My Evaluation of My Music Magazine


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By Catherine Martin

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My Evaluation of My Music Magazine

  1. 1. Evaluation ofMy MusicMagazine By Catherine Martin
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?Front coverIn order to create the realism of a real media product, I made sure to include a number of iconic codes and conventionsof a real product. Therefore, I did this by using a bar code, issue date, masthead, main image, cover lines, main coverline and a price. Also, all my pages follow the same house style. Real media product My media product Issue Masthead date and price Other Other cover cover lines lines Main cover line Main image Bar code Other cover lines
  3. 3. Contents pageOn my contents page, I made sure to order my text in columns in order to create the realism of my product. I also useda traditional heading/masthead ‘CONTENTS’ however I did this in my own individual way by making it different to otherusual magazines. I also included page numbers to inform the reader of what is available to read on which page in mymagazine so it is more efficient for them to find what they would like to read. These codes and conventions of a mediamagazine come together and add to the realism of my product. Masthead My media product for Real media product contents Columned Page text number
  4. 4. Double page spreadOn my double page spread, I have followed the codes and conventions of a real music magazine by using a mainheading of ‘NOTORIOUS’ like there is on the real product where it is ‘Alexandra Burke’. I then used a quote from myarticle in bold on top of my image to show it is significant and also, in magazines in general, this convention tends toappear. Therefore, I am following this. I then have a columnedinterview on the opposite page which is also following the Main heading Columned interviewcodes and conventions of media magazines as proved bylooking at the real media product. I also included a My media product‘thought section’ where the reader can email theirthoughts on the interview etc. I thought that this wouldbe good to include because I have seen this in othermagazines. I also didn’t forget to include page numbersin order to add the realism of my product even further. Real media product Eye-catching quote from Thought-section article I used an image for the whole left hand side of my double page spread because of research such as this magazine as I think it looks appealing and attractive.
  5. 5. How does your media product represent particular social groups?I made my magazine so that it would be in the genre of an indie, R&B genrewhich could come under the category of artists such as Rihanna, NickiMinaj, Cher Lloyd, Emeli Sandé, Chris Brown, etc.
  6. 6. I made my magazine to fit both genres so as my magazine could have abigger audience. This is called an unconventional genre as the target audience iswider therefore creating a larger market- a market of indie and R&B. Because ofthis, I believe that this puts my magazine ahead of others. This could thereforediminish competition with other magazines of several genres in the magazineindustry as my magazine would be more likely to have larger sales as myaudience is bigger than others. I have ensured that my magazine fits the indie-R&B genre by replicating CherLloyd’s album cover image for the front page of my magazine, as she is a keyperson of the particular genre I went for:
  7. 7. In order to suit my genre, I also used 3 different colours in particular as atheme on my front cover and also my contents page. I used a bright lime greenand hot pink, and then black as I thought all three are all quite dramatic coloursand could be seen as individual (particularly hot pink and lime green) as theyare extravagant. These colours put together made my magazine eye catchingand different to other magazines which could be seen as more ‘mature’ magazines such as COMPANY and VOGUE. As my magazine seemeddifferent to others, this creates a laid-back manner and made it clear that mymagazine was for a fairly young audience as it is represented as quite wild. Can clearly see the lime More subtle way of green, hot pink and black representing social group- colour scheme on both pages clearly less extreme audience of my magazine
  8. 8. With my main image, I ensured that my model would look like a typicalrepresentation of my indie-R&B genre. In order to do this, I made sure that theclothing and pose was correct for my particular genre. Therefore, I felt that afeeling of youth should be expressed to my audience; hot-pants, converse, avest, hoody and cap. These are items of clothing that would not necessarily beassociated with an older social group who liked country music or pop musicetc.Converse, Signifies and hot- ‘plus’ so ispants to short for it-represent expressesbeing that theyoung audienceand fresh may be familiarVest & with thishoody style ofrepresent speechyouthOld style New Era cap which aretapes and up-to-date accessoriesrecords- well-known in R&Bindie
  9. 9. What kind of media institution might distribute your product and why? In order to create a NEW and SUCCESSFUL magazine product, it would have to not only meet the demands of the target audience so they can relate to it, but also the distribution, consumption and profit must also be key things to reach success. To distribute my product to a suitable media institution, I would need to carry out a considerable amount of research in order to ensure that this was done efficiently. Therefore, the media institutions I researched were Bauer Media, IPC Media and Development Hell Limited.
  10. 10. BAUER MEDIA The Bauer Media Group is one of Europe‘s leading media companies. The Bauer family has managed the publishing company since its inception 136 years ago. The executive management transition from one generation to the next hasalways been carefully planned and prepared. This continuity in corporate management is a unique feature of the family- run Bauer Media Group, and a contributing factor in its stable growth and success. Bauer media seems like a very successful media institution which is well- known and also suitable for my magazine as it covers a diverse range of interests. Therefore, I feel confident that my magazine could easily apply to this institution. Also, as this institution distributes a wide variety of popular magazines, the success is evident.
  11. 11. IPC MEDIAIPC Media produces over 60 iconic media brands, with print alone reaching almost two thirds of UK women and 42% of UK men – almost 26 million UK adults – while our websites collectively reach over 20 million users every month (Omniture).IPCs diverse print and digital portfolio offers something for everyone, with a focus on three core audiences: men, mass market women and upmarket women. IPC media looks like an impressive distributing company to me due to their hugely recognizable brands e.g. LOOK, marie claire, what’s on TV and Now. However, I do not think that this media institution would be suitable for my magazine because it is segregated in terms of male and female audiences. They do not necessarily distribute magazines which apply to males and females in one type of magazine, and for my magazine I aimed it at mainly females but males too in order to have a larger consumption.
  12. 12. DEVELOPMENT HELL LTD. Development Hell Ltd is an independent media company based in Islington, London.We currently publish two monthly magazines, The Word and Mixmag, and their accompanying websites. In April 2009 we acquired, the worlds biggest clubbing social network (download press release). We have providedconsultancy for some of Britain’s biggest publishers such as Dennis, Future and IPC and were hired by Paul McCartney to produce the souvenir magazine for his 2002 World Tour. Among the Development Hell team are some of the most experienced and respected operators in British magazines including The Word’s editor Mark Ellen, and former Editorial Director of Q and Smash Hits, David Hepworth. Development Hell Ltd looks like a good indie institution which is well-known throughout that genre however I have concluded that it would not be suitable for my magazine because this audience would be too niche for my magazine which does not appeal to a niche audience. This is evident as they only release two monthly magazines and one online whereas my magazine would be a mainstream weekly magazine.
  13. 13. Who would be your audience for your media product?In order for my magazine to be successful, I would need a definite target audience so as I could use that tomake sure my magazine met the demands of my audience. Also considering that it would need to be differentto other magazines so that it would attract my audience- I should show them why they should buy mymagazine and not others that would also meet their demands and apply to them. My audience would be big asthe genre of my magazine is indie-R&B, therefore it could attract a large amount of people. To expand thisfurther, I decided to aim my magazine at both genders.
  14. 14. My magazine would be aimed at a young audience of about 16-24. Therefore, people at sixth form/college up to students at University would be my audience. I decided that this age group would be suitable for my magazine because they are in their youth and although would be fairly mature, would have a ‘wild’ side e.g. Be young and therefore go out etc.My audience would be mainstreamers who prefer to be like other people and listen to radio stations such as Capital Radio.
  15. 15. I feel that these are the types of people/accessories that would suit my audience. I have determined this fromseveral factors which surround my images which all link to my magazine’s house-style.
  16. 16. I believe that the following music videos represent my audience for my magazine in the ways ofstyle represented, personality and genre. /watch?v=tg00YEETFzg& ob=av2eI think that this music video by Rihanna- We Found Love is an accurate representation of my audiencebecause as shown in the video, it shows a sense of freedom, youth and atmosphere due to thefireworks and also the hot-pants which are also present on the cover of my magazine. Freedom isshown as parts of the music video are presented in a field where it is peaceful and abandoned. Thereare also drugs in the video which can be related to being lively which is the kind of atmosphere mymagazine gives off- there is a playful sense to it. Also, when they are ‘raving’ this presents youth as theyouth are well-known for partying with loud music etc. Fast, speeding cars are also presented in themusic video which show a sense of danger and excitement. Foolishness is also displayed in the videothrough the use of cigarettes which are shown several times- also adding to the danger.
  17. 17. watch?v=KlyXNRrsk4A&ob =av2eI think that this music video by Katy Perry- Last Friday Night represents my audience well because it isbasically about a huge party last Friday night. Therefore, as I have previously said, the youth can beassociated with parties as there is loud music etc. Also, featured in this video there is extravagantclothing such as bright colours, short skirts, crop tops etc which mostly young people wear as a sign toshow that they are young and wild and express themselves through what they wear. The music video isnot boring or plain and therefore very appealing to a young audience.
  18. 18. How did you attract/address your audience?My magazine is aimed at a young audience interested in mainstream R&B music and have anindividual sense to their style. I therefore think that my magazine attracts this audience justfrom looking at the front cover. This is because it looks like it would be for a youngaudience due to how playful the front cover looks and also my model looks like a typicalyouth with hot-pants and a hoody on.The exclusive interviews on the celebrities is aimed at a young audience interested incelebrity gossip. Also, it says ‘Everybody goes mad for…(Alesha)’ to suggest that everyonewants to know what she is doing etc and so this lures the audience in to reading themagazine as it is the ‘norm’ as everyone ‘goes mad’ for her. Therefore this attracts myaudience into buying my magazine.I also used as a strapline ‘THE UK’S BIGGEST MUSIC MAGAZINE’. I feel that this convincesmy audience that it is a good magazine as everyone must like it, therefore encouraging themto buy this product.
  19. 19. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? &Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  20. 20. Once I had finished my preliminary task of creating a school magazine, I thought abouthow this task would help me succeed in my next practical task- creating my own music magazine. In creating my school magazine, the process of this gave me an insight as to how I would appeal to my target audience, and how to follow the codes and conventions of a magazine e.g. Using a barcode, price, page numbers, adding to the realism of my product. Also, the research done beforehand gave me a better idea of how to produce my magazine and how to be successful in doing that.
  21. 21. I put my two magazines next to each other here in order to show the development made.Personally, I feel as though my photography has improved and also my imagination in thistask. I enjoy photography as a hobby generally, so I feel as though this could havecontributed to my imagination and determination to produce a suitable picture. Also, inmy preliminary task, we were restricted into using a medium shot for our frontcover, however with the music magazine we were permitted to use any angle or shot wewanted, therefore I used a long shot. I feel that this also benefited me as you can see moreof the body, therefore there are more things I can add which could appeal to my audiencee.g. I can show the legs and therefore she is wearing hot-pants, attracting a youngaudience.
  22. 22. For my contents pages’ I feel that I have developed my style since the preliminarytask. For example, with the masthead, I have been more adventurous because Ihave not just put ‘Contents’, I have put it in a different style to other competingmagazines. Also, I have used more than one image on this page so that it looksmore attractive . I have also followed codes and conventions more as in mypreliminary task, my font for the contents is quite big however I have learnt thatin order to follow the codes and conventions of a magazine, you must use quite asmall font, therefore, this is what I did.
  23. 23. I feel that with my preliminary task, it showed weaknessand didn’t have as much identity as my musicmagazine.I think I have improved from this in terms of layout andalso appeal as this magazine doesn’t look particularlyexciting despite the bright colours used.I don’t feel that this magazine followed the codes andconventions particularly well. For example, I have amasthead however I don’t have a main cover line whichis supposed to stand out the most. However, realisingthis downfall in my production of my magazine, worksas an advantage to me because I can build up from itand use it to create a stronger magazine with a hugesense of realism.For this magazine, I did not use a strap line, however, inmy music magazine I used images to act as a strap lineand also a small one at the top of my magazine. I feltobliged to do this in order to follow the codes andconventions of a real magazine in depth so as it wascomparable to other music magazines and thereforewas in competition.
  24. 24. Throughout the production of my music magazine, I used the websites in order to present typography which looked like it would be present on amagazine.I found these font websites to be very useful due to the variety of choices available and also Ithink that the quality and style of the fonts were very good. I always found a font that wouldsuit the particular area that I needed it for and therefore I was very pleased. I used for this masthead ‘NOTORIOUS’ on my double page spread
  25. 25. I used for both of these cover lines