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Radius shopper 3 monkeys
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Radius shopper 3 monkeys


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 1 clear'thinking'in' a'complex'world'
  • 2. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 2 Radius' Shopper' Marke:ng™' ' Key'Shopper'Marke:ng'issues' …and'the'three' wise'monkeys'
  • 3. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 3
  • 4. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 4
  • 5. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 5 #1 it’s about Retail Marketing …but at every POP Getting the marketing right
  • 6. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 6 Food'to'go' Fast'food' Petrol'sta:ons' Convenience' Express'high' street' Vending' Corner'shop' Superstores' Coffee'outlets' Franchise'kiosks' restaurants' Pubs'bars' Canteens' Discount'buying' Charity' shopping' Online' Mobile' What’s'next?' So many different channels adding complexity
  • 7. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 7 #2 what shoppers see, hear and do… …the full purchase pathway media Word of mouth Research online Check it out in-store Look for a deal Brand choice What could switch them?
  • 8. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 8 ROBO (Research online, buy offline) • I'want'to'get'fiVer/slimmer' • I'could'use'a'bike'to'get' around' • Ah'but,'I'don’t'like'those' new'bikes,'they'hurt'my' back'leaning'forward' Need'['desire' • Where'can'I'get'an'upright' bike'or'one'with'a'higher' handlebar?' • Found'Halfords'–'not'sure' if'they'have'them'or'can' help?' • Found'Jakes'Bicycle' Conversions'–'helpful' advice' • Found'blogs'on'upright' bikes'–'useful'informa:on' • Found'Dutchie'bikes'–'but' a'bit'expensive' Research' • Visited'Halfords) • Saw'a'bike'I'liked,'but'would' need'conver:ng' • Staff'clueless'and'did'not'think' it'could'be'done!' • They'tried'to'sell'me'a' woman’s'bike'–'eek!' Review'offline' • Considered'going'to'Holland' and'buying'a'second[hand'bike' there' • Could'be'fun'!' • Bought'online'–'perfect'bike' and'good'acersales'help'–'I' would'recommend'them.' Bought'online' Disconnected' retail' experience' PROSUMER)
  • 9. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 9 The actual questions… 1.  ROI and spending money smarter than on blanket price promotions (e.g. targeting shoppers for whom a discount is not the driver). 2.  Out of store/in-store axis and whether shoppers carry information given out-of-store (e.g. via magazines) up to the shelf with them. 3.  Providing sensible ROI measures for the traditional in-store activity, and a good testing research process to allow you to simulate/ optimise. Ref. Canned Drink and Tea clients
  • 10. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 10 ADVERTISING AGENCIES 70%of purchase decisions are madeat point of sale? ATL Vs. BTL
  • 11. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 11 70% of all purchase decisions are made at point of purchase? How)true)is)this)statement?) Where’s)the)evidence?) Do)you)believe)that?) Beer)50%) Healthcare)25%) PreFloaded)brain) Adver:sing' Social)media) Brand'preference' Experiences'
  • 12. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 12 This all boils down to… #3 how to optimise ROI
  • 13. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 13 Homework assignment 1.  How can we invest better in-store? 2.  Does Out-of-Store affect in-store behaviour? 3.  How to measure and simulate ROI?
  • 14. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 14 The story of the little red kettle Open plan living trend !  Live in a flat with open kitchen extending off the lounge area. Noise is a problem, especially when you’re watching your episode of your favourite TV soup. !  Need for quiet appliances !  Partner visits kitchen store and asks for a quiet kettle. Answer – “don’t know, but over there are all our kettles”. Partner returns home empty handed and frustrated. !  A quick look on Amazon and within a few minutes a quiet kettle is ordered. Delivered to our door in a few days.
  • 15. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 15 Three wise monkeys… 1. Understand how people shop – the full journey. 2. Identify the key touch and intercept points for choice and switching. 3. Build a set of key touch point measures, not just awareness and purchase, but throughout the whole shopper journey.
  • 16. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 16 Our Shopper Tracking looks at the full purchase journey On'observa:on'we'found'that' smelling'product'was'a'cri:cal' touch'point.' We'got'them'to'make'self' videos'of'their'shopping' experience.'' They'even'made'videos'of' themselves'using'the'product.'
  • 17. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 17 ROI – Spend wisely not just on price promotions! Traditional Media TV Radio Publications Word of Mouth Recommendations Requests Joint Decisions Digital Media Social Networks Retail Websites Discussion Groups Promotions Sales Coupons In-Store Product Characteristics Pricing Brand Previous Experience We'use'Heuris:cs'to'understand'the' purchase'decisions'and'iden:fy'the' key'touch'and'switch'points' Decision)Pathways™) is'used'to'determine' the'rela:ve' importance'of' different'drivers'on' the'purchase' decision'i.e.' magazines,'mobile,' online,'print'etc.,'on' choice'of'purchase.''
  • 18. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 18 Sensible ROI measures for the traditional in-store marketing & research that enables simulations to optimise Click'on'the' various' op:ons'to' be'included' for'your' product'or' service' Compe::ve'offerings'and' your'Current' offering'can'be'created'in' scenarios'' and'serve'as'Benchmarks' Output'can'be' Purchase' Interest'or' Share'of' Purchase' Preference' OpHon)Developer™ is a tool that can enable us to simulate in a competitive context and optimise the shelf'
  • 19. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 19 Three wise monkeys… #1 Retail Marketing #2 Shopper Behaviour #3 ROI
  • 20. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 20 JOIN US ON OUR STAND IN THE FOYER THANK YOU. We think you’re a Top Banana
  • 21. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 21 succeed' dis:nctly'
  • 22. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 22 appendix'
  • 23. Contact details… John Storey Director, Qualitative Research, Radius EMEA E-Mail: Office: 0203-130-0713 Mob: +447453323623 Darren George Director, Quantitative Expert, Radius EMEA E-Mail: Mobile: +44-7951-32963
  • 24. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 24 John)Storey)|'As'Director,'Qualita:ve'Research,'John'leads'the'firm’s' qualita:ve'prac:ce'across'its'client'base'in'Europe,'the'Middle'East,'and' Asia.''Having'begun'his'career'some'25'years'ago'with'Nielsen,'John'has' since'worked'for'top[five'market'research'agencies'in'a'variety'of'global' loca:ons.''Prior'to'joining'Radius,'John'lived'and'worked'in'the'United' Arab'Emirates'and'before'that'he'was'based'in'Korea.' ' Experience)|'Spent'many'years'as'a'moderator,'having'run'and'owned'his' own'focus'group'viewing'facility'in'London.'In'addi:on'to'being'an' industry'pioneer'in'the'use'of'online'qualita:ve,'John'is'well'versed'in' semio:cs,'heuris:cs'and'psychographics.' Categories|'His'experience'ranges'through'consumer'brand'research'to' high'end'Medical'Pharma'and'therapy'areas.'His'range'is'extensive,'but'in' par:cular'it'includes:'projects'for'leading'FMCG'brands,'food,'mobile' phones,'online'gaming,'retailers,'fashion'houses,'healthcare,'beauty,'and' financial'services'and'business'to'business'stakeholder'research.' Services|'Modera:on'in'English,'Discussion'Guide'wri:ng,'In'country' qualita:ve'supervision,'moderator'briefing,'top[line'reports'and'content' analysis,'as'well'as'report'wri:ng'and'innova:ve'presenta:ons.'Focus' Groups,'Triads,'One[to[Ones,'Shop[alongs'and'Business'Exec'Interviews.' Radius)QualitaHve) Research)Services|' Worldwide' experience' including'USA,' Canada,'South' America’s,'Asia'and' Middle'East'and' Europe.' Radius)Shopper)MarkeHng)Director|'Quality'&'Experience'
  • 25. +447453323623Radius Global EMEA 25 Project Team Darren'has'worked'with'a'wide'range'of'clients'across'the'globe'from'Europe'right'through'to'Asia.'' He'has'had'exposure'to'an'array'of'from'different'sectors'and'methodologies'but'specialises'in' retail,'IT'&'Telecoms,'Automo:ve,'Petrochem,'B2C,'B2B'and'stakeholder'research.''His'most'recent' clients'include'Castrol,'PETRONAS,'Samsung,'Maxis'(Mobile'Operator),'Nissan,'Proton,'Honda,' Navteq,'Denso,'Suzuki,'Valeo,'Audi,'Telekom'Malaysia,'Bosch,'Fiat,'Tom'Tom,'Hyundai'and'Sony.' Darren&George&–&Research&Director& Darren'graduated'from'Charles'Stuart'University'Australia'(although'he'is'most'certainly'English)'with'an'MBA'in'e[ commerce'in'2002'and'has'worked'within'the'market'research'sector'for'more'than'20'years,'with'experience'on'both'the' agency'and'client'side.''' ' His'most'recent'research'projects'have'been'in'the'areas'of'shopper'research'for'the'likes'of'Colgate[Palmolive'and'Samsung' where'Darren'was'examining'the'path'to'purchase'using'behaviour'and'observa:on'based'research.''Understanding'the' path'to'purchase'and'the'decisions'that'consumers'take'based'on'out[of[store'marke:ng'were'key'to'the'success'of'these' research'programs'in'offering'insights'into'the'shopper'journey'for'these'clients.' ' Darren'also'has'experience'in'areas'of'stakeholder'management,'brand,'sponsorship,'loyalty,'mobility,'electric'vehicles,' smart'charging'and'smarter'city'research,'advanced'driver'assisted'safety'systems'(ADAS),'Naviga:on'and'loca:on'based' services.''He'has'worked'on'a'wide'range'of'projects'in'retail,'FMCG'and'linking'brand'and'online'media.'He'is'well'versed'in' performance'measurement,'including'brand'equity,'brand'health/corporate'reputa:on,'U&A,'stakeholder'(corporate' reputa:on),'CSS'and'ESS'as'well'as'new'online'methods'&'advanced'analy:cs'(MaxDiff'&'ACBC).'