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  • 1. Find the FundingProduced by the Funding Advisors Network for Hertfordshire March 2012 Contents Page Arts 3 Children and Young People 5 Community Buildings and Amenities 8 Core Costs 8 Elderly 9 Environment 10 Faith Groups 12 Health Care, Mental Health and Disabilities 13 Heritage 15 IT 16 Refugees, Migrants and Homeless 16 Social Enterprise 17 Sports 18 Training 20 Multi Category Funders 21 Miscellaneous 28 DISCLAIMER This newsletter is produced by Watford CVS on behalf of the Funding Advisers Network and Herts CVS Group based on information provided by Charities Information Bureau and other resources. We do not take responsibility for any errors arising from the fact that we have edited the original information provided. Supported by: Page 1 of 31 March 2012
  • 2. Are you looking for help to find funding for your community group?Whether your group is looking for just a hundred pounds orthousands of pounds Hertfordshire County Council’s FundingInformation Gateway has been set up to help you do just that.Why not take a look at the following website:http://www.hertsdirect.org/your-community/funding/This website has been especially set up to help you accessfunding opportunities.The site includes information on:• Funding information and advice• Sources of funding and funders’ websites• Funding information events• Locality budget scheme• Free funding searchesTry the free Grantnet funding search facility or browseGrants4Hertfordshire to find out what your group might beeligible for.Page 2 of 31 March 2012
  • 3. ArtsThe Art FundThe Art Fund exists to secure great art for museums and galleries all acrossthe UK for everyone to enjoy. They do this by helping to buy, save andshow works of art – of all ages and all kinds – by giving grants, placing giftsof art, fundraising and campaigning.Contact details: Website: http://www.artfund.org/grants/index.phpBFI Shorts 2012 (UK) Deadline: 23 March 2012Film directors, writers and producers are being invited to apply for fundingthrough the British Film Institute’s (BFI) “Shorts 2012” scheme. BFI Shorts2012 is a new short film production scheme which will support up to 20 live-action fiction projects, with budgets ranging from £25,000 to £50,000. Thescheme is looking to support a diverse range of films that tell compellingstories and have the ability to engage, inspire and entertain audiences.Lighthouse is now accepting applications from directors, writers andproducers.Contact details: Website:http://www.lighthouse.org.uk/programme/lighthouse-launches-bfi-shorts-2012-schemeClore Poetry and Literature Awards Deadline: 29 March 2012The Clore Duffield Foundation has launched a new funding programmeworth £1 million over the next five years, 2011 to 2015. Individual awardswill range from £1,000 to £10,000. Applications are welcome from: schoolsand colleges; professional literature, poetry and creative writingorganisations and libraries; other arts/cultural organisations (eg museums,galleries etc.); established community groups and not-for-profitorganisations.Page 3 of 31 March 2012
  • 4. Contact details: Website: www.cloreduffield.org.uk Creative people and places fund – Arts Council Deadline: 12 April 2012 The Creative people and places fund will focus their investment in parts of the country where people’s involvement in the arts is significantly below the national average, with the aim of increasing the likelihood of participation. It is anticipated that the majority of proposals will be for between £500,000 and £3 million over three years. Contact details: Website: http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/funding/apply-for-funding/strategic- funding/commissioned-grants/creative-people-and-places-fund/Daiwa Foundation Awards and Grants Deadline: 29 March 2012The Foundation awards grants to individuals and institutions in the UK andJapan in all areas of the visual and performing arts, the humanities, thesocial sciences, science and engineering, mathematics, business studies,and education, including schools and universities, and grass roots andprofessional groups. Grants of £3,000-£15,000 are available.Contact details:Website: http://www.dajf.org.uk/grants-awards-prizes/overviewThe Fidelio Trust Grants Programme (UK) Deadline: 1 June 2012The Fidelio Trust is inviting applications for funding from Colleges, ArtsFestivals and other arts organisations seeking financial support for:  individuals or groups of exceptional ability to enable them to receive special tuition or coaching,  participation in external competitions;  a specially arranged performance;  a special publication, musical composition or work of art.The Trust offers grants of up to £5,000 in support of the Arts, in particularthe dramatic and operatic arts, music, speech and dance.Contact details: Website: http://www.fideliocharitabletrust.org.uk/index.phpPage 4 of 31 March 2012
  • 5. Foyle Foundation – Arts and EducationThe Foundation seeks applications that make a strong artistic case forsupport in both the performing or visual arts and projects which facilitatethe acquisition of knowledge and which have a long-term strategic impact.For capital projects seeking more than £50,000, the Foundation will nowonly consider these twice per year in the Spring and Autumn. There is aseparate application form for small grants of between £1,000 and £10,000.Contact details: Tel: 020 7430 9119 Email: info@foylefoundation.org.ukWebsite: http://www.foylefoundation.org.uk/Funding for Youth Music Making Activities Deadline: 11 April 2011Youth Music, the UKs largest childrens music charity has announced itsgrant making programme is once again open for applications.Through its "Open Programme", grants of between £5,000 and £30,000 areavailable to support projects that provide music-making activities forchildren and young people in support of Youth Musics goals. Youth Musicaims to support music making activities principally in out of school hourssuch as during weekends, holidays as well as in breakfast and after schoolsclubs.Contact details: Website: http://network.youthmusic.org.uk/fundingChildren and Young People The Ernest Cook Trust (UK) Deadline: 31 July 2012 Registered charities, schools and not-for-profit wishing to encourage young peoples interest either in the countryside, the environment, thePage 5 of 31 March 2012
  • 6. arts or aiming to raise levels of literacy and numeracy, can apply for funding to the Ernest Cook Trust (ECT). Contact details: Website: http://www.ernestcooktrust.org.uk/grants/index.htmlEuropean Youth Foundation Deadline: 31 March 2012The European Youth Foundation (EYF) aims to develop European youth co-operation through youth policy, youth work and non-formaleducation/learning. The fund is managed by the European Council and isopen to registered non-governmental organisations, working locally,nationally or internationally.Contact details: Website: http://www.eyf.coe.int/fej/ Funding to Help Young People Suffering from Sexual Exploitation Deadline: 12 March 2012 As part of the ending gang and youth violence report, the Home Office has committed to provide an additional £400,000 per annum for three years to improve services to support children and young people under 18 suffering sexual violence and exploitation, including from gangs. Organisations are invited to bid for funding to recruit up to 13 new young people’s advocates who will provide direct and dedicated support to young people who are victims or at risk of sexual violence and exploitation. Contact details: Website: http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/publications/crime/young-people- advocates/Page 6 of 31 March 2012
  • 7. Henry Smith’s Charity – Outings for young people Applications can be made for grants towards holidays or outings within the UK for children aged 13 and under who are from areas of high deprivation, are experiencing disadvantages, or those who have a disability. The maximum grant available is £3,000 for any one trip. Contact details: Tel: 0207 264 4983 Website: www.henrysmithcharity.org.ukWarburtonsWarburtons supports charities and the community in three ways: withfinancial support, product donations and the personal involvement ofindividual people - both Warburton family members and employees.Their main focus is on grass roots activities that have a positive effect onthe aspirations, education, skills and employability of young people, as wellas projects that are centred on family life, promoting healthier lifestyles andcontributing to improvements in the local community.Contact details: Website: http://www.warburtons.co.uk/page.php?p=136Wooden Spoon CharityProjects supported by Wooden Spoon vary greatly in size and nature but allfulfil Spoon’s mission statement: “To enhance the quality and prospect oflife for children and young people in the United Kingdom and Ireland whoare disadvantaged physical, mentally or socially.” Grants are generally inthe range £10K - £100K and representing 25% - 100% of the total projectcost.Contact details: Website:http://www.woodenspoon.com/projects/how_to_apply_for_funds.phpPage 7 of 31 March 2012
  • 8. Young Film Fund (UK) Deadline: 23 April 2012First Light Movies which provides grants to projects that enable youngpeople to participate in all aspects of film production has announced that itsnext funding round will be launched on the 27th February 2012. Every yearapproximately £700,000 of grants are available through three fundingstreams.Contact details: Website:http://www.firstlightonline.co.uk/fundingstream/young-film-fundCommunity Buildings andAmenitiesVeolia TrustThe Trust is committed to supporting community and environmentalprojects across the UK. These could include projects aiming to install orenhance play areas and skate parks, restore footpaths and green spaces,protect natural habitats, improve community halls and restore churches.Contact details: Tel: 01902 794 677 Email: info@veoliatrust.orgWebsite: http://www.veoliatrust.orgCore CostsYapp Charitable TrustPage 8 of 31 March 2012
  • 9. The Yapp Charitable Trust make grants to small registered charities tosustain their existing work with: elderly people, Children and young peopleaged 5 – 25; people with disabilities or mental health problems; moralwelfare – people trying to overcome social life-limiting problems & educationand learning. They can only offer grants to registered charities with anannual expenditure of less than £40,000.Contact details: Tel:0191 4922118 Email:info@yappcharitabletrust.org.ukWebsite: http://www.yappcharitabletrust.org.ukElderlyActive at 60A one million grant programme, funded by the Department for Work andPensions and administered by the Community Development Foundation,provides grants of between £250 and £3,000 for community groups to helppeople in their 60s keep active and make the most of their lives.Contact details: Email: activeat60@cdf.org.uk.Website: http://www.cdf.org.uk/web/guest/active-at-60-regionsBarchester Healthcare FoundationThe foundations mission is to make a difference to the lives of older peopleand other adults with a physical or mental disability, supporting practicalsolutions that lead to increased personal independence, self-sufficiency anddignity. Their grants range from £100 up to £5,000.Contact details:Website: http://www.bhcfoundation.org.uk/Apply/WhatWeDo.aspxPage 9 of 31 March 2012
  • 10. Music Grants for Older People Deadline: 30 April 2012The registered charity, Concertina makes grants to charitable bodies whichprovide musical entertainment and related activities for the elderly.The charity is particular keen to support smaller organisations which mightotherwise find it difficult to gain funding. Since its inception in 2004, it hasmade grants to a wide range of charitable organisations nationwide inEngland and Wales. These include funds to many care homes for the elderlyto provide musical entertainment for their residents.Contact details: Website: http://www.concertinamusic.org.uk/Grants.phpEnvironmentFunding to Clean Up England’s Rivers Deadline: 18 May 2012The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) hasannounced the launch of a new £28 million Catchment Restoration Fund toreduce the amount of pollution affecting rivers and waterflows. The fund willprovide up to £10m per year for three years.Contact details: Website: http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/research/planning/136182.aspxGreen Grants MachineGreen Grants Machine are the UKs most comprehensive source ofinformation on grants, loans and awards available to help your business gogreen and save on energy bills.Contact details: Website: http://www.greengrantsmachine.co.ukPage 10 of 31 March 2012
  • 11. Jephcott Charitable Trust Deadline: 30 March 2012The Jephcott Charitable Trust provides funds for specific projects or part ofa project. The funding priorities are: population control, education, healthand environment. Grants are made in the range of £2,000 to £10,000.Contact details: Website: http://www.jephcottcharitabletrust.org.ukMark Leonard TrustThe grant focuses on:  environmental education in the UK, particularly projects finding practical ways of involving children and young adults;  sustainable agriculture and bio-diversity;  sustainable transport, energy efficiency and renewable energy,  youth work that supports the rehabilitation of young people involved in anti-social or criminal activities, and  helping remove the barriers to social inclusion.Contact details: Website: http://www.sfct.org.uk/mark_leonard.htmlTree Council – Community Trees/ Trees for Schools Deadline: 30 March 2012The Tree Councils two grants programmes, the ‘Trees for Schools and‘Community Trees funds are available for schools and community groupswithin the UK who are able to show that children under the age of 16 will beactively engaged in the planting projects.They are able to fund projects between £100 and £700 and successfulapplicants will receive up to 75% towards their planting costs. For example,if your project totals £700, The Tree Council would offer up to £525. Theremaining 25% will need to be secured by your school or organisation.Contact details: Tel: 020 7407 9992 Email: info@treecouncil.org.ukWebsite: http://www.treecouncil.org.uk/grants/trees-for-schoolsPage 11 of 31 March 2012
  • 12. Faith GroupsChurch and Community Fund Deadline: 30 March 2012The Church and Community Fund aim to grow the Church of England anddevelop its capacity to engage with the whole community. It hasannounced its new overarching aim, set of objectives and three newstrategic funding themes.Contact details: Tel: 020 7898 1541 Email: ccf@churchofengland.orgWebsite: www.churchandcommunityfund.org.uk Funding for Christian Charities Promoting Social Inclusion (UK) Deadline: 31 July 2012 The Anchor Foundation provides grants of between £500 and £10,000 per year to Christian Charities that encourage social inclusion through ministries of healing and the arts. Funding can be awarded for up to three years. The Foundation will consider applications for either capital or revenue funding. Only in exceptional circumstances will grants be given for building work. Contact details: Website: http://www.theanchorfoundation.org.uk/information.htmlGibbs TrustFunds innovative undertakings by Methodist churches and organisations,other Christian causes, especially of an ecumenical nature, and a widercategory within the fields of the creative arts, education, social andinternational concerns and a few international initiatives. Mainly £1,000-£3,000.Contact details: Website: www.gibbstrust.org.ukPage 12 of 31 March 2012
  • 13. Westhill EndowmentThe objectives of the Westhill Endowment are:  the promotion of education in the manner which reflects the principles of the Christian religion and the tradition of the historic free churches;  the promotion of dialogue and educational interchange between the Christian Church and persons of other living faiths.To achieve these objectives Westhill supports community-transformingprojects with advice and grants. Westhill offers grants of between £1000and £20,000 for agreed projects.Contact details Tel: 0121 472 8000 E-Mail: westhilltrust@btconnect.comWebsite: http://www.westhillendowment.org/index.htmlHealth Care, Mental Health andDisabilitiesAl Fayed Charitable TrustSupports children suffering from life-threatening illnesses or living inpoverty. Mainly hospice support. Grants range from £1,000 to £850,000.Contact details: Email: acfoundation@harrods.comWebsite: http://www.alfayed.com/philanthropy/alfayed-charitable-foundation.aspxThe Childwick Trust Deadline: 29 March 2012The Childwick Trust provides funding to registered charities to assist peoplewith disabilities, the promotion of health, and the elderly in need and for thewelfare of people involved in the horse racing world.Page 13 of 31 March 2012
  • 14. Contact details: Website: http://www.childwicktrust.org/howtoapply.htmElton John AIDS FoundationDuring the next strategic cycle, EJAF seeks to support programmes thatdemonstrate value for money and fully involve people living with HIV.Contact details: Tel: 020 7603 9996 Email: grants@ejaf.comWebsite: http://www.ejaf.com/Applyingforgrants/UKFundingPrioritiesHelp the Hospices – Capital Grant Programme Deadline: 27 March 2012Open to both adult and children’s hospices that are full members of Help theHospices. Any work involving the establishment of new hospice building(s).For example, this could be: new building capital costs or capital equipmentcosts related to new buildings. The total amount available for the grantprogramme is £579,000.Contact details: Website: http://www.helpthehospices.org.uk/our-services/grants/uk-grants/one-off-capital-grant-programme/Time to Change GrantsThe fund will support projects which change public attitudes and behaviourby bringing together people who have experienced mental health problemswith those who have not and engage the public or local communities inmeaningful conversations about mental health. This could be throughevents, tr£ 2.7 million to approximately 75 projects across England fromApril 2012 to March 2015.Contact details: Email: grants@time-to-change.org.ukWebsite: http://time-to-change.org.uk/grants?utm_source=Copy+of+LINX+213+-+26+January+2012&utm_campaign=linx213&utm_medium=emailPage 14 of 31 March 2012
  • 15. HeritageGrants for War Memorials - EnglandWorks to freestanding war memorials in England are eligible for supportthrough the Grants for War Memorials funded by English Heritage and TheWolfson Foundation. All of their grant schemes provide support to projectsthat aim to repair and conserve war memorials in their existing form as wellas reinstate the memorial to its original design.Contact details: Website: http://www.warmemorials.org.uk/Heritage Lottery fund – Young RootsYoung Roots is a grant programme designed to engage young people aged13-25 with their heritage. Young Roots projects stem directly from theinterest and ideas of young people, who are supported by youth andheritage organisations to develop skills, build confidence, and connect withtheir local communities. Programme budget is £3000 to £25,000Contact details: Tel: 020 7591 6042 Email: enquire@hlf.org.ukWebsite:http://www.hlf.org.uk/HowToApply/programmes/Pages/youngroots.aspxHeritage Lottery Fund - Your HeritageThe Your Heritage programme offers grants between £3000 and £50,000inclusive for projects that relate to the local, regional or national heritage ofthe UK (except the Channel Islands and Isle of Man). They welcomeapplications that help people to learn about, look after and celebrateheritage in a fun and enjoyable way.Contact details: Tel: 020 7591 6042 Email: enquire@hlf.org.ukWebsite:http://www.hlf.org.uk/HowToApply/programmes/Pages/yourheritage.aspxPage 15 of 31 March 2012
  • 16. ITFunding for IT Projects Supporting Disadvantaged Groups(UK) Deadline: 1 May 2012Funding is available to organisations with innovative IT related project ideasthat can make a positive difference to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups- in the UK, developing countries and around the world. There is nominimum grant application and applications for over £100,000 require aninterview.Contact details: Website: http://www.nominettrust.org.uk/what-we-support/projects/currentPC4 RecyclingPC4 Recycling is a leading computer disposal and recycling companyoffering a nationwide IT recycling service. Whether you want to recycle 1item or 100, they can provide safe and environmentally friendly solutions ataffordable prices.Contact details: Tel: 0800 121 6045 Email: info@pc4recycling.co.ukWebsite: http://www.pc4recycling.co.ukRefugees, Migrants andHomelessEmpty Homes Programme – Community GrantsProgrammeThe Community Grants Programme is part of the Coalition’s £100m EmptyHomes Programme which runs from 1 April 2012 – 31 March 2015.This will be accessible to community led organisations which will not bePage 16 of 31 March 2012
  • 17. required to become a registered provider (eg a registered housingassociation) and it will be administered by an intermediary body which theDepartment of Communities & Local Government aim to appoint. TheProgramme is likely to be between £10m -£30m.Contact details: Website: http://www.hact.org.uk/self-help-housingHelp the Homeless Deadline: 30 March 2012Help The Homelesss main funding remit is the regular allocation of smallgrants (generally up to £3000) for capital costs to small and medium-sizedcharities only. Grants to larger charities will only be considered if the projectis suitably innovative and it is only possible for a large organisation todevelop it.Contact details: Email: HTH@help-the-homeless.org.ukWebsite: http://www.help-the-homeless.org.uk/Nationwide Foundation – Homes MattersThe Nationwide Foundation aim to address housing issues andhomelessness among vulnerable groups in the UK. Small Grants Programme- this offers grants of up to £5,000 to registered charities with incomes ofunder £500,000.Contact details: Tel: 01793 655113Email: enquiries@nationwidefoundation.org.ukWebsite: www.nationwidefoundation.org.uk/funding.aspSocial EnterpriseBen & Jerry’s Launch Competition to Find SociallyResponsible Start UpsBen & Jerry’s are calling for socially responsible entrepreneurs to makethemselves known for their latest competition, Join Our Core, whichPage 17 of 31 March 2012
  • 18. encourages entrants to put their business ideas forward for the chance toscoop a €10,000 cash prize, mentoring and the opportunity to see theirname on tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.Contact details: Website: http://www.joinourcore.com/Funding for Small BusinessesIndividuals with a new business idea and existing small businesses thatrequire funding can apply for grants of between £50 and £500 through Fund101. The Fund which is run by “Enterprise Nation” and supported by“PayPal” and business support company “Intuit” can be used for a widerange of purposes such as buying equipment, promotion flyers, hardwareetc.Contact details: Website: http://www.enterprisenation.com/fund101/RBS Community Business LoanThe RBS Micro-finance Fund is set up to help potential and existing socialentrepreneurs who are unable to access finance through the normalmainstream channels. The fund offers financial support for the purpose ofstarting or expanding a community-based business. Eligible businesses canapply for loans of between £30,000 and £500,000. CommunityDevelopment Finance Institutions, which allocate funds to other firms, mayapply for loans of between £200,000 and £1 million.Contact details: Email: commloan@rbs.co.ukWebsite: http://www.rbs.co.uk/business/banking/g3/community-business-loan-fund.ashx#tabs=section2SportsFootball Foundation – Build the Game SchemeThe scheme has flexible criteria and there are many eligible items, so longas it is the right project for the right applicant. All projects mustPage 18 of 31 March 2012
  • 19. demonstrate they can support the growth and retention of grassrootsfootball. The maximum grant available is £20,000 and there is no limit tothe total cost of a project this could contribute towards.Contact details: Tel: 0845 345 4555E-mail: enquiries@footballfoundation.org.ukWebsite: http://www.footballfoundation.org.uk/apply/facilities-grants/build-the-game/?locale=enFootball Foundation – Facilities Grant SchemeThe Football Foundation has announced that its Facilities Grant Scheme isnow open for applications for projects that improve facilities for football andother sport in local communities. Organisations that are eligible to apply forfunding include football clubs, schools, multi-sports, local authorities,registered charity organisations & not for profit organisations.Grants of up to £500,000 are available to support projects that:  sustain or increase participation amongst children and adults, regardless of background age, or ability;  help children and adults to develop their physical, mental, social and moral capacities through regular participation in sport.Contact details: Website:http://www.footballfoundation.org.uk/apply/facilities-grants/facilities-grant/Sports Club StrategyCulture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced plans to give everysecondary school in England the opportunity to establish a communitysports club, as part of a new strategy to encourage young people to playsport for life. These plans are part of a one billion, five-year youth andcommunity sport strategy that will deliver on 2012 Games bid promise toinspire a generation to get involved in sport.Contact details: Website: http://www.culture.gov.uk/publications/8761.aspxPage 19 of 31 March 2012
  • 20. Sport England – Places People Play – Inspired Facilities Deadline: 1 April 2012Sport England has launched a 50 million programme to refurbish andimprove up to 1000 community sports clubs. The Inspired Facilities fund ispart of the Places People Play legacy programme that is bringing the magicof a home Olympic and Paralympic Games into communities across thecountry. Investment will be available to breathe new life into tired facilitiesthat can be unattractive to sports participants, expensive to run and difficultto maintain, putting these clubs right back at the heart of their localcommunities.Contact details: Website: http://inspiredfacilities.sportengland.org/Training and EducationBritish and Foreign School Society GrantThe British & Foreign Schools Society (BFSS) offers charitable aid toeducational projects in the UK and around the world by funding schools,other charities and educational bodies.The Society supports organisations that reach out to children in remote orimpoverished areas, improving inclusivity in education and providing much-needed facilities. The Society normally makes grants for educationalprojects totalling about £600,000 in any one year.Contact details: Website: http://www.bfss.org.uk/grants/Funding for Continuous Training within the AudiovisualSector Deadline: 16 April 2012The European Commission has announced a new call for proposals under itsMedia. A total of €7 million is available to support the continuous vocationaltraining of professionals in the audiovisual sector. The funding is open toPage 20 of 31 March 2012
  • 21. film and television schools, universities, specialist vocational trainingestablishments, private companies in the audiovisual sector andorganisations/professional associations specialising in the audiovisualsector.Contact details: Website:http://ec.europa.eu/culture/media/programme/training/forms/cont/index_en.htmPaul Hamlyn Foundation – EducationThe Paul Hamlyn Foundation has advised that some of the guidelines for theSupplementary Education theme under its Education and LearningProgramme Open Grants Scheme have been updated.Contact details: Tel: 020 7227 3500 Email: information@phf.org.ukWebsite: www.phf.org.ukMulti-Category Asda Foundation The ASDA Foundation is ASDAs charitable trust which was set up in 1988 to support local good causes chosen by their colleagues, and is funded by profits from the mid–week national lottery. Contact details: Website: http://your.asda.com/asda-foundationThe Archer TrustThe Trust prefers to support organisations working in areas of highunemployment and deprivation. They favour charities which make good usePage 21 of 31 March 2012
  • 22. of volunteers. We help small UK charity’s for whom a grant of between £250and £3,000 will make a big difference.Contact details: Website: http://www.archertrust.org.uk/Big – Reaching CommunitiesReaching Communities funds projects that help people and communitieswho are most in need, and can really make a difference. Projects can benew or existing activities, or be the core work of your organisation. At least100 million a year is to be invested across England by the Big Lottery Fundin a new improved version of its flagship Reaching Communities programmefor each of the next five years.Contact details: Tel: 0845 410 20 30Email: general.enquiries@biglotteryfund.org.ukWebsite:http://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/prog_reaching_communities?fromsearch=-uk Co-operative Community Fund Community Fund grants, between £100 and £2,000 are awarded to community, voluntary, or self-help groups to run projects that meet the following criteria:  Carry out positive work in the community and a project must address a community issue;  provide a good long-term benefit to the community;  support co-operative values and principles;  ideally be innovative in its approach. Contact details: Tel: 0844 262 4001 Email: community.fund@co-operative.coop Website: http://www.co-operative.coop/membership/local- communities/community-fundPage 22 of 31 March 2012
  • 23. Clore Duffield FoundationThe Foundation is a grant-making organisation which concentrates itssupport on education, the arts, museum and gallery education, culturalleadership training, health and social care and enhancing Jewish life, whilstplacing a particular emphasis on supporting children, young people andsociety’s more vulnerable individuals. Grants range from below £5,000 to inexcess of 1m.Contact details: Tel: 0207 351 6061 Email: info@cloreduffield.org.ukWebsite: http://www.cloreduffield.org.uk/page.php?id=35Clothworkers’ FoundationThe Clothworkers’ Foundation aims through its funding to improve thequality of life, particularly for people and communities facing disadvantage.The Small Grants Programme is for UK registered charities with an annualturnover under £250k for projects that cost less than £100k in total.Grants of between £500 and £10k for capital costs are awarded.Contact details: Website: http://foundation.clothworkers.co.uk/Foyle Foundation – Small GrantsThe Foyle Foundation Small Grants Scheme is designed to support smallercharities in the UK, especially those working at grass roots and localcommunity level, in any field, across a wide range of activities. They plan tomake one year grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 to charities.Contact details: Website: http://www.foylefoundation.org.uk/small-grants-scheme/Page 23 of 31 March 2012
  • 24. Garfield Weston FoundationThe Garfield Weston Foundation helps small local community organisationsand is prepared to consider applications covering a wide range of charitableactivities. Areas funded include: education, arts, health, general,environment, community, youth, religion and welfare.Contact details: Tel: 020 7399 6565Website: http://www.garfieldweston.org/Grand Ideas Fund – Sanctuary Housing Deadline: 30 March 2012Community groups from across the country are set to benefit fromthousands of pounds worth of funding from Sanctuary Housing. The GrandIdeas Fund will offer up to £1,000 to groups which need some financialsupport to help deliver activities within their local community.Contact details: Tel: 01905 334271 Email: peter.hoarle@sanctuary-housing.co.ukWebsite: http://www.sanctuary-group.co.uk/Group/News/Pages/Whats-the-grand-idea.aspxHenry Smith’s CharityThe Henry Smith Charity is a large grant making charity. They makegrants totalling approximately £25 million each year to up to 1,000organisations and charities for initiatives and projects that address socialinequality and economic disadvantage.Contact details: Tel: 020 7264 4970Website: http://www.henrysmithcharity.org.ukPage 24 of 31 March 2012
  • 25. Jill Franklin Charitable TrustGrants support refugees, self-help mental health groups, churches forrestoration, respite holidays and prisoners education. Grants are typically£500 to £1000.Contact details: Email: jft@jill-franklin-trust.org.ukWebsite: www.jill-franklin-trust.org.uk LankellyChase Foundation Announces New Funding Approach Deadline: 30 March 2012 The LankellyChase Foundation, which works to promote change which will improve the quality of peoples lives, has announced that from April 2012 the Foundations funding programmes will focus exclusively on supporting actions that improve the quality of life of people who face severe and multiple disadvantage. Last year the Foundation made grants in excess of £4.7 million. Contact details: Website: http://www.lankellychase.org.uk/news/36Peter Stormonth Darling Charitable Trust GrantThe Peter Stormonth Darling Charitable Trust Grant is provided andadministered by the Peter Stormonth Darling Charitable Trust and isavailable for TSOs in the UK. The scheme is intended to supportorganisations undertaking charitable projects. In particular, the schemewishes to support projects with the following themes: heritage, education,health care and sports facilities. Grants typically range from £1,000 to£10,000.Contact details: Address: 7 Swan Walk, London, SW3 4JJPage 25 of 31 March 2012
  • 26. Rank Foundation – Rayne GrantsThe Foundation aims to enlarge sympathies through increasing toleranceand understanding, to reduce exclusion and conflict, to bring peopletogether for the good of society, and ultimately to help create a morecomprehending and cohesive world. They work within four sectors: arts,education, health and medicine, social welfare and development. Theaverage grant in 2010 was £14,552.Contact details: Tel: 020 7487 9630Website: http://www.raynefoundation.org.ukRobert Clutterbuck Charitable Trust – Cheshire &HertfordshireThe Trust exists to help other charities by making grants to them. It hasset priorities and invites applications within those priority areas. Inpractice, the Trustees do not consider applications for payments toindividuals and do not pay grants below £500.Contact details: Tel: 01433 631308Email: secretary@clutterbucktrust.org.ukSkinners’ Company (Lady Neville Charity) Deadline: 16 March 2012The Skinners’ Company fosters education and training, to house the elderly,to assist people in need, and to support charitable causes. It providesgrants for disability, local heritage, local community and performing & visualarts though the Lady Neville Charity. One-off grants of up to £1,000 aremade to small registered charities and not-for-profit organisations.Contact details: Tel: 020 7213 0562 Email: charitiesadmin@skinners.org.ukWebsite: www.skinnershall.co.ukPage 26 of 31 March 2012
  • 27. Tesco Charity Trust Community Awards Scheme Deadline: 30 March 2012The Tesco Charity Trust Community Awards Scheme provides one-offdonations of between £500 and £4,000 to local projects that supportchildren and their education and welfare, elderly people and adults andchildren with disabilities. The Tesco Charity Trust Trustees also considergrant applications at their tri-annual meetings. These grants range between£4,000 and £25,000 and are to support local, national or internationalprojects in areas where they operate.Contact details: Tel: 0845 612 3575 Email: Michelina.Filocco@uk.tesco.comWebsite: http://www.tescocharitytrustcommunityawards-applications.co.uk/Trusthouse Charitable FoundationTheir grants programme supports projects in the UK which address issues inRural Communities and/or areas of Urban Deprivation especially in the fieldsof Community Support; Arts, Education & Heritage; Disability & Health Care.Trusthouse Charitable Foundation is a medium-sized grant maker, awardingaround 300 grants totalling circa £2 million each year.Contact details: Tel: 020 7264 4990Website: http://www.trusthousecharitablefoundation.org.uk VOLANT Charitable Trust (UK) Deadline: 27 July 2012 The Trust was set up by the author J K Rowling to support charitable causes. The Trust has two broad areas of funding: research into the causes, treatment and possible cures of Multiple Sclerosis; and charities and projects, whether national or community-based, at home or abroad, that alleviate social deprivation, with a particular emphasis on womens and childrens issues. Funding can be for up to three years. Contact details: Website: http://www.volanttrust.com/index.htmlPage 27 of 31 March 2012
  • 28. Woodroffe Benton FoundationThe Foundation gives preference to:  financial assistance to those in need as a result of disaster or by reason of social and economic circumstances;  provision of care for the sick and elderly;  promotion of education;  conservation and improvement of the environment.Contact details: Tel 020 8421 4120 Email alan.king3@which.netWorshipful Company of Weavers Deadline: 29 March 2012The Worshipful Company of Weavers funds projects working with youngpeople in need or at risk, and the rehabilitation and resettlement of youngprisoners and ex-prisoners. Grants are usually up to £15,000 per annum butsmaller applications are also welcome.Contact details: Tel: 020 7606 1155 Email: charity@weavers.org.ukWebsite: http://www.weavers.org.uk/charitable-grants/grant-application-guidelinesMiscellaneous Big – Forces in Mind The BIG Lottery Fund has announced a £35 million FORCES in MIND programme. The funding will help those veterans who struggle with the transition to civilian life, especially those whose psychological well-being subsequently impacts on the quality of their life and others around them. Former armed forces personnel and their families are set to benefit. Contact details: Tel: 0845 4102030 Email: forcesinmind@biglotteryfund.org.uk Website: http://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/prog_forces_in_mind.htm?regioncode= -ukPage 28 of 31 March 2012
  • 29. Barclays Community Finance Fund Deadline: 31 March 2012The Barclays Community Finance Fund supports the development of theaffordable credit sector in the UK.Grants of up to £50,000 are available, from a total fund of £250,000, tosupport existing or seeding community finance providers in providingaffordable credit for personal or business use.Contact details: Tel: 020 7392 2954 Email: zoe.dixon@toynbeehall.org.ukWebsite:http://www.transact.org.uk/page.aspx?sitesectionid=247&sitesectiontitle=2012+Community+Finance+FundCalouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Innovation FundThe purpose of the UK Branch is to help enrich and connect the experiencesof people in the UK and Ireland and secure lasting and beneficial change.They have a special interest in supporting those who are mostdisadvantaged and place a particular emphasis on maximising the beneficialimpact of their work through encouraging cross-border exchanges of lessonsand experiences. As a guide, it is expected that grants will average between£10,000 and £25,000.Contact details: Email: bkarch@gulbenkian.org.ukWebsite: http://www.gulbenkian.org.uk/innovation-fundCreme of Nature Community Action Award Deadline: 30 March 2012The Creme of Nature Community Action Award is all about giving somethingback to the community that has supported one of the most well-knownbrands in the hair and beauty market for the past 30 years. The CommunityAction Award is a single payment of £10,000.Contact details: Tel: 02071 483 933Email: chris@communityactionaward.comWebsite: http://www.communityactionaward.com/award.htmlPage 29 of 31 March 2012
  • 30. Customer Donation Fund (UK) Deadline: 30 April 2012 The Customer Donation Fund grows directly in relation to customers deposits. For every £100 increase in collective balance held in Community Directplus accounts, the Co-operative Bank will add 20p to the fund. Then, twice a year, in April and October, the Bank will judge customers applications for project funding and distribute a minimum of £5,000 amongst those customers that are successful. Every Community Directplus customer is entitled to make an application for funding for up to £1,000. Contact details: Website: http://www.co- operativebank.co.uk/servlet/Satellite/1196151412586,CFSweb/Page/Busin ess-CommunityBanking The Law Society Charity (UK) Deadline: 17 April 2012 The Law Society Charity was set up in 1974 by the Law Society as a charitable fund. The Charity provides grants of between £5,000 and £15,000 to voluntary sector organisations for projects that: promote human rights, access to justice, and legal education. Contact details: Website: http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/aboutlawsociety/charity/apply.pageNationwide Foundation – Money MattersThe Nationwide Foundation aim to tackle financial exclusion affectingdisadvantaged groups across the UK. The programme offers grants of up to£5,000 to registered charities with incomes of under £500,000.Contact details: Tel: 01793 655113Email: enquiries@nationwidefoundation.org.ukWebsite: www.nationwidefoundation.org.uk/funding.aspPage 30 of 31 March 2012
  • 31. Sport Relief Community Cash FundSport Relief is offering Community Cash. The funding is administered locallyby community foundations in partnership with local newspapers. Grantsranging from £500 to £1,000 are available to groups.Contact details: Website :http://www.communityfoundations.org.uk/community_foundations/map/?utm_source=LINX+214+-+2+February+2012&utm_campaign=linx214&utm_medium=emailWilkinsons – Helping HandsHelping Hands is a new community initiative where each local store hasbeen given a budget to distribute to projects and schemes within the storeslocal community.Contact details:Website: http://corporate.wilkinsonplus.com/story.asp?id=19Page 31 of 31 March 2012