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Here is a presentation about all the technologies that I have used so far in production of my music magazine and others that I will use later on in the task:)

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  1. 1. Technology
  2. 2. iMac This will be the main computer that I will be using to create my music magazine. As I have iMac computers at school, as well as at home and therefore, this will definitely the main use of technology that I use for myresearch, production and evaluation. This is also due to the fact it has AdobePhotoshop, which I will most probably use to edit my pictures later on, for my magazine.
  3. 3. Google Chrome Out of all the web browsers, I prefer to use Google Chrome, as in myopinion it is the quickest, where I am able to multi-task freely, without the computer from freezing every now and then. For my research so far, I have used Google Chrome and Im sure I shall continue using it to access Blogger, my account on Slide Share and other various sites to help me with my magazine. Sometimes, I use safari, which is the what the school Mac computers have instead of Google. However, as I do the majority of work at home, I will most likely use Google Chrome.
  4. 4. Blogger This particular website ( will be where I blog all of my updates about my music magazine on. As I have the internet at both school and at home, it is easily accessible to add new posts to show myprogress on creating my music magazine. Also, if I am somewhere with no computer, then I can use my Ipod Touch to access this application andedit my blog on it there. Before starting this course, I had never written ablog and it took a while to get use to and navigate around. However, once I got use to it though, I feel more confident in using this in the feature, if necessary!
  5. 5. SlideshareSo far in my blog, I have used the website to create PowerPoint presentations from the Microsoft package, which I thenuploaded via slide share to my blog. This is really good website to use, as I am able to directly embed the HTML into a post on blogger and it will compose and appear on this post, when I publish it. I am sure that I will continue on using this throughout my coursework project, as I am comfortable with using PowerPoint and uploading them on to this website.
  6. 6. Nikon D40x This Nikon camera, I think will be the main camera that I decide to use for my main pictures I take for my magazine. I believe that it will be the best suited camera for the task, as it have a wide range of zoom lenses to use to get the perfect shots, I am aiming for. This is ensure my magazine will have a more professional-look and be as atheistically pleasing for the reader as possible. I will make sure that I do not edit the photos on the camera straight away and wait till I get home and use my image manipulation software, as I will have more choice to change it to how I would like on that. Once, I have all of myphoto from the SD card, I will import them onto my computer and edit them in Photoshop.
  7. 7. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W380 This is my camera that I usually take photos on for everyday use. However, as my family own the Nikon camera, I may use that one for my main photos later on.Therefore, my Sony Cyber-shot DCS-w380 might be an additional camera that I mayend up using for some small photos, depending on the fact when I carry around the Nikon, if it is going to cause problems and be more of a hindrance than a help. Thiswill also be more portable to use for quick and efficient pictures, rather than carrying my large Nikon camera around if becomes too much of a pain! I would use this for my main pictures, however, as it has lower megapixels and less greater zoom than the Nikon. On the other hand, if I happen to be carrying around this camera, whilst finding a good photo opportunity, I can just take the picture there and then and decide on later whether to include it or not.
  8. 8. Ipod Touch As my family have just upgraded to a new computer, I had to go without one at home for a while. Therefore, I had to use my Ipod Touch to update andcreate new posts to put on my blog. This was helpful to use and it stopped me from falling behind on my work! When I’m out and about and think of something to put on my blog, as long as I have Wi-Fi, I will be able to access Blogger any time without having to use a computer. Therefore, if necessary I may use this device again.
  9. 9. ADOBE Photoshop Elements 10 & Premier Elements 10 As I have just got a new computer, we have now got this photo manipulation programme, which I can use to edit the photographs I take, but also play around with the images to design my front cover, contents page and double page spread of my magazine. As I have only just got this programme, it is a rather complex and will take some time getting use to! However, once I get the hang of it I will try and create good quality products for my magazine. If worst comes to the worst and I can always use the website as I have used this for a few years and therefore, know my way around it.
  10. 10. DaFont When it comes to creating my magazine, I will need to focus on which font I like and want to include on my front cover, contents page and double page spread. Therefore, I will need to visit the to allow me to find and download fonts I may need to create a visually attractive magazine.
  11. 11. Photobucket I was thinking, instead of just posting all my photos on one blog (when it comes to showing what photos I have taken) I thought that I could use this programme to show a slideshow of all my possible photos for my magazine. Even though I have not used Flickr, some people that I knowhave and said it is easy to get use to and create you own slide shows. Also,before this course, I had never used things like Blogger and Slideshare, so therefore, I may think about giving this a go!