Job Search Strategies in A Tough Economy


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Success in today's job market requires a targeted search strategy.

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  • Job Search Strategies in A Tough Economy

    1. 1. Job Search Strategies in a (Really) Tough Economy Helping Alumni in Career Transition Catherine W. Swearingen
    2. 2. I’ve lost my job, I hate my I’ve job, my job is in jeopardy – now what?
    3. 3. Make a plan. Self-Assessment Marketing Branding Networking Research Contact the Career Services office or Alumni Association at your alma mater.
    4. 4. Career Services and Alumni Associations •One-on-one counseling •Webinars •On-line library •Networking events information •Interactive tele-classes •Resume review •Job postings •Workshops •Career Fairs •Blogs •Alumni networks •Podcasts •City-focused programs Utilize Available Resources
    5. 5. Self-Assessment
    6. 6. Self-Assessment •values •transferable skills •accomplishments •experience •career path •goals Your Career Services office offers a vast array of tools.
    7. 7. Branding
    8. 8. Branding You are the product.
    9. 9. Research
    10. 10. Research craigslist A career services counselor can help you sort through research tools.
    11. 11. Networking
    12. 12. Networking Join your alumni association and take advantage of networking opportunities.
    13. 13. Networking Get out of the house.
    14. 14. Networking !!
    15. 15. Marketing
    16. 16. Marketing Value
    17. 17. Marketing Use your brand to market yourself through distribution channels. Alumni resume and job posting services Networking contacts Job postings Job sites (Indeed, Hirediversity, Simply Hired, etc.) Social networking sites
    18. 18. Successful Strategies for Career Transition Self-Assessment Marketing Branding Networking Research Contact the Career Services office or Alumni Association at your alma mater.
    19. 19. Alumni Career Services Office Services are available in person, on the web, via telephone and other technology. Our office is open Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. We will be coming to your city – join us for alumni networking events. Good luck in your search! University Office of Career Services 100 University Avenue College Town, Colorado 303-555-1212
    20. 20. Your career is always in transition. The Career Counselor for Alumni is dedicated to helping you.
    21. 21. One more thing . . . Volunteer to work with your alumni association and career services office. – Be on an advisory panel. – Post your company’s jobs on the alumni job board. – Become a mentor. – Provide informational interviews. – Participate in local alumni networking events. – Encourage others in their career transition. Give Back to Your University