Cross screen engagement research - March 2013


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Multi-screen behavior is changing
Individual screens provide a device-driven layer of context that affects how consumers absorb and react to content. Marketers must now take a multi-layered approach to content distribution, one that enables portable, personal and interactive engagement across devices.

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Cross screen engagement research - March 2013

  1. 1. Consumers control their flow ofcontent …...and move through the worldwith multiple screens……so marketers must befluid, too.We started with ‘Meet the Screens’. Now, we’re goingdeeper
  2. 2. Multi-screen behavior is changingUKUSCanadaAustraliaBrazil
  3. 3. Approach and methodologyQuantitativeIpsos OTXMultiple device users3586 consumersacross five regionsConsumers aged18-65QualitativeFlamingo researchMultiple device usersConsumers aged18-548 digital diaries for5 days
  4. 4. How we defined the need-statesEnjoymentLike anything is possibleDaringA sense of fun, enjoymentLaughter, comedy, humorJoy or happinessConvivialityJoy or happinessA feeling of community orneighborlinessLike I can let my guarddown or be sillyA sense of togethernessBelongingA sense of togethernessA sense of comfortReassuredSecurityReassuredA feeling of trustSimplicitySafeControlSafeIn controlOrganized and on topof thingsLike I am beingtechnologically advancedRecognitionLike I am beingtechnologically advancedExpert. PioneeringStanding out in the crowdA sense of pride inachievementPowerA sense of pride inachievementA sense of commitmentA feeling of strengthThe buzz of achievementVitalityThe buzz of achievementOn top of the worldA feeling of being alive—an adrenaline rushIn awe of aware of what’spossible in the world
  5. 5. Multi-screen behavior is changingIndividual screens provide a device-driven layer of context that affects how consumers absorband react to content. Marketers must now take a multi-layered approach to content distribution,one that enables portable, personal and interactive engagement across devices.Multi-taskingand distractionInvestigationand discoveryConnectionand sharingIntent- andtask-based
  6. 6. Multi-screening: in consumers’ own words
  7. 7. QuantumRelated content acrossdevices sequentiallyRelated content across devices at the same timeFour multi-screen pathwaysContent GrazingDifferent content acrossdevices at the same timeSpider-WebbingMulti-tasking Investigative Social Intent-based
  8. 8. Content grazing
  9. 9. • Quickly moving between screens and activities• Multi-tasking and a constant need for distractionContent grazing journeys require quick, low-effortengagement opportunities68%
  10. 10. Content Grazing
  11. 11. +5 -6 -1 -5 -11 -7 -7 -7Need-states: grazing puts consumers in control67%45%31% 30%24% 24% 22%14%Control Enjoyment Belonging Security Recognition Conviviality Power VitalityAvg All PathwaysGrazing
  12. 12. Keep it quick & entertaining; make it easy to pick up,put down and come back laterSeparate multi-screening:•Keep it bite-sized: fun, quick and efficient•Understand the measurement implications:consumers may not want to hang around, sodwell time and other engagement metricslikely won’t be effective hereContent GrazingWindows 8 Ads in Apps RP Pilot Research, September 2012
  13. 13. InvestigativeSpider-Webbing
  14. 14. • Consumers journey around content• Supplemental content just as compelling as the original• Entertainment, bonus information and rewards for seeking moreInvestigative spider-webbing requires depthand exploration57%
  15. 15. Investigative Spider-Webbing
  16. 16. Pique curiosity: Invite consumers into deeper,exploratory experiencesSimultaneous multi-screening:•Keep a few cards close to the vestto encourage deeper exploration•Drive consumers from the television tothe tablet—the natural ‘dynamic duo’Spider-webbing: investigative
  17. 17. SocialSpider-Webbing
  18. 18. • Conversations stem from original content seed• Commentary just as compelling as the original contentSocial spider-webbing transforms solitary experiencesinto shared ones39%
  19. 19. Social Spider-Webbing
  20. 20. -2 -1 0 -1 -4 -4 -4 0Need-states:Investigative spider-webbing is an individual quest for entertainment vsSocial Spider-webbing is for enjoyment, conviviality and a sense of belonging60%50%35% 34%28% 27% 25%21%Control Enjoyment Recognition Security Belonging Conviviality Power VitalityAvg All Pathways+10 -6 +12 +3 +5 0 0 +160% 56%43%37% 37% 35%29%22%Enjoyment Control Conviviality Recognition Belonging Security Power VitalityAvg All Pathways
  21. 21. TV is the center of attention, but other devices candraw attention away and enhance enjoyment49% 48% 46%25% 32%28%
  22. 22. Spark conversation & weave your own social webSimultaneous multi-screening:•Help consumers connect when the intent issocial•Facilitate social interaction through contentthat sparks conversation & a sense ofcommunity•Weave your own social threads forconsumers to explore; make it valuable andinteractiveSpider-webbing: social
  23. 23. Quantum
  24. 24. Quantum pathways require seamless connection• Intent-based quantum journeys exist in different places: they start on onescreen and ‘leap’ over space, time and screen to another• Sometimes disjointed and require clunky workarounds46%
  25. 25. Quantum Pathways
  26. 26. +2 -4 +8 +11 +5 -1 -1 +6Need-states: while control is paramount, power andrecognition are more evident in quantum journeys64%47%42%40% 39%31% 30%27%Control Enjoyment Recognition Power Security Belonging Conviviality VitalityAvg All PathwaysQuantum
  27. 27. Facilitate seamless connection with the consumer’sintent in mindSequential multi-screening:•Drive efficiency and discovery•Move the consumer to the bestscreen for your goal•Add value as the consumer adds incrementalscreens: deliver coupons and other rewardsutilized via the cloud and accessed anywhereQuantum
  28. 28. *’Strongly’ or ‘somewhat’ agree (Top 2 Box) on a 5-pt scale.Desire for efficiency drives multi-screen behaviour….While advertising supports for efficiency82%65%Being able to combine all these devices helps me bemore efficientThe only way I can get everything done is to multi-taskand use two or more devices at the same time74%87%“Advertising can be helpful in telling me about new productsor brands that might interest me”“Its great that I can check out products or brands thatinterest me whenever and wherever I see them”% consumers who agree*
  29. 29. 73%agree“I like it when companies offeruseful apps that help me carryout tasks or organize my life”72%agree“Apps help me get what I wantfrom the internet as quickly aspossible”Apps especially can further fulfil efficiency needs,inviting consumers in, rather than interrupting them
  30. 30. Thank youHeidi