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LinkedIn for Starters Handout

LinkedIn for Starters Handout






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    LinkedIn for Starters Handout LinkedIn for Starters Handout Document Transcript

    • LinkedIn forStarters
    • 1. How to create a LinkedIn account:Step 1: Go to www.linkedin.com. Sign up by entering your name, email and apassword in the “Join LinkedIn Today” box on the right of the screen.Step 2: Confirm your account through your email address. LinkedIn will sendyou an email to confirm your address. Click on the link provider and then you canstart creating your profile.“LinkedIn for Starters” Webinar Handout 2“”Com-muni-cation—the human connec-
    • Step 3: Create your profile. Creating your profile on LinkedIn is the hardest taskof them all. You might be wondering, what information do I add regarding myeducation and employment? We have been there, which is why we will guide youthrough this step-by-step in our 10 Days to an Awesome LinkedIn Profile e-class.“LinkedIn for Starters” Webinar Handout 3
    • 2. Is LinkedIn Intercultural?Read more about the survey we conducted to explore this question and the keyfindings in the 5 Tips for Creating an Intercultural LinkedIn Profile PDF (you’ll findit in the LinkedIn class community on Ruzuku).3. Articles highlighting the usefulness of LinkedIn.• The Wall Street Journal recently published some findings regarding small busi-ness owners and their usage of social media in growing their business. Of the 6in 10 small business owners who use various social media platforms, 41% be-lieve that using LinkedIn has made a positive impact on their business com-pared to just 14% who use Facebook. Click here to read the article.“LinkedIn for Starters” Webinar Handout 4
    • • Are you looking for a job and contemplating using LinkedIn? According to re-search published in the Bullhorn report 97.3% of all recruiters are using Linke-dIn to search for job candidates compared to only 51.3% who use Facebook forthe same goals. When looking forward to 2013, 82.6% said that they plan touse LinkedIn more extensively for job candidate searches. If you are not ofLinkedIn or do not have a profile that clearly highlights who you are and yourtalents, you could be missing out on this opportunity. Click here to read the arti-cle3. Your online footprint.Our world in the last 5-10 years has changed dramatically, particularly in the areaof our online presence. Nowadays, the first things that a potential employer, clientor customer will do before hiring you is to look at your online footprint.LinkedIn is the first tool we both use to learn about someone in a professionalcontext. Your potential clients and employers will also do this. If you do not showup in online searches people will either think you have something to hide or thatyou are a technological dinosaur who does not know how to use social media. Ifyou’re in the workforce there’s no excuse for having a half-completed LinkedInprofile!4. Resources.There are several resources to help you improve your exposure on LinkedIn byhelping to deliver relevant content to your LinkedIn page.• Hootsuitewww.hootsuite.comHootsuite is an application that will help you manage your LinkedIn content up-dates. With this tool you are able to feed the application with content and then seta time and date when you would like this content to be posted on your LinkedInhome page. (You can also set it up to post to other social networks like Facebookand Twitter.)Using this application will allow you to stay active on LinkedIn without having toupdate your status every day by logging into LinkedIn.“LinkedIn for Starters” Webinar Handout 5
    • • Bufferappwww.bufferapp.comBufferapp is another application that help you update content to your LinkedInaccount. The difference with this tool is that it pre-selects the best time and date(according to your selected time zone) to feed LinkedIn with your updates. Youare able to upload multiple updates to Bufferapp at the same time and it will re-lease the content over time to your LinkedIn home page.• ScoopItwww.scoop.itScoop is an online content curator. Based upon the keywords you select, ScoopItwill find related content that you can then add to your online newspaper. Contentthat you select to be ‘scooped’ to your online newspaper can also with one clickbe sent to your LinkedIn homepage.• Five Hundred Pluswww.fivehundredplus.comFive Hundred Plus is a tool that will assist you in managing your interactions withyour contacts. This tool will allow you to put your contacts into different catego-ries based on how often you should contact them. Having contacts on LinkedIn isgreat, especially if your goal is to increase your network. But just having a list ofcontacts on LinkedIn won’t help you reach your goals. You need to interact withyour contacts on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis in order to nurture the rela-tionship.• Rapportivewww.rapportive.comRapportive is an app that you can add to your Gmail email account. When writingan email to someone, Rapportive will show you their social media profiles, includ-ing LinkedIn, which gives you an easy way to connect.“LinkedIn for Starters” Webinar Handout 6”
    • About UsSabrina Ziegler, M.A. is an intercultural,enhancing communications and socialmedia instructional creator and founder ofAuthentizen.com.Cate Brubaker, PhD is an interculturaleducation designer, coach, and founderof SmallPlanetStudio.com.“LinkedIn for Starters” Webinar Handout 7