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Campaign For Wolverine-Media Stduies

Campaign For Wolverine-Media Stduies

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  • 1. The whole purpose of a campaign is to have companies that create advertisements to collide together and make a convergence of a posters, magazine and teasers that link to one another to build a brand of the film in order to attract audience in as many ways possible to get them to watch a film.
  • 2. Elements of a film campaign Soundtrack Viral Marketing Websites/Fan blogs/Social Networks Actors Elements of a film campaign T.V Adverts/Posters Interviews Magazines Youtube/Trailers
  • 3. Where you will find campaigns Cinema Ads Music Toys Transport Games Stationeries Likely to see parts of the Marketing Campaign Merchandise Television Ads Billboards Internet Newspapers/Magazines
  • 4. Teaser Poster I have picked the legendary Wolverine as it has a new film coming out shortly so I will show you how a campaign works through this. They all usually start at a teaser poster. This is of course intended to tease you, by only showing a fraction of the film. However this tiny element sets the whole theme, font, colour and images again to build a brand for people to remember. As you can see I have found a number of teaser posters of Wolverine, this is one of them. It is very bare as it hardly gives anything away not even the title, I actually really enjoy it as it creates a mysterious start to the film. All we see is the date at the bottom which is ‘7-26-13’ which is in red and rather tiny at the bottom of the teaser poster. The font chosen is quite sharp as the numbers flick, this effect in particularly caught my as it portrays a typical Japanese theme. Then the colours are only black, white and a hint of red, this is very restrained as nothing is being given away which fits the convention of a teaser poster. The main image is slammed right in the centre and we as the audience immediately identify that the character is Wolverine because of the significant elements such as the metal claws sticking out, then his iconic hair which two sides of his hair spiked out, also his muscles create the whole image. This image is now a brand so people can tell instantly who the character is. The image is black on white paper and it looks like it has been painted on in a Japanese aspect as this is their typical style to use. Also there is a red stamp at the bottom left which looks like a Japanese symbol.
  • 5. Teaser Poster As you can see above the two images portray the teaser posters are on public walls such as in a train station and at a bus stop shelter. This is the typical convention of posters as people will walk past them and notice them which is of course to make them aware that Wolverine is soon to come to cinemas.
  • 6. Teaser Poster This is another teaser poster for Wolverine and it follows on from the last teaser poster to reveal another element from the film to again keep the audience in suspense whilst teasing them at the same time. I would think they released another teaser poster because they don’t want people to get bored of the other teaser so this new one keep them on their toes and brings back the excitement about the film coming. Again we are not shown the title of the film but we are only shown the date which is red again and on the bottom right. However the image now reveals a little more as firstly it is in colour so we see the character with his branded elements like his claws which is carried on from the other teaser trailer which shows how the campaign links. Then the background is black but if you look carefully you will see many ninjas dressed in their black outfit with swords surrounding Wolverine which suggests they are against him by his facial expression. The cinematic style of the ninjas convey the Japanese theme to the film continuing from the other teaser poster.
  • 7. Poster Now the next step of the campaign follows the full theatrical release poster as the audience are finally given details about the film. The whole purpose of a campaign is to advertise a brand in which Wolverine’s poster successfully does that as I can clearly see how the teaser poster and the full poster have a connection. Firstly the colour scheme is very dark as it mostly uses cold steel colours like different shades of silver and black then the main actors name is in red. This follows the colour scheme in the other posters as they also have black and red which is now modified which is how a campaign works. Then the image is a close up of the main character Wolverine which is used in all the posters and teasers so far which is a great link. The close up is of his face which portrays the rage in his facial expression as he holds up his metal claws and sword up against his face which conveys he’s ready for a fight, this also suggests a typical thriller element as it includes props like weapons. This prop and brand is used in every poster so far which conveys the continuity and makes the audience remember the film as it is now a trade mark which is the whole purpose of a campaign. On the sword you can see Japanese writing engraved into it, this portrays a Japanese theme to it which is recurs through out all the posters as they each show us something related to a Japanese theme whether it being the ninjas or the traditional painting.
  • 8. Poster Then the font is now new for us as we haven’t seen it in the teasers, it matches the image as it is a steel colour and we see it is block capitals which makes a sturdy statement. To match with the font we are also shown the starring actors at the top of the poster as it gives the audience more detail in which they can now research to find out more about the film which will attract them to watch it. On the poster there is a tiny billing block as it gives us information such as the website for the film Wolverine. I think this is very effective as if a person is interested then they will go on the website and find out more about the film or see the exact time and place I will be able to go and watch the film, I know I would like to do that as I will more excited and eager to then see the film.
  • 9. Poster Many campaigns won’t stop at one poster, they will have 2 or more. As you can see Wolverine has many which reflects how popular it is around the world which is why they make so many different posters as they need to adapt to each country so they may need to change the language but the rest of the elements are kept the same as they must link to generate a powerful brand. This is another full poster that I have found of Wolverine. The colour scheme has been kept as you can see dark, cold, steel colours such as silver and black. Also the slight red isn’t shown although we do see a vaguely colourful background of a busy urban city that has skyscrapers which is to represent Japan therefore it carries on the Japanese theme too. Once again we see the main character Wolverine in the centre of the poster to show he is the protagonist and keep the brand evident and running as always. Of course we still see his iconic hair, metal claws sword and muscles to let us know it is Wolverine we are looking at. His facial expression looks straight towards us as he looks focused which again gives a thriller theme as he isn’t smiling to for the film to be a comedy, which this facial expression is always used. Wolverine is holding out the sword towards the audience to convey a fighting element to create a dangerous theme whilst the floor
  • 10. Magazine Another feature you will find in a campaign is a magazine for the particular film. As you can see I have found a Wolverine magazine produced by Empire which again is connected to the posters as they all use the same elements to create a brand for Wolverine. Firstly we know this issue is exclusive because it tells us in the Sell Cover Line, also one of the differences is that the masthead 'Empire' is usually in red but here it is in gold which conveys it's exclusive. This gold theme then continues in the main image as it has a gold effect to it. What strikes the most attention is the main image because Empire have chosen to use a close up of just the actors or characters face which then triggered the placement as it had to be placed behind the masthead because if it was placed in front then too much of the masthead will be covered. This particular image is also used in a poster too although they have adjusted the steel colours to gold to show how superior this film is as they have also matched it to the gold title. This will attract audiences as it portrays how exclusive it is. The font is kept the same as it is bold and in capitals too so it sticks well to the rest of the campaign. Also by using the same image the audience will be able to recognize the identity of the brand which will make them remember it and want to watch it.
  • 11. Teaser Trailer You will also always find a teaser trailer in a typical campaign, of course Wolverine had one so I would like to share it with you. Since it is a teaser then it probably would have come out at a similar time as the teaser poster as they both only tell us a little information about the film. Clearly as it is part of the campaign you will be able to recognise how the trailer fits and links with the poster as it will show us elements that we will distinguish. For example the colour scheme fits with the posters and magazine as we notice the dark colours used in the trailer such as black and silver which also gives out a thriller effect as well as linking it to the character Wolverine as his identity is mainly his metal claws so I certainly think they chose suitable colours. Then we see the font of the title at the end which is silver and in capitals which also fits with the poster and magazine as it’s exactly the same so we notice the brand of the film. The character is shown through out the whole trailer and we see him in many fights which we then see the connection between the magazine and poster that is exactly how he looks so we will find it easy to remember him. Furthermore a soundtrack is added which we expect to hear in the full trailer as it will be part of the brand so when we hear it we will think of Wolverine. The teaser trailer is under two minuets which is what we expect from a teaser as we are only shown some of the scenes.
  • 12. Full trailer As months pass by and the film is soon to be in cinemas people expect to see the actual whole trailer in order to understand if they know what they are going to watch. This is why a full trailer is made as part of a campaign as it links to the teaser trailer, poster and magazine, so the full trailer captures their elements and uses all their ingredients to show us everything we need to see and know. Official full trailer are always longer than teasers so of course so is this one, therefore you will discover more information about the film. I certainly have as we are shown more of the start in the trailer so I found out it was a dream that Wolverine and his partner are together, I wouldn't have known that in the teaser. Then as we expect all the elements on the full trailer match to the teaser and posters. Firstly in the teaser they use identical soundtrack and dialogue and many of the same shots. Then of course the same colours and characters although I have spotted more fighting scenes which I did like since it is a thriller.
  • 13. Website As part of a campaign for a film you will usually find teaser poster and trailer, then full poster and trailer and also a magazine. However some films are fortunate enough to be successful and have their campaign extended by their own website which portrays how victorious their film is that it is now actually a brand as it has it’s own identity you can view. Here I have found Wolverine’s website www.thewolverinemovie.com where the audience are able to view many posters, view the trailers, see their promotional partners etc. Also the website is very successful because it follows the campaign as it has all the elements to represent the brand, such as the colour scheme is a steel effect with silver and black and we also see hints of red. The fonts for the titles and text are the same as the magazine and posters which looks professional as they all link up so it shows how the campaign has great convergence. Then of course we have the main character as the main image as we see his iconic sword and metal claws as he is topless we see branded body. Then we realise the Japanese theme from the background of symbols and Japans busy city with many skyscrapers.
  • 14. Facebook & Twitter A further convergence to the campaign is to have huge thriving social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter that the film can be advertised. This way the audience can follow Wolverine as a brand and know what they are doing every step of the way, such as if they have a premier then the audience will be informed. This is a great advantage to the campaign as it will attract many people in the modern world as they use these site 24/7. We know the sites are part of the campaign as they fit in the brand of Wolverine by having iconic elements such as the image of the film/poster and font which matches to the posters, magazine, trailers and website which is why these sites are well-known and dominant.