My eTwinning Experience


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My first experience in a European partnership

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My eTwinning Experience

  1. 1. My Etwinning experience by Catherine Georgopoulou
  2. 2. At first, I looked like this… Then things started to get better and I looked like that…
  3. 3. Our project was “JOURNEY THROUGH TIME” The purpose was to guide students, through the imaginary journey of two characters, Etwin and Ning, to discover traces that man has left in Europe in the ancient past and attempt a simple form of interpretation and historical reconstruction.
  4. 4. AIMS 1. Engage the language tools for accessing different areas of knowledge. 2. Develop a communicative competence in higher dimensions and use it towards the knowledge of several languages. ​ 3. Explain the man's past, starting from the study of evidence and going on into contemporary inquiry. 4. Encourage students to form a "critical habit", based on the ability to interpret sources and knowledge. 5. Use a number of sources such as archives, libraries, museums to reconstruct aspects of the past.
  5. 5. AIMS 6. Make students aware of the history and cultural heritage they share, despite their diversity. 7. Understand and build on their cultural and historical past. 8. Increase pupils' motivation in learning. 9. Engage and enhance the different learning styles of pupils. 10. Work collaboratively with teachers and pupils of other European schools, for the creation of common products. 11. Stimulate the ability of the students to relate positively with other peoples and environments in Europe.
  6. 6. Educational Objectives (according to Bloom’s taxonomy)  Analyse  Observe  Investigate  Make assumptions  Interpret  Link cause and effect  Discuss  Recognize  Recognize  Communicate  Distinguish  Revise  Infer  Reconstruct  Compare  Evaluate  Correlate  Narrate
  7. 7. Tools used  Etwinning Twinspace  Webquest  Powerpoint presentations  Web 2.0 tools: • for electronic publications • Hot Potatoes for quizzes and crosswords • Jigsaw planet for puzzles • for games • Google-maps for our collaborative European map
  8. 8. The scenario • Etwin and Ning are two pupils who want to know their origins and history. They embark on a journey to discover the traces of the ancient past in Europe. The journey begins in Italy and continues in various partner countries. The students of various partner schools follow the adventures of the two characters telling a common storytelling. At the end, they create a geographical map - of the major historical sites visited by Etwin and Ning and they test their knowledge by creating a package of educational games. 
  9. 9. SOME OF THE PRODUCTS  Presentations  Virtual museum presentation (3D)  E-book  Google maps: • •  Jigsaw puzzles: • •
  10. 10. MORE PRODUCTS:  Educational games: • Wj8aF.htm • p_l_id=24941093&p_p_id=20&p_p_lifecycle=0& p_p_state=maximized&p_p_mode=view&p_p_col _id=column1&p_p_col_pos=1&p_p_col_count=3&_20_struts _action=%2Fdocument_library %2Fview&_20_folderId=25043313
  11. 11. Results and Benefits • • • • • The main results are a digital storytelling in comics, a geohistorical map and a number of educational games. The project has brought Europe closer to the children improving relationships and understanding between schools in Europe. It is a successful collaboration among 9 countries promoting multiculturalism that cultivates tolerance. The teachers have developed innovative teaching methods with the use of ICT tools. Students have learnt more about the history and the past of their country and of other countries in Europe, as well. They have also acquired new skills and competences (historical, cultural, artistic and communicative) through a variety of activities. The project encourages them to formulate a critical mind based on the ability to interpret sources and knowledge and enables them to use their knowledge in different learning environments.
  12. 12. Now I feel more like that…
  13. 13. FOR YOUR TIME! The images are retrieved from and the twinspace of the project.