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Together For Future Dreams[1][1] Together For Future Dreams[1][1] Document Transcript

  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine Hislop - - Together For Future Dreams0|Page
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine HislopAcknowledgmentWe would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the organisations who have takenpart and with their participation we can make this project work and come into fruition.ContentBackgroundAfter studying the social demographics of the local community of South West Herts andshowing the needs of the community, with respect to social, health and welfare.This was done by looking at the wellbeing needs of those in the community by all of theorganisations involved.  West Herts College  Community Voluntary Services  Organisations involved on the Domestic Violence Forum  Organisations on the vulnerable adult forum  Disability forum  Minds Herts Network  Viewpoint  Guidepost trust  New Hope Trust1|Page
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine Hislop  Mind Herts Network  Sure Start  Watford Housing Trust  Joint Commissioning TeamThere has been many other organisations approached, but they want to wait and see howthe project prospers before they commit themselves;  Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust  Foundation Trust Governors Ass  Herts Equality Council  Citizens adviceWe looked at the;  The increase of domestic violence  Honour and ritual abuse  Increase of violence against woman and girls  Increase of violence in young peoples relationships  Childhood abuse and the link to domestic violence, drink and drug related crimes  Transference of emotions to others from trauma victims  Psychological wellbeing effects on the physical and visa versa.  Community engagement and cohesion.  Mental health and crime  Psychological therapies  Downturn of the economic climate.2|Page
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine HislopThen the introduction of the;  Time 4 Change  Participating in change  Time to change campaigns.  Also the DVD produced by Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, “Talk About It”, to encourage people from diverse ethnic and cultural background to look after their emotional wellbeing.This highlighted that this is the best time to start a project that will build up communityengagement and cohesion.We intend to do this by building up a management committee from all of the organisationswho will be taking part in the consortium to provide the project sustainable managementstructure and a stable infrastructure for future funding bids.Also each of the organisations will have at least one Local Community Champion putforward to be trained in the projects governance and engagement. Each champion will haveto give at least 8 hours a week voluntary to assist to build the project up and expand itwithin their community.They will receive training to expand their skills and knowledge and hopefully in the future beable to gain employment within the project to train others.There will also be Champions who are expert by experience;  Staff of social and health providers  Carers of people who need the provision of services  Service Users who have sought the servicesWho all have the knowledge of the needs for change and the changes required to makethings work better within the services.Community Champions will set up wellbeing seminars within their communities and havepresentations to show how important it is to look after the emotional wellbeing.From doing the seminars people will be picked up that will gain from taking part in thetherapies that will be on offer.3|Page
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine HislopEach Community Champion is expected to put forward at least 4 people a month, that willprosper form taking part in the project.They will also encourage people to take part in setting up Social Enterprises to sustain thesocial needs within their communities.There are already two pilot projects at implementation stage in Watford area;  Revolving Door project, set up to improve the responses to mental health and learning difficulty needs in the criminal justice system.  Black, Minority and Ethnic Implementation Group, who are already implementing project for Asian Women and then into other groupsWith the results of running projects we have gained further knowledge of the needs ofpopulation.Herts Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (But they can be involved in the community andcommunication side of the project, so that links are built to be able to HPFT) cannot be involved inthe therapeutic side as what we are proposing is pre-primary care. form further partnerships in thecommunity to breakdown the stigma behind mental health.IntroductionCommunity Voluntary Services will be the lead organisation involved in the projectcoordination, as they will employ a coordinator and a part time administration worker. Whowill both attend management forum meetings every six weeks to report about theoutcomes and needs to sustain the project.We decided to have three different age groups to provide therapies to 14-18, 18-25 and25+.Liaise with all third sector organizations already providing mental health and social careservices, who wish to be included within the consortium, will sign a contract about theirinvolvement in the project.4|Page
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine HislopThose providing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. With;  Talking Therapy  Art therapy  Music Therapy  Gardening therapy  Writing therapy  Drama /theatre therapy.  Wilderness Training/ Camping.  Listening and calming therapiesHealth and social advice would be provided from many sources;  Citizens Advice  Community Voluntary Services  All Local Strategic Partnerships  Herts Partnership NHS Foundation trust  Social Services  Police  Domestic Violence Forums  All organizations involved with safety within the communityBy doing this we will also be tackling; Problems with education Anti-social behaviour The lack of community spirit Drugs and alcohol problems within the community. Homelessness problems with people Mental health problems that people have and the labels that are put upon them Generally how people feel about not being listened to.5|Page
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine HislopAims  To build up community spirit.  Breakdown barriers of stigma behind mental health.  To try and eradicate discrimination of race, sex and ethnicity.  To stop violence within relationships and pick up vulnerable adults and children.  All people who have mental health problem or learning difficulties have the knowledge of there rights to make the choices that are required for their recovery.  To give young people a voice in the community. By listening to their needs  To assists people to reach their fullest potential and fulfil their dreams.  To mentor people who have problems or potential problems.Objectives  To unite all of the different ethnic backgrounds, cultures and religions to work together to make South West Herts to be a better place to live.  To make sure that there is a Money Literacy program running in every learning facility, and then further into the community  To give people a voice within the community  To build up steering groups and forums within the community.  To build up stronger community ties with the local people and the police.  Try to tackle the problems of drugs and alcohol, as this is the main problem for anti-social behaviour  To facilitate for arts an crafts etc, to be set up, so that people can develop their crafts and promote recovery of their emotional wellbeing  All of the young people concerned in the project, whilst being part are not aloud to be on drugs or alcohol. If they get in trouble with the police, it has got to be for a good reason. They have got to have good attendance at school/college, and learning to the standard they are capable of, otherwise6|Page
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine Hislop they cannot take part. All of the young people concerned have agreed to this and are willing to sign a contract. So if any others join they will have to stick to the same rules.  The project is for the local people to show that they want to make a difference to the community that they live in.  Young people have also suggested that we do more for the elderly in the community like a handyman scheme  To build up communication between third sector and public sector.  Build up stronger links with private, public and third sector.  Signpost people to relevant agencies they require to fulfil their needs.  Start care plan for everyone who takes part in the project and review at 6 monthly intervals, to make sure that it still fulfils the needs of the user of the services.  To change peoples believes in their capabilities due to psychological trauma or emotional distress.  Hold Wellbeing Seminars and Workshops within the community Principles. We offer advice and guidance to people to help them make their dreams come to fruition. Work together confidential to build up further trust with people. Show the people that they have a voice to be independent Be impartial, so that we can draw on the diverse community to work together. Policies Community involvement Equal opportunities:  Our service will provide confidential and impartial advice to everybody regardless of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, age or nationality.7|Page
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine Hislop  It recognises the positive value of diversity promotes equality and challenges discrimination.MethodologyWe have applied for funding from the People’s Millions to start the project up with fundingfrom the Joint Commissioning Team (JCT), to sustain the start up costs for the first year ofthe project.We intend to sustain the project by setting up a consortium of organisations that can applyfor other sources of funding, as well as turning over revenue from the existence of thetherapies and craft markets that will be set up within the community to sell the arts, craftsthat are being made.People will have an option of paying for a table in the craft market or giving 10% of theirprofit back to the project to sustain it.It is hoped after the JCT see the outcomes provided by the therapies, that they will providefunding for training and staffing for therapies for a further three years.Employ a lead person who would liaise between all groups involved, to coordinate, train anddevelop the community champions. They will also record all outcomes of the project forfurther funding and passable research materials. A part time administration will also beemployed to assist the coordinator in the governance of the project.Phase 1The beginning stages of the project will start with training the community champions withtools already that can be provided by Inspire East on how to engage the community byutilising the toolkits that can be downloaded from Inspire East’s website.8|Page
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine HislopSome of the people who want to volunteer as community champions are psychologicaltherapists, so art and craft and other therapies will be able to start as soon as we getfunding to commence the project.Hold Wellbeing Seminars in different locations in community each time. The first of thesewill be in Mosque arranged by Sakina Shah from BME Group and Watford CAB by earlysummer, ( date to be confirmed).Recovery training should be provided to all community champions from third sectororganizations that provide mental health services for HPFTTraining for Cognitive Behaviour therapy is sought through Herts University, but to givetraining in art and other therapies a knowledge of each is essential, to be able to provideWest Herts College are going to provide the premises to be able to implement the therapies.They are also assisting the project with the marketing, as we are going to take part in all ofthe functions that they provide to the staff and students.John Dowdle, Chair of Newton Price has highlighted that Mind already use facilities for ArtTherapies. There is space on time table for the facilities to be used for other therapies.Dan from the Sanctuary recording studios has expressed interest of being involved in musictherapies as he is already involved in similar projects.Abbey National manager James Drake has said, he would supply staff to give free financialadvice and give talks to community groups about banking and financial awareness. He hasalso expressed an interest in building business skills in community. This could be done inseveral ways;  Having competitions for best business idea.  Encouraging people to take business ideas forward.  People who show potential through therapies of having good ideas and potential training about business through business link.9|Page
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine HislopHold Community days to sell the products that are made by people involved in thetherapies. Discussions being held about craft markets in the near future for this purpose.Encourage people with potential to take therapy further by going into education to expandtheir knowledge and skills base.It is also hoped that some people will show a flare to start up their own business or socialenterprises to sustain the projects and therapies being set up within their communityPhase 2Will be year three to five, where people who have been trained to provide therapies willhave finished training and hopefully through other sources of funding from CommunityCommissioners would not have to provide funding for training or staffing. So this fundingwould be put into building a purpose built building for assessment for 6-8 people and beable to provide the therapies from this location.Phase 3This would be until the end of the tenth year, where hopefully community shops have beenopened up to provide the community with produces and crafts from the therapies that havebeen providedTimeline for first year  Draft proposal sent out to all stakeholders concerned by June 2010.  Hold meeting for all stakeholders who will be part of consortium July 2010.  Hold wellbeing seminar start in autumn 2010..  Employ coordinator and part time admin by end Aug 2010  Put in place first therapy courses and advice sessions Sept-Dec 2010  Start training for CBT Jan 2011  Hold fund raising events at different locations in community summer 2010-201110 | P a g e
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine Hislop Projected Outcome.  The overall outcome is to show the local authority and the policy makers that the people have had enough of what is happening within our local community. And they want to try and change things with the talents that and gift that they have been given, like music, art and sport. By using their talents to bring in the funding for the project. We feel that the authorities will then listen and not treat them all the same, as it is only a handful of the people whom cause the problems.  People will have a safe environment to discuss how they feel about the problems within the community and not feel judged if their ideas are different. After all the old ways of dealing with problems are not working and our young people are slowly killing themselves being ill advised about the problems they have and the long term problems that they will encounter.  This project is to give people a chance to show us that they want things to change for their future dreams to be able to come into fruition, instead of them seeing their friends and family dying with excessive drug and alcohol problems. Brought on by many other problems that might not have been theyre in the first place if the people were better informed in the first place.  So let us give people a chance to show us that they can unite as one as a community and sort the problems out. As they say the old ways are outdated and things have to change to make our community a safer environment for them to become the future policy makers of tomorrow.CostIt will cost approximately £107,500k to set up and run the project for the first year, seeattached costs in appendix.11 | P a g e
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine HislopThe costs for staffing include one part time administration assistant and a fulltimecoordinator will be £39,000.The costs are an estimate of running the project, we expect to be applying for furtherfunding to expand the project, before the end of the first year.Recommendations  That all organisations and groups who are involved in the consortium, has a community champion.  Get in touch with local businesses to build up links for fund raising.  Get training put in place for third sector mental health providers to have staff trained for purpose of providing therapies.  Put in place Wellbeing Seminars as soon as possible to highlight Early Intervention Psychological Therapies.  Set up Early Intervention Psychological Therapies in art and crafts etc., within 3 months of setting up project.  Community Champions will set up meetings and seminars to promote psychological therapies being provided and further therapies that are felt is required for the community.Doing this it will safe the community long term financially as people within the communitywill be treated sooner for depression, anxiety and stress earlier and hopefully not developacute mental health problems. Also doing these therapies, consultants would be able to pickup people with underlying deep psychological trauma and emotional problems. As catchingproblems early is important, as people with enduring problems self prescribe onrecreational drugs and/or alcohol and transfer emotions onto their children.That could cause genetic problems in further generations from this bloodline which cancause learning difficulties and behaviour problems.12 | P a g e
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine HislopPeople could show aptitude for therapies that they have chosen to partake in and want todevelop it further by going back into education or starting up a business in that field.So would therefore be building up the local community economically.ConclusionsIf we start Early Intervention Psychological Therapies people will learn to put in place copingmechanisms for their problems. It is also a chance to highlight that Domestic Violence is abig problem that 1-4 Women suffer and 1-6 men, also a big problem in teenagerelationships, 1-4.A chance to show that differences are small that we are all the same as we are all;  mothers and fathers  brothers and sisters  sons and daughters  cousins  uncle or aunt  grand parentsso want to make a stop to violence and bullying within our community. To give people achance to fulfil there potential and be an active member of the community.Let us unify together to show people that we believe in their ideas for the future. Unite andshow them the trust that they deserve, so that they can gain the confidence to ask for whatthey need. Instead of them being pushed down and crushed, after all every child is meant tomatter. So we need to show them that they do matter by giving them a chance to show uswhat they can do.Many traumatised people are still like children emotionally and have to build in coppingmechanisms to express their wants and needs to build on the skills and knowledge that theyhave to expand their skills base making them more employable.Thus the micro economic climate will start to affect the macro economic climate.13 | P a g e
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine Hislop14 | P a g e
  • Together for Future Dreams Catherine HislopAppendix Costing for first year of project Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June July Aug TotalIncomeJCT £47,000 £47,000Fundraising from events £500 £500 £750 £750 £1,000 £1,000 £1,000 £1,500 £1,500 £2,000 £10,500Peoples Millions £50,000 £50,000Total £107,500ExpenditureStaffing £3,250 £3,250 £3,250 £3,250 £3,250 £3,250 £3,250 £3,250 £3,250 £3,250 £3,250 £3,250 39,000Managment and Admin £970 £970 £970 £970 £970 £970 £970 £970 £970 £970 £970 £970 11,640Volunteer Training/Development £1,500 £1,000 £1,500 £1,500 £1,000 £1,500 £1,500 £1,000 £1,000 £1,500 £1,500 £1,000 15,500Expences £500 £500 £500 £500 £500 £500 £500 £500 £500 £500 £500 £500 6,000Venue Hire and seminar costs £1,000 £1,000 £1,500 £1,000 £1,500 £1,500 £1,000 £1,500 £1,500 £1,750 £2,000 £2,000 17,250Set up webpage £10,000 10,000Contracts £300 300Advertising £500 £500 £600 £650 £600 £700 £700 £700 £700 £700 £700 £750 7,800Total Of Expendature £18,020 £7,220 £8,320 £7,870 £7,820 £8,420 £7,920 £7,920 £7,920 £8,670 £8,920 £8,470 107,490Bf £28,980 £21,760 £13,940 £6,570 £49,500 £41,830 £34,910 £27,990 £21,070 £13,900 £6,480CF £28,980 £21,760 £13,940 £6,570 £49,500 £41,830 £34,910 £27,990 £21,070 £13,900 £6,480 £100|Page
  • Together for Future DreamsCatherine Hislop0|Page