Digital Mom: Malaysia


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Asian moms spend an average of 34.7 hours per
week on media-related activities and 53 percent of this
time is spent on the Internet. To search for information
and complete purchases, mothers are making a move
from traditional media to digital media. With 84
percent of mothers stating that the Internet is now
part of their lives, and 64 percent planning to use it
more often, this target group presents vast
opportunities for online advertisers.

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Digital Mom: Malaysia

  1. 1. The Secret Online Lives of Mothers in Malaysia…RevealedMicrosoft Advertising and StarcomMediaVest Group (SMG) interviewed 2,859 moms across eight markets in Asiain a joint venture research to uncover:The role the Internet plays in mothers’ lives as they gain experience and knowledgeThe digital channels that influence online purchasesThe difference in online interactions based on needs versus interests, both as a mother and as a womanAttitudes towards new media and technologiesMalaysia – Key Data PointsMalaysia moms invest an average of 42.4 hours per week on media; 53 percent of that time is spent onthe Internet91 percent say the Internet is now part of their lives and 65 percent plan to use it more often90 percent of Malaysia moms highlight that the Internet simplifies life; 85 percent say the Internet helpsthem make better decisions and 62 percent use the Internet to keep up to date.Malaysian moms use the Internet as a tool to enjoy on-demand ‘me-time’:o 93 percent use the Internet to connect with family and friendso 83 percent use it for ‘me-time’ activityo 81 percent use it to relaxThere are 16 online activities that at least 50 percent of Malaysian moms engage in per week, with thetop five activities including:o Emails (97 percent)o Search engines (87 percent)o Search for information on products and services (83 percent)o Read newspapers and magazines (80 percent)o Instant Messenger (76 percent)o Visited social networking sites (76 percent)Malaysia moms are the highest user of online social communities to search for information in AsiaWhat This Means for Advertisers1. Advertisers can harness mothers as online brand advocatesMothers are vocal about products and brands. Overall, 92 percent of the surveyed moms in Malaysiaagree that “good brands are worth talking about.” 72 percent are successful in persuading their friendsand family to buy the same products. 50 percent share their purchasing experiences through onlinechannels, and 54 percent of mothers in Malaysia refer to online forums and discussion groups beforemaking a purchasing decision. By creating relevant content, marketers can harness mothers as brandadvocates, earning champions and evangelizers of the brand.2. Online advertising provides multiple ways to reach mothers across a range of activitiesBrands not online in Asia risk becoming irrelevant to this influential audience. As a media owner,Microsoft Advertising gives brands access to Asia’s mothers who are media savvy and active on theInternet, especially on the social media platforms. 70 percent of Malaysia moms use and search socialnetworks as a source of information for her child and family. 51 percent of Malaysia moms reported thatonline customer reviews have the highest influence on their purchasing decisions. To reach mothersacross a range of activity, marketers need to move away from the traditional ‘push’ advertising psyche –where messages were pushed down to the consumer – to an environment that encourages consumers to‘pull’ relevant content and engage online.
  2. 2. 3. Microsoft Advertising gives advertisers access to one of the broadest networks to reach mothers wherethey seek information, stay connected, learn about products, and make purchasing decisionsMicrosoft Advertising believes in the power of digital advertising to tell a million stories to one person,rather than one story to a million people. Based on this research, mothers are receptive to a myriad ofbrand messages at once. Additionally, with its roots as a technology company, Microsoft Advertising canprovide advertisers with tools to help prove return-on-investments and show the impact of targeted,digital campaigns.