tool is useful for selecting large amounts of space as it senses whichparts of the photo are the same, in this case it sensed the border betweenBeth and the background by only selecting the background. Once the box had appeared which indicates the selected area, I pressedbackspace on my keyboard to delete it leaving me with a whitebackground.
  3. 3. Now that I had deleted the background colour, I needed to make a newlayer so that it was unlocked and free to add other layers to it etc. To dothis I right-clicked the Layer and selected ‘New layer from background’and pressed OK.
  4. 4. Although I had deleted the original background from the photograph, Ihadn’t erased it so that I could add another background to it. TO do this Iright-clicked the ‘Eraser Tool’ icon on the tool bar and selectedBackground Eraser Tool’.I then changed the settings to suit my needs by enlarging the brush size,changing the sampling to ‘Once’, changing limits to ‘Discontiguous’ andreducing the tolerance. These are all crucial steps for erasing abackground.
  5. 5. Once it was all set up, to delete the background all I needed to do wasclick and drag the cursor all over the white areas, leaving this checkeredbackground.
  6. 6. Now that the background was completely erased, it was time to add anew colour to it. To do this I selected the ‘New Shape’ icon on the tool barand selected ‘Square’, I chose a colour clicked and dragged so that thesquare size cover the photo size. At first the coloured square was on top ofthe photograph. To change this I simple dragged the ‘Shape 1’ in theLayers section so that it was beneath ‘Layer 0’.
  7. 7. This is the finished product
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