Alliance Day 2007: PhillyFunGuide & FunSavers


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Cultural Alliance Marketing Staff review new partnerships and features on, as well as provide a tutorial of the FunSavers program. Includew promotional and advertising opportunities for members.

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Alliance Day 2007: PhillyFunGuide & FunSavers

  1. 1. DAY and FunSavers and
  2. 2. DAY and FunSavers An online calendar of entertainment events and leisure time activities for the Greater Philadelphia region A weekly half price email delivered to your inbox every Thursday
  3. 3. DAY
  4. 4. DAY Submit Your Organization’s Events!
  5. 5. DAY Submit Your Organization’s Events!
  6. 6. DAY Remember to Check for Existing Listings FIRST!
  7. 7. DAY DIY: Google your Org + PhillyFunGuide
  8. 8. DAY Submit Your Organization’s Events!
  9. 9. DAY Submit Your Organization’s Events!
  10. 10. DAY Submit Your Organization’s Events!
  11. 11. DAY Submit Your Organization’s Events!
  12. 12. DAY Your Event is Submitted! Cost to you: •2-5 minutes of your time per event •Free Service
  13. 13. DAY The End Product!
  14. 14. DAY Your Event Data Goes To:
  15. 15. DAY Your Event Data Goes To:
  16. 16. DAY Your Event Data Goes To:
  17. 17. DAY Your Event Data Goes To:
  18. 18. DAY Media Partners Community-Specific Partners
  19. 19. DAY KYW 1060 AM – Star Ledger – TVTN
  20. 20. DAY
  21. 21. DAY Community-Specific Partners
  22. 22. DAY
  23. 23. DAY
  24. 24. DAY Blockbusters •Summer Blockbusters •Philly Summertime •Summer Fun for Kids and Families •Summer Sounds •Summertime Tours •Movies Al Fresco •Chinese New Year •St. Patrick’s Day •Halloween •Happy Holidays and Happy New Year •Other Special Events and Advertising Promotions
  25. 25. DAY
  26. 26. DAY A Year in Review: 2006-2007 •WXPN Arts Crawl •TVTN Channel 64 • •GPTMC Historic Philadelphia Feed and Event Feeds into Culture Files •PCVB Feeds:, Multicultural Affairs Council, and Sports Congress •Establish Community Calendars
  27. 27. DAY 2006-2007 Traffic •Average Unique Monthly Visitors +28% •Average Home Page Visits per month +47% •Average # events entered per month +50% •Over 110,000 unique visitors per month •Over 650,000 Page Views per month
  28. 28. DAY Testimonial Your site is somewhat new to me, and I was fascinated with the goings on in our great city and the fine leadership role that you folks play in spreading the good news of our City’s happenings and events. Be assured, that I will spread the word of All the best to you and the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. George H. Gerlach Regional Sales Manager John Patrick Publishing Company
  29. 29. DAY National Fun Guides •Harlem One Stop •Charlotte Culture Guide •
  30. 30. DAY New for 2007-2008 •Search Engine Upgrade •Event Category Upgrade •Visual Arts •Classes and Workshops •Redefine “Sports and Outdoors” •Geographical Category Update and Mapping Feature •Add Disability Access Symbols •Additional partnerships and feeds •Upgrade to the Submission Form
  31. 31. DAY Be a Super Submitter! What you do: •submit all your organization's events at least three weeks prior to their start date What we provide to you: •one free banner ad on •10% off additional online advertising •preferred placement on FunSavers emails •preferred placement on •free RSS and specialized exports
  32. 32. FunSavers DAY
  33. 33. FunSavers DAY FunSavers Success Stories •First time user: •Small theater production •Sold 74 tickets for $ 740 over 2 FunSavers weeks. •Strategic user: •Large, established theater •Sold 548 tickets for $ 17,000 over 2 FunSavers weeks.
  34. 34. FunSavers DAY Reaches 62,000 Subscribers Weekly
  35. 35. FunSavers DAY FunSavers Consumer Testimonials •“Thank you sooooo much! You don't know how happy this has made me & my family to be able to do things that we couldn't afford to do before. This is great!!!” •“Delighted with all you offer. It is an excellent way to not only save money but try new events.”
  36. 36. FunSavers DAY FunSavers Stats •120,877 Tickets sold •$1.96 Million in Revenue •248 Participating Organizations •70% of patrons are new to the venue •70% Of Average offer generates over 43 tickets (Ticket sales and revenue since program’s inception in January 2003)
  37. 37. FunSavers DAY FunSavers Testimonials “Thanks for giving us this wonderful opportunity to expose Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Dancers Co to new audiences. FunSavers is a valuable resource.” •Anne-Marie Mulgrew, Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Dancers Co “Once again, a very positive experience. This is a great way to introduce ourselves to new people.” •Jason Horst, Temple University, Boyer College of Music and Dance “We had a fabulous ending weekend of shows. FunSavers has ended my life-long dread of performing on Memorial Day weekend! Now I can't wait to use FunSavers as an audience member!” •Sara Felder, Actor/Independent Producer
  38. 38. FunSavers DAY How Do You Submit A FunSavers Offer? •Friday: •Marketing contacts receive an e-mail soliciting half-price ticket offers for the following week. The e-mail contains a link to an online submission form so you can submit your offer. •Monday: •Offers due by 12:00 noon. •Wednesday: •Email sent confirming your inclusion in FunSavers. •Thursday: •FunSavers e-mail sent by 12:00 noon.
  39. 39. FunSavers DAY Ways to Sell FunSavers Tickets: •Online • or •Your ticketing link •By Phone •Your box office’s phone number and a special discount code •In Person •Patrons print out the FunSavers and present at your box office
  40. 40. FunSavers DAY Advantages of Online Ticketing •Premium Real Estate •Online offers at top of FunSavers email •Easier for the Patron •Available 24/7 •Easier for you! •Easy to track sales •Don’t have to process credit cards •Have a will call list
  41. 41. FunSavers DAY Things to Remember: •Deadline •Monday at noon •Submission Form •always online at •Reporting •due one week after event •Outstanding results •organizations cannot participate in future FunSavers if they do not report their results
  42. 42. FunSavers DAY What’s in store for future FunSavers? •Discounts offered for 50% and lower! •Format changes! •Publicizing free events!
  43. 43. and DAY FunSavers Advertising and FunSavers Advertising
  44. 44. and DAY FunSavers Advertising banner advertising 120w x 120h pixels Standard Rate: $600 Member Rate: $300 Minimum of 50,000 impressions run-of-site Category page ads available as well
  45. 45. and DAY FunSavers Advertising FunSavers banner advertising 468w x 60h pixels Standard Rate: $350 Member Rate: $250
  46. 46. and DAY FunSavers Advertising Want to buy more than one? •Bulk discounts •Highlight and spotlight package perks •Promotional trades
  47. 47. and DAY FunSavers Advertising Contact Becky Lang Staffieri Marketing & Sales Manager (215) 557-7811x23
  48. 48. DAY and FunSavers Thanks! and
  49. 49. DAY and FunSavers Let’s be friends on MySpace!
  50. 50. and FunSavers DAY The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance’s and FunSavers programs are funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts and the National Endowment for the Arts.