Understand What People Do Online                                                  Consumers not only spend more and more t...
Our benefits        The methodology is objective, measuring               The system is secure. Participants opt in to     ...
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Wakoopa Introduction


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Here's a two pager intro about the our passive audience measure technology

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Wakoopa Introduction

  1. 1. Understand What People Do Online Consumers not only spend more and more time online, they also do increasingly more important activities. Where they used to only consume information, they now purchase goods, transfer money, organize their daily lives or socialize. Itʼs therefore crucial for marketers and media planners to understand what their target group does online!How does it work?Wakoopa has developed a tracker application that consumers install on their computer. The tracker isdistributed in a consumer panel. This can be Wakoopas own panel, the panel of a market researchcompany, or a more specific customer panel. The tracker collects data about what consumers do online. Itcollects data about which articles a consumer has read, which products looked at or purchased, whichsearch queries entered and also which ads the consumer has been exposed to.The data is available for analysis in a user-friendly dashboard, the prefect tool for every marketing manageror media planner to understand their online target group. The dashboard is used to get insights into howconsumers research products they want to purchase, what the effects of an online campaign is, what thelatest search trends are, or how your site compares to that of your main competitors.Its like Google Analytics on steroids!
  2. 2. Our benefits The methodology is objective, measuring The system is secure. Participants opt in to actual behavior 24 hours per day, 7 days having their online data recorded, get insight per week. Take the example of a large into what is tracked, and full control to travel organization wanting to understand pause, stop or uninstall the tracker. Its how its customers book a vacation. With anonymous, using only demographics and Wakoopa they could look beyond the actual background variables, but no personal transaction and analyze the complete information. There are no cookies involved journey over 8 weeks, starting with the and data is safely transmitted and stored. All selection of a destination, including visits to under supervision of bodies like MOA, various hotel and airline sites, and price Esomar and CBP. comparison on competing travel sites. And not ending with the booking but continuing The information is easily accessible. on to finding out about parking at the airport Marketing managers and media planners get and attractions at the destination. instant answers from the the easy to use dashboard, quickly sifting through vast The data is related to actual people. amounts of real-time data. Beyond IP addresses, browser versions and screen resolutions, it gives insights into And the resulting reports are well designed, demographics including age, sex, and assisting the marketing manager or media education, as well as much additional planning in effectively communicating the background information including details insights to management, customers or other like income, newspaper subscriptions or stakeholders current energy provider.Contact usFor more information on how to understand what people do online, please visit our website atwww.wakoopa.com or send an e-mail to info@wakoopa.com.