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Shiver Me Trimbles Chapter 1
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Shiver Me Trimbles Chapter 1


The first chapter of my first Sims 3 Legacy, in which my founder turns out to be me, and every bit as mouthy as me, and learns how to slum it on the lawn, Sims 3 style.

The first chapter of my first Sims 3 Legacy, in which my founder turns out to be me, and every bit as mouthy as me, and learns how to slum it on the lawn, Sims 3 style.

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  • 1. Shiver Me Trimbles!
    A Sims 3 Legacy.
    Part 1:
    Double The Fun
  • 2. Hello, and welcome to-
    “This is a legacy.”
    Well done, Sim3Me, have a cookie. This is indeed a legacy.
  • 3. Does she look slightly terrified, or is that just the crazy staring eyes?
    “I’m slightly terrified. Remember what happened the last time I started a legacy?”
  • 4. The Tanakh Legacy was an undocumented Matriach founded by Me that I began but never got past Gen 1 on.
    “Yep, there’s the start of it. Do you remember what happened after that?”
    *Racks brains*
  • 5. That’s Kaji and Adah, SimMe’s daughter.
    “They had an illegitimate love child who ran for heirship during the Pollett legacy.”
    Good times.
  • 6. “Well, speak for yourself. I was being flaunted about like some cheap prostitute by then.”
    “Can we get back to me now?”
  • 7. You’re going to be a pain, aren’t you?
    “Who me? Wouldn’t dream of it. What do I start with?”
    Take a look around your new neighbourhood. What do you see?
  • 8. “Well, that house over there is pretty sweet.”
    Indeed it is. Keep looking.
  • 9. “Hey, that one’s even better! Am I going to be living in the lap of luxury instead of on the lawn?”
    Come on, SimMe, what do you *actually* think this is?
    “Sigh. How bad is it?”
  • 10. “Aww. It’s bad isn’t it?”
    Turn around very slowly.
  • 11. “You have got to be joking.”
    Do I ever joke? So, from the leftover pennies we have $1,800 for your “essentials.”
  • 12. La Voila!
    This is the living room, with a little bookcase and a comfy chair.
    “It’s a rubbish chair.”
  • 13. Shush. This is the kitchen, and there’s the bedroom behind it in the background.
    “Do I even have a stove?”
    No, we couldn’t afford one.
  • 14. And I put the toilet and the shower *behind* the wall, to give maximum privacy.
    “It’s not even a whole room.”
    You could have had a whole room, but then you wouldn’t have had a bed. Or a fridge.
  • 15. “Fine, I guess it will do. What are my stats?”
    SimMe, also known as Cathy (from Catharsist) Trimble (which is my married name) chose the traits Bookworm, Eccentric, Artistic, Excitable and *cough* Flirty. Her lifetime wish is to become a Professional Author, that is, to earn $4,000 a week in royalties from books she has written.
  • 16. This is a legacy however, which means that lifetime wants come second to the primary objective, which is producing Generation 2.
    “Taxi! To the art gallery!”
  • 17. Cathy is not the only person excited by art, apparently. She literally runs from the car.
  • 18. “Hee! Look at the schnozz on this guy!”
    I’ll be saying.... Not... Then.
  • 19. Tourists!
    “No to that too, thank yo- Over here!”
  • 20. What? Him?
    “Hows that for an introduction?”
    His name is Sherman.
  • 21. After *giggle* Sherman has relieved himself, he and Cathy are swiftly introduced.
    “I live on a lawn in the posh end of town. Would you like to procreate?”
  • 22. Nice one there, SimMe. Quick! Distract him with a silly face!
  • 23. Thankfully, Sherman has a sense of humour. He forgets Cathy’s opening line swiftly.
  • 24. As Cathy is a Flirty Sim, it is not long before they are “getting down to business.”
    “I’ve got a REALLY sexy lawn.”
  • 25. “Well, um... That sounds like a great offer and all, but....”
  • 26. Swine! How could you resist such a cute little face?
    “Well, uh... How about I come and see it firsthand?”
  • 27. And just like that, Cathy has her first lawn visitor.
    “It’s um... Very... Roomy.”
    “What were you thinking? This is a terrible idea! I don’t even have any lights!”
  • 28. So... Fix him something nice for dinner.
  • 29. “It is lucky for you that I am a master of salad.”
    Lucky for you too, as you have no stove and can’t prepare anything else.
  • 30. “There’s nowhere to sit either.”
    He genuinely sat on the toilet to eat his salad... You two are going to get along just fine.
    “What are you trying to imply about me?”
  • 31. And just like that, the night grew late and it was time to go home.
  • 32. “This bed smacks way too hard of the poverty in which I am forced to live. Couldn’t you have picked a nicer duvet cover?”
    I just may be able to fix that.
  • 33. T
    Ta da! I designed the pattern myself. Do you likey?
  • 34. I even redecorated the “house” to match. Hey, are you even listening? Appreciate me!
    “I’m starting to smell and I’d like to go home.”
  • 35. Seriously. He just stood there.
    All night.
  • 36. “I just had the worst night sleep EVER. I hate that bed with a passion, and somebody kept snoring.”
    That might just be...
  • 37. ...Sherman, who fell asleep in the “bathroom” next to his dirty plate eventually.
  • 38. He even slept with his eyes open.
    “That is really creepy.”
    You’re not kidding.
  • 39. Cathy eventually had to wake him up and tell him to go home.
    “Thank God, I thought you’d never let me go. This is a nut house.”
    “Yeah, welcome to a legacy.”
  • 40. SimMe promptly went back to bed, and slept til 5pm.
  • 41. Whereupon I made her get a job.
    “I’m a playground attendant for 6 hours a day. Do these kids ever actually do any work?”
  • 42. “Whee! A swing!”
    I think Cathy is going to do well in a career in education.
  • 43. Day one of Cathy’s new job has dawned.
    “I can’t get rid of the plates without a sink. I don’t have a sink. The plates smell.”
    Patience, SimMe, this is why you have got a job.
  • 44. “I have the trendiest jumper on right now.”
    It’s kind of cute, in a... Brown... Sort of way.
    “I’m thinking of my sink.”
  • 45. After work, Cathy pops next door to the gym to meet some locals and work off her salad belly.
  • 46. “Please don’t ever let me get that fat.”
    Seeing as how you’re based on me and prone to a bit of overeating, I’m not confident I can promise you that.
  • 47. Tired and smelly, Cathy heads home to....
  • 48. “Hey! A sink!”
    Now you can wash all your dirty plates and be happy.
  • 49. On day two of the new job, Cathy drops off some Autumn salad to win a cooking contest.
    “Can I go to bed yet?”
  • 50. I need to do something about this rubbishy bed. All she ever does is sleep and she never has energy.
  • 51. A few days has passed, and Cathy isn’t getting any younger...
    “Watch it!”
    ...So she has invited Sherman *snort* to the park, in order to woo him.
  • 52. “Whilst *some people* may find your name funny, I think it’s quite cute. And I still think you should come and live on my empty lawn with me so that we can have lots of screaming children.”
    “I don’t really have a choice in this matter, do I?”
  • 53. “Well, no.”
    “Why not then?”
    That’s the spirit.
  • 54. “So joining a legacy is as simple as one, two, three.”
    “Don’t think about it too much. It helps.”
  • 55. “Now you agree to marry me.”
    “Okay, now I’m kind of excited. I always wanted to get married!”
  • 56. Legacy weddings are generally swift and without much fuss.
    “Is that it then? Am I in?”
  • 57. “Well now... Now the fun begins.”
    Welcome the happy couple to their new lawn! But you’ll have to tune in next time to see it!
    Happy Simming!