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Hanging out the Google way
Hanging out the Google way
Hanging out the Google way
Hanging out the Google way
Hanging out the Google way
Hanging out the Google way
Hanging out the Google way
Hanging out the Google way
Hanging out the Google way
Hanging out the Google way
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Hanging out the Google way


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  • Google Hangouts is a feature offered on the social network, Google Plus, it is a application of Googe that allows account holders a free virtual meetings space onlineYoucan hold a Google Hangout at anytime. Although it is wise to schedule the Hangout well in advance so that invitees have time to fit it in to their busy schedules.Google hangouts are popular throughout the world and allow for real time interaction. The beauty About Google is that it has a suite of applications that are available for free.You can have a personal Google Account or now have an education account. Google became popular first as a search engine and over the years has grown quite significantly. .
  • Google is an amazing product and offers us a range of Apps, from Hangouts to connecting to you tube with ease or creating Calenders that alert us in our Gmail of events and appointments to sourcing Creative commons images and finding our way around with maps that we can print. Many of you have joined our Google Groups so will already be familiar with most of these wonderful Google Products and most of us use Google Search every day in our internet experience. Google Apps are now available for Education and are perfect as they includes dozens of critical security features specifically designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control. Your data belongs to you, and Apps tools enable you to control it, including who you share it with and how you share it.Any data you put into Google Apps is yours. We will look at 3 Apps in summary that Katt and I use extensively in our Google Experience and with our learners.Katt GMAIL FirstKatt DRIVE Second Katt decided to change my mind and not do Maps as too extensive. I feel the 3 will be enough we don’t want to spend too much time here…Junita Google + A quick over view..I use Google plus extensively as I have a community that I share information with and as a networker and educator I keep up with current information through my Circles. My Circles are develiped to separate the different bits of information Google Plus is a social networking platform for discovering and sharing digital content with friends, family and colleagues. Google Plus allows for networking by letting you share posts with friends, or with set groups of people called circles you can engage your circles in an online conversation using messages links, images and video. You can find people to add to your circles from your email contacts when you first start one started you can get prompts to add more people to your circles often your connections will also be in multiple circles at the same time. To find people you know, once you are in Google + is to click "Find people" in the sidebar. At the top of this page, you'll see suggestions based on people you already have in your circles.Once in Google + you can chat and share information. To get rid of someone who adds things you are not interested in you can block them Blocking a user limits all of the interaction that he or she can have with you and the content you post. They'll be removed from your circles, they won't be able to view any of your new posts, they won't be able to mention you in posts or comment on your new posts. To block a user, navigate to his or her profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Block." Or, from the "Circles" page, click a user's name, then select "Block" from the "Actions" dropdown box
  • Netiquette is how we behave online and is important in all areas of our public personaWe need to remember that we are dealing with Humans that have feelings and not just a machine, so how we treat people is important.Behaving to the standards that we follow in real life is important so always treat people how you wish to be treated.Another golden rule is to know where you are when you join a chat are you at the appropriate place for the information you are seeking are the people of like mind , or have you joined a group or chat that is not appropriate.This can be crucial as you need to know you are in a safe place you don’t want to be taken advantage of, so check out what others are posting be a Lurker till you know you are where you wish to be.Another major issue is to not bombard people with information that will take up there bandwidth a fun little snippet may take an hour to download and drag on there bandwidth it best to direct them to the snippet via a link instead of in the email.Always make yourself look good online show the nicer side to your personality, comb your hair if you are video streaming, mind you some of us may never look good but we can try our best.When interacting online become accustomed to sharing your knowledge we are all life long learners and being able to learn from each other can save us time and keep us better informedFlame wars are discussions that get heated and border on bullying and aggression so if someone you are communicating with gets insulting or aggressive ignore them don’t join in don’t get involved, if the insults are directed at you complain to the site organisers you are on.Privacy is very important to many people so if someone tells you something in confidence keep it to your self don’t plaster it on line. Some people in cyberspace have more power than others such as system administrators and Knowing more than others, or having more power than they do, does not give you the right to take advantage of people just because they are privy generally to everything that is writtenWe were all internet newbie once. So when someone makes a mistake like a spelling error or asks a question we feel they should know or gives an unnecessarily long answer don’t make the person feel uncomfortable just answer the question. Also it will depend on what the mistake is, if its something that may cause harm just politely explain what harm it could cause.
  • Google+ hangouts are live video chat rooms that can host up to ten people at once. Using a webcam and microphone when using a PC or laptop. You can also join in to a hangout or organise one from your phone or tablet. The built in technology allows you to join the hangouts with other Google+ users andstay in touch with family, work with and collaborate with your colleagues. Physically, you can host a Hangout anywhere you have access to a solid Wi-fi connection…your house, the office, hotel room. I do suggest you find a quiet place to avoid picking up unwanted background noise from say, a coffee shop. Also, you need a good internet connection. With a choppy internet connection the Hangout wont run very smoothlyHangouts do have a System RequirementsAnd as well as being available thru your mobile devices you have a number of Supported Browsers:Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox SafariSupported Operating systems:Mac OS X 10.5 Windows 8 Windows 7Windows Vista with SP1 or laterWindows XPChrome Ubuntu and other Debian based Linux distributionsGoogle Hangouts are great ways to communicate but with a lot of video being used if you have 10 people in the hangout it can use a lot of computing power and bandwidthBandwidth need about 150 KB of bandwidth to participate in a video chat if it is lower it is recommended you don’t use the Video.So an audio-only mode is now included, as well. By turning it on, users can send and receive audio only, "significantly reducing your bandwidth requirementsOther Hangout participants will see only the user's profile picture, but will hear them loud and clear.You can manually lower the quality of your Hangout to smooth your video and audio if you're using a slow internet connection. To do this you adjust your bandwidth usage while in the hangout, click the bandwidth icon in the upper-right of the screen. Then, move the slider to one of the positions. As you move it closer to the minus sign, Google will reduce the definition of the video and turn off extra features, making the video and audio less choppy. At the second lowest setting, your image will be turned into a pencil drawing-like image. At the lowest setting, you'll switch to audio-only, where all cameras will be disabled, but sound will still work.
  • Why use Google Hangouts Everyone who wants to join your Hangout must be signed in to a Google account in order to participate.Host an On Air Hangout to have an informal chat with your groups Participants could ask questions and have chat about what the group offers then it can be embedded into the group website or forum.Tell the world what your organisation offers promote your organisation interview a client. Remembering to have the correct permission and privacy forms signed and a thumbs up from your organisationInterview members of a group and integrate it to you tube then embed on your site or in your group again ensuring you have the right permissionOffer online coaching sessions using HangoutsHold a meeting with colleaguesProvide support to others needing help Interview a family member about your family history by getting them to chat about events and family stories and record to you tube then Archive in a blog to share with other family memebers
  • Katt…Joining or hosting a Google HangoutCreating a Hangout is pretty easy but sometimes it's more interesting to join someone else's Google Plus Hangout. The trick is, you need to find the post about the Hangout in your G+ stream or at your Gmail.Starting a hangout means that you are the host for a group of people for a live video chat. When you want to begin you click the "Start A Hangout" button. Add the circles or community or individuals you wish to or invite to join your Hangout using the Start Google Hangout box . When you start the hangout, notifications will be sent to these circles in the stream or via Gmail or if they in Google already may show up in there IM bar of your Gmail where Individual profiles are listed to the right, in order of who is online.Posting to public means anyone will be able to join the hangout.. Select one to add that person to your hangout; these people will be sent IM notifications if they are online, or emails if not Lets take a look and we will show you what I mean we will demonstrate how to invite someone to a Hangout and make our selves comfortable in the Hangout.During AppshareKatt can you talk about what is happening please as I do the AppshareOnce we are there Keith and I will demonstrate the Audio and Movie and Chat function. Keith if you show yourself on Movie and then turn it of that will be great. Then I can show Text chat and we will both say hello to the BFS room in the text chat. Then we can show the features such as bandwidth and closing the Hagout as well. Lets not rush this . Are you comfortable Katt in following what we do and leting everyone know in the BbC room.KATT to Mention..At any point before you start a hangout, or during a hangout, you can turn both your camera and audio on or off, without leaving the hangout, in order to prevent people from seeing or hearing you. You might want to do this if you want to take a break from the discussion, or if you need to say something you don't want others to hear,From a hangout, click the microphone icon to turn your microphone off, then click it again to turn it back on. Note that when your microphone is off, a red mute icon appears over your video preview. The hangout audience will not be able to hear anything you say when the microphone is off. Click the camera icon to turn your camera on and off. The video preview will show your Google+ profile photo when your camera is off.You can have a chat stream happening while in the Hangout. Muting a user allows you to stop the audio coming from that person for a period of time mouse over the video preview of the user you want to mute, then click the microphone icon. That user will be notified that they've been muted. Note that your microphone will still be active, meaning other people in the hangout can hear you, even if you mute another user. If someone has muted you, you can unmute yourself by clicking the red microphone button in the top right corner of your hangout window.
  • Lets recap on what you saw.We demonstrated how to join the Hangout, and invite others how to minimise the Bandwidth by turning off the Video as this is important if you have a group of 10 and you are having bandwidth issues. We demonstrated how to mute your microphone and adjust your bandwidth. Also by adjusting the audio settings of a Google+ hangout allows you to choose different devices for your audio input and output if you have any connected, such as external speakers or microphones. From a Google+ hangout, click the gear icon to the upper right. Google+ automatically detects your default devices; use the dropdown to select your built-in input if you have a microphone plugged into your computer. Below, select whether the output should be your default speakers or speakers you have connected by clicking built-in output. Below, use the link to test your sound, then click "Save Settings" when you're finished.We also showed you how to add chat
  • When you set up your Hangout, you can select the option Hangouts On Air. Starting a hangout that's On Air records that hangout to YourTube account for later viewing. From the "Start a Hangout" page, add the people you want to invite to your hangout, name your hangout, then indicate whether you want to record the hangout to YouTube for viewing later and broadcast it On Air. Note that if this is the first time you're doing a hangout On Air, you'll have to verify your YouTube account. Click to start the hangout, and the invitations will be sent to the people you've indicated. To bring the broadcast live, click "Start Broadcast." Your video will now be live for people to see and be saved to your YouTube account as a public video. End your broadcast using the "Hang up" button to the upper right. Note that you will not be able to edit the visibility of the hangout after you've ended it; you can, however, adjust the visibility of the YouTube video from your account
  • Google+ hangout apps are programs that add additional functionality to your hangout. Someapps have a serious use and are perfect collaboration or sharing documents for professional use and some are just for fun.You can use them to add images showing presentations and movies or displaying and sharing documents using Google Drive. If you want to show someone what you're doing on your computer, you can use Screen Sharing to do just that. Click'Screenshare' button on the sidebar. You'll be presented with a popup menu where you can select which window or desktop you'd like to share with others in your hangout . You might want to only show others a particular window .Once you've selected the window or desktop, it will be displayed instead of the feed from your camera. Others will be able to see what you do in real time. You might want to show them how to use a particular program, or a photograph you have saved on your computer. To disable screen sharing and go back andclick the screenshare button on the sidebar again. You can engage your grandchildren with such tools as Scoot and Doodle or add fun effects. These apps enable you to collaborate on a Google Document or use Cacoo to co-create diagrams with your team, and play games, all while chatting at the same time. It is easy to access an App From a Google+ hangout, you just move your cursor over View more apps" then click on the Add apps. Then move your mouse over any of the previews, and select the button at the bottom of a preview to add that app to your hangout. Once you add an app, that app will appear as an option that you agree to each time you hang out in the future. The apps you've installed will be listed on the left side of your hangout, and the apps that are activated will be highlighted. Note that each participant in the hangout must select an app to use it. When the host uses an app, that doesn't mean that others automatically start using it too. To stop running the app move your cursor to it and click "X.“ To end the hangout entirely, click the hangup buttonKeith and I will app share and take a look at a few of these apps.
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    • 1. Hanging out the way Google+ Hangout is a video chat service. You can either chat one- on-one or in a small group. Google Hangouts are free and easy to use They offer another wayJunita Lyon for us to communicateKatt Mathews with each another.Keith Harvey
    • 2. Google Apps
    • 3. NetiquetteRule 1: Remember the Human Rule 6: Share expert knowledgeRule 2: Adhere to the samestandards of behaviour online that Rule 7: Help keep flame wars underyou follow in real life controlRule 3: Know where you are incyberspace Rule 8: Respect other peoples privacyRule 4: Respect other peoples time Rule 9: Dont abuse your powerand bandwidthRule 5: Make yourself look good Rule 10: Be forgiving of other peoplesonline mistakes
    • 4. System Requirements Supported Browsers:Prepare to use Hangouts Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Safari • Computer/Laptop Supported Operating • Mobile Device systems: Mac OS • Internet Windows 8 Windows 7 • Webcam Windows Vista with SP1 or • Head Set later Windows XP • Google Account Chrome Ubuntu and other Debian based Linux distributions
    • 5. Why use Google Hangouts?• Use a Hangout to connect with your groups in real time• Create video interviews as content for your blog and membership sites• Provide valuable online coaching sessions• Hold meetings• Provide support to others• Tell the world about your organisation interview a client• Chat to family and friends and share the chat other members of family• Save your family history by getting a member to chat about events and family stories
    • 6. K Gmail Google + APPS on Mobile DeviceOpens Google Hangout
    • 7. J
    • 8. JA Hangout on air allows your hangout to YouTube • To add to your blog • To save and share link • For archiving • To share with family and friends • To use as a training Video
    • 9. MoreAPPSd
    • 10. • Join a Hangout with us every second Sunday with us at e-capability• Set up your own Hangout and invite your friends and family• Introduce a Hangout too your favourite groups