Law 1999


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Law 1999

  1. 1. LAW 1999 LIBRARY SKILLS Catherine FunnellLiaison librarian( Law and Marketing) Sheppard Library
  2. 2. Welcome to the Sheppard Library My name is Catherine and I am the Liaison Librarian for Law and Marketing&Enterprise If you need assistance with locating materials, using the resources or anything to do with the library you can contact me at
  3. 3. Logging in to UniHubBy now mostof you areprobablyaware how tolog in to theNetwork. UseyourUsername:ITID andPassword
  4. 4. My StudyYou can find basicinformation aboutLearning Resourceshere.
  5. 5. Learning Resources/LibraryDo check the times the libraryis open to avoid making a tripin only to find we are closed!Remember we are open Satand Sun but NO library staffjust Security You will need toSelf Service
  6. 6. Scroll Down for IT/ComputingSupport The IT Expert Advice team is available on the Ground Floor of the Library Monday-
  7. 7. Let’s Look at the Library CatalogueWe’ll start by searchingfor a book using thedefault GeneralKeyword option
  8. 8. General Keyward Search
  9. 9. Results-In Ascending Order By sorting in Ascending Order the newest edition is at the top of the List
  10. 10. Where, What and WhenIn order to locate thebooks on the shelf youneed to be able tounderstand what thecatalogue details mean
  11. 11. Request a Book
  12. 12. Borrower ID PINYour Borrower ID is yourstudent number(front ofyour library card) andyour PIN is your Date ofBirth
  13. 13. Click on Request
  14. 14. Click on Logout
  15. 15. Your Library Account You will need to type in your Borrower ID and Password again to access you library account details
  16. 16. Catherine’s details
  17. 17. My UniHubTo get the best from our resources........always log in to My UniHubAllows you to access E resources, Ebooks, databases, Ejour nals and much more.....
  18. 18. From My Study
  19. 19. From My My Library From this point you can now access the various EResources
  20. 20. Ejournals for Law You can type in the Title if you know it OR choose from the alphabetical list
  21. 21. Results Coverage dates from 1937-2006 electronically. Click on the link
  22. 22. Journal- Modern Law Review Choose ADVANCED SEARCH
  23. 23. Heinonline DatabaseClick on 2005 to View Electronic Coverage No access from 2007- 2010 but we have these dates available in Print in the Law
  24. 24. HeinonlineSubject Keyword Search
  25. 25. Results
  26. 26. Abstract Usually you can highlight the paragraph in which your search keywords appear by clicking on View Matching
  27. 27. Full Text of Article Can save the article or send to print
  28. 28. From UniHub Searching LegalDatabasesWe’llstart bysearchingWestlawfirst
  29. 29. Choose Westlaw From the List Below
  30. 30. Logging In Procedures
  31. 31. Choose Alternative Login
  32. 32. Type in Middlesex
  33. 33. Click on Middlesex
  34. 34. Log in Using Your Network Usernameand Password
  35. 35. Start Searching!LegislationIf you are sureof the exactname of theAct you cantype it in TitleBox If you are unsure of the exact Title use the Browse By Title feature below
  36. 36. Click on Arrangement of Act
  37. 37. Act Arranged By SectionsIs It in Force?-Or Repealed?
  38. 38. CasesParty Names
  39. 39. ResultsClick on Case Cases areAnalysis for a reported inbrief Digest of Law Reportsthe Case
  40. 40. Case Analysis
  41. 41. Full Text of the Case
  42. 42. Search by Citation
  43. 43. ResultsIn all likelihoodyou will also havethe Party Namesso you will knowwhich case tochoose
  44. 44. Case-Full Text
  45. 45. Journals by Subject Type in Subject Keywords
  46. 46. Results
  47. 47. Lexis LibraryTo access LibraryfromWestlaw, click onthe Logout andclick on the returnto My Athensoption
  48. 48. CasesSearch by Subject Keyword
  49. 49. ResultsParty Names, Court in whichthe Case was heard, DateJudgement handed down andSource---where the case wasreported
  50. 50. Journal Search Type in Search keywords and enclose in Quote Marks
  51. 51. Results
  52. 52. Full Text The Search Keywords you typed in are highlighted in RED
  53. 53. Finally................For further help please email CatherineAlso refer to my Subject Guide which you can access from UNIHUB....
  54. 54. UniHubSubject Guides
  55. 55. Subject Guides for Middlesex
  56. 56. Law and Legal Research