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  • Computer availability, print and copy paymentWeb Help Desk-020 8411 6060
  • Llmlibraryresearchskills2011

    1. 1. LIBRARY RESEARCH SKILLS LEX4160 Session#1Introduction to Using the Library Catherine Funnell Liaison Librarian(Law and Marketing) c.funnell@mdx.ac.uk
    2. 2. Welcome to Middlesex! Hello, my name is Catherine Funnell and I am the Law Librarian at Middlesex This is my email address and if you require further help please contact me at: c.funnell@mdx.ac.uk
    3. 3. Session Objectives: Look at UniHub –what is where,-navigation, logging in and basic generic information My UniHub- for logging in to it-accessibility to Eresources-especially from off campus Library Catalogue-accessing textbooks, journals, your Library Account, placing requests My Subject Guide/BLOG Other Libraries and Inter Library Loan
    4. 4. Uni Hub PageThe New UniHublinks to LearningResources under theYour Study tab.There ARE ANUMBER OF LINKSFROM HEREINCLUDING ONETO THE LibrarySubject Guides
    5. 5. Your Study-Basic Information
    6. 6. For IT-Scroll DownClick on the ITResources links to viewinformation aboutbooking a librarycomputer inadvance, connecting toWireless, using alibrary laptop
    7. 7. Library Opening HoursCheck in Advance!Self Service atthe weekends.You must learn touse the selfservice machinesand where tocollect andReservations
    8. 8. Library Catalogue-Print Book “Minority Rights in Asia”The Library Cataloguedefaults to GeneralKeyword Search. Anyterms may be usedtogether,eg authorname, title words
    9. 9. Copy Availability
    10. 10. Requesting an Item
    11. 11. Student NumberPassword-Date of Birth If you are having problems with this not working contact initially the Ground Floor Help Desk or the Web Help Desk at 020 8411 6060
    12. 12. Click on Request
    13. 13. Confirmation and LogoutIt is crucial that you checkregularly your MiddlesexEmail as you will be notifiedthere when there is aReservation for you to collectat the Sheppard Library
    14. 14. Library CatalogueJournal Search
    15. 15. Journal Results
    16. 16. Electronical Journal AccessWe will look at howto accesselectronically at thesession on the 28th!!
    17. 17. Your Library Account
    18. 18. Check This RegularlyYour Borrower ID isyour StudentNumber and yourPIN is your Date ofBirth
    19. 19. Catherine’s Account Details
    20. 20. Library Catalogue-EBOOKThe LibraryCataloguedefaults to aGeneralKeyword search.Any terms maybe used togethereg.authorname,title word
    21. 21. Bibliographical DetailsE Book-Online Access
    22. 22. What You May See Next!
    23. 23. Alternative Login-Click!
    24. 24. Scroll Down to Middlesex University
    25. 25. Click On Middlesex Log In Page
    26. 26. Type in Your Usernameand Password-NetworkThis is the sameUsername andPassword youuse when you loginto the Network!
    27. 27. Hurrah! The Book-Download(up to 7days)
    28. 28. Choose a Chapter
    29. 29. Problems- Accessing? The WebHelp Desk-Your Study PageThe Web HelpDesk may becontacted at020 8411 6060OR email them-see next slide
    30. 30. Email the Web Help DeskEmail isyour IT IDback ofyourstudentcard.Passwordis yourNetworkPassword
    31. 31. Library Subject Guides
    32. 32. Select Law and Legal Research
    33. 33. My Subject Guide
    34. 34. Select a TabView a Drop Down Window
    35. 35. Subject SpecialismsReading Lists
    36. 36. Reading ListsSee Title Availability
    37. 37. Law BLOGNew Books
    38. 38. Keeping You Current
    39. 39. Using Other LibrariesSCONUL Access scheme
    40. 40. Complete the FormSubmit-Help Desk-Ground Floor
    41. 41. Interlibrary Loan
    42. 42. Scroll Down to Submitting a Request
    43. 43. Where You Can Find ThisAfter today’ssession I will loadthis powerpoint onto the SubjectSpecialism Pageof my SubjectGuide
    44. 44. Next Session!!-Friday 28th October We’ll look at Electronic Resources to locate: Journal articles Statutes Cases Various databases including Westlaw, Lexis Library, Heinonline, Summon(Multi database)