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Work with others section 1 wk 4 slides 1 15


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    • 1. Working with others
    • 2. Recap on Week 3 30/7/2013 * Roles and responsibilities in the workplace * Code of conduct * Code of ethics * Duty statements/job descriptions * Policies and procedures (CHCORG201A) * Staff/parent handbooks
    • 3. Information to assist you • During the first weeks of employment you should be given • Code of Conduct/Code of Ethics • Duty statement • Industrial award /enterprise agreement • Workplace contract • Service policies and procedures • Industry codes and regulations • National Quality Standards (NQS)
    • 4. Code of Ethics Ethical conduct is founded in respect for, and the valuing of children, families, staff, and the extended centre community. Ethical conduct guides the decisions and behaviour within the children’s centre and is founded in respect for, and valuing of children, families, staff and the community. Handout: Code of Ethics (ECA)
    • 5. Other information • The job description should also include the following • Job title • Aim of the position • Who the worker will be responsible to or report to • Hours the worker will be required to work • Duties
    • 6. Responsibilities and duties • Our responsibilities or duties within the service will vary according to the type of service that is being provided and the number, skills and experience of the people that we work with. • The services may range from a large long day care service with several qualified and unqualified educators to a small out of hours school service where we may be working with only one other person
    • 7. Job description: Children’s Services • For the job description of a child care worker Record The role of the worker for the position Who the worker reports to List the different responsibilities of the position What tasks you think you would be able to do well? What tasks would you need help with?
    • 8. Week 4 6/8/2013 NQF - Industry codes and regulations - National Law - NQS and assessing in the workplace
    • 9. Legislation, Law and Government Activity 1. What do these abbreviations mean? • • • • ACECQA NQF NQS B,B & B
    • 10. Legislation, Law and Government Activity 2. Who can describe what the following listings are? What do they have to do with working in a children's centre! • The Early Years Learning Framework (B,B & B) • The Department of Education and Communities – Early Childhood Quality Care Directorate • Education and Care Services National Law 2011 • Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
    • 11. Legislation, Law and Government Activity 3.Class is divide into 3 groups. Initiate a role play scenario that includes at least 3 of the following areas covered in the unit. The scenario is to be based on a situation within a children's service, involving parents/committee members and or staff with the aim of having a positive result, or resolution. • Accountability; • Adhering to policy and procedures; • Roles and responsibilities; • Code of ethics • Code of conduct.