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  1. 1. LLM LIBRARY RESEARCH SKILLS SESSION #2USING ELECTRONIC RESOURCES Catherine Funnell Sheppard Library Middlesex University c.funnell@mdx.ac.uk 28 October 2011
  2. 2. Recap& Session ObjectivesLast week we looked at navigating our way around UniHub and My Study /My Library to use the Library Catalogue and to locate generic library informationThis week we will look at the subscription electronic resources to aid the research process
  3. 3. Journals and DatabasesIf you must useGOOGLE ratherthan thesedatabasesremember to usethe AdvancedSearch optionwhich allows fora morestructured andspecific search
  4. 4. Start With EJournalsWe’ll start by looking at locating journals electronicallyWe’ll access it from the EResources page and then the Library Catalogue
  5. 5. My UniHub>My Study>My Library
  6. 6. Modern Law Review-We’ll Use it as anExample You can either type in the title of the journal or choose from the alphabetical list
  7. 7. Choose a Database Link When choosing a database link ensure you check the dates that are indexed in the database. This is referred to as COVERAGE. We’ll choose HEINONLINE as we’re looking 2005
  8. 8. HEINONLINEClick on year 2005 Some of the databases place EMBARGOS on their title for CURRENT years.In most instances we will have those dates available in PRINT
  9. 9. Scroll Down to Find the ArticleClick on the Page Number
  10. 10. Full TextSubject Keyword Searching To search by Subject Keywords click on Advanced Search
  11. 11. Subject Keyword Searching Advanced SearchChoose yourSubjectKeywordscarefully. Youcan then refinethe search byaddingLIMITERS,such as date,subject area
  12. 12. ResultsScroll Down to see Relevant Articles
  13. 13. Subject Keywords in ContextBy clicking on ViewMatching Text Pagesyou can see the contextin which your chosenSubject Keywords arebeing used
  14. 14. View Full TextClick on the Article Title
  15. 15. Searching Ejournals from theCatalogue Choose Journal Keyword from the drop down options and type in the title
  16. 16. Bibliographic InformationDate Coverage For this title we have some dates available electronicall y and some in print. Choose according to the date you need.
  17. 17. Click on the KLUWER Link for theElectronic version If you know the date you need click on it- we’ll choose 2009
  18. 18. Choose the Issue you NeedWe’ll Click on Issue 3
  19. 19. Scroll Down to Find the Article Click on the title “Public Procure ment....”
  20. 20. Full Text Article
  21. 21. Try Another! Find Theodor Meron, “The Meaning and Reach of the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racist Discrimination”, 79 American Journal of International Law(1985), p.283
  22. 22. Step#1
  23. 23. Step#2
  24. 24. Step#3 Choose Heinonline for the Database
  25. 25. Step#4Scroll Down to 1985 CLICK!!
  26. 26. Scroll Down to the Page Referred to inYour Citation
  27. 27. RecapHeinonline Heinonline is essentially used to locate journal articles. It does NOT provide information on Cases(Modern) or legislation(Acts/Statutes) You can access it from the Databases Link on the My Library portlet OR if you know the journal titles from the Library Catalogue It also provides access to a series called “The English Reports” which gives you access to cases pre 1865
  28. 28. Database List-Look for Westlaw CLICK HERE
  29. 29. WESTLAW-Main Search Page You can search either using the TABS across the top of the page or the Boxes/Text You belowYou can use Westlaw tofind Acts,CasesCurrent Awareness andJournal articles
  30. 30. Curent AwarenessUseful if you are tracking aparticular case/bill. Can checkto see what stage it is at
  31. 31. Current AwarenessBy Subject
  32. 32. Searching for ImmigrationCases/Legislation
  33. 33. Cases/Press Releases/Legislation
  34. 34. Summary of Text
  35. 35. WESTLAW-Cases When searching for Cases you can use either the BROWSE feature-which is useful if you know the name of the Law Report series in which the case has been reported-or the SEARCH window It may be easier to search by using the SEARCH window which allows you to search by PARTY NAMES, CITATION or FREE TEXT We’’ll start with a CITATION search
  36. 36. Recap-Reading a Citation! Individual cases are arranged collectively in series of Law Reports. To locate a case you need to be able to understand the citation. Here is a sample Citation: Fisher v Bell [1960] 3 W.L.R. 919 The different parts of the Citation are explained below. Parties contesting the case Fisher v Bell Year the case was reported 1960 Volume of the law reports in which the case was reported 3 W.L.R. is the abbreviation for the law report series in which the case can be found. The full title is Weekly Law Reports. You will need to know the full title as the law report series are arranged alphabetically by title in the law library. Page on which the case can be found 919
  37. 37. Westlaw-Citation Search
  38. 38. ResultWestlawindexesspecific FullText LawReportsseries (thosepublished bythe ICLR)andLexis indexesothers.Theseriesavailable inWestlaw willbe
  39. 39. Full Text of CaseStatus Icons PDF
  40. 40. Status Icons Cases that have been judicially considered elsewhere will have a status icon next to the title of the case indicating the nature of the consideration. A case which has received positive or neutral judicial consideration will be indicated by[C in green] whilst a case which has received mixed or mildly negative judicial consideration will be indicated by[! In yellow] A case in which at least one point of law has been overruled or reversed on appeal will be indicated by [- In red]. A[A In gold] indicates that an appeal is outstanding to the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) or Supreme Court, or an application for permission to appeal is outstanding to the Supreme Court. (see Westlaw Help for more information)
  41. 41. PDF FormatFacsimile of the Print Version WLR
  42. 42. Case Analysis-For SummaryQuick Reference
  43. 43. Westlaw-Subject Searching Cases There are different ways of searching for cases on a specific subject We’ll do a general search first and then refine it- make it more specific-narrow our search! We’ll use the PHRASE defence of necessity as our search term-FREE TEXT
  44. 44. Cases-Free Text Search
  45. 45. Results
  46. 46. Look at Result#4 From This List Search keywords are highlighted for you to see context/usefulness
  47. 47. Proximity SearchingNarrowing the Search Here we are asking the database to search for the phrase within the SAME paragraph as the word Trident
  48. 48. Results-Just 1Click on Show Terms in Context
  49. 49. Terms in Context-Usefulness
  50. 50. Recap-Now Try ThisName the parties involved in the following CASE[1914] 3 KB 259
  51. 51. AnswerThe King(R) v Clerk of the Peace for Middlesex
  52. 52. Journal ArticlesFull Text and Abstracts If you want to see what JOURNALS are available in Full Text you can search using this option
  53. 53. Subject/Author Search Useful if you want to see what articles an author/lecturer has written on a particular subject
  54. 54. Results Some articles are only available as abstracts- try Lexis or Heinonline
  55. 55. Journals-Subject Use proximity search
  56. 56. Results Other Subject Keywords to use
  57. 57. Logout to go to Lexis Library
  58. 58. Click on Return to My Athens
  59. 59. Scroll Down to Lexis Library
  60. 60. Lexis-Journals
  61. 61. See Journal Titles Available Click on More Sources to see what titles are available
  62. 62. Legal JournalsClick on that
  63. 63. Let’s Look at Industrial Law Journal Click on the BROWSE Link
  64. 64. Choose the Date You Need
  65. 65. Full Text
  66. 66. Search-Using Subject Keywords Type in subject keywords enclosed in quote marks “
  67. 67. Results-A lot!Title of article,date of artcle andsource-journaltitle is displayedin this list
  68. 68. From Result ListSelect #4
  69. 69. Narrow the SearchSearch two Phrases in the Same Paragraph
  70. 70. Results-FewerSearch Efficiently When you add another word or phrase you are asking the database to search more specifically and hence refining the search
  71. 71. Search Other JurisdictionsJournal Articles
  72. 72. We’ll Use Australia Select Filter by Country by Country Filter
  73. 73. Select One Australian Source to Search We’re searching Australian
  74. 74. Compare Subject Across Jurisdictions
  75. 75. Results
  76. 76. Select #4
  77. 77. SUMMON
  78. 78. Click on the Link
  79. 79. Choose Advanced SearchMoreOptions for Searching Efficiently
  80. 80. Search Screen
  81. 81. ResultsClick on Upper Right for Preview
  82. 82. Full Text ArticleClick on Full Text Online
  83. 83. Article Appears in Heinonline
  84. 84. This May Prove UsefulFormative Assessment TwoPoole, T., ‘The Royal Prerogative’ International Journal of Constitutional Law (2010) 146Find this citation
  85. 85. Library Catalogue
  86. 86. Next Step
  87. 87. Westlaw-International Journal ofConstitutional Law
  88. 88. Author
  89. 89. Full Text
  90. 90. Finally.........I will put this presentation on my Law and Legal Research Subject Guide-the Subject Specialisms PageSee Library Subject Guides> My Sudy>My Library