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  1. 1. The Right Publisher Solutions for you
  2. 2. A platform that works Publish
  3. 3. Produce quality content in real time at Audience scale Measurement • Live story contextualizer • 3rd party data from on • Real-Time Digital Curation & offline providers • Community Management • Social DistributionPublish
  4. 4. Access to over500,000 writers in any category EngageOriginal & Unique Scalable Syndicate
  5. 5. API enabzled Inbox optimization Audience Insight ExpertiseConnect
  6. 6. Media Sales Team Network Buys Audience DevelopmentOperations and Trafficking Scale
  7. 7. Top 8 ad exchange (Comscore) Delivers contextually relevant page and key word levelMonetize campaigns
  8. 8. PublishPlatform
  9. 9. Produce quality content in real-time at scale
  10. 10. Algorithmically guided media your target audience is seeking on the web Your Writers PulseAudience delivers Our Writersdeep insight into visitors
  11. 11. Live Story Contextualizer
  12. 12. TrustedSources
  13. 13. CommunityManagement Loyalty, Contest & Reward Management Writer Quality Audience Engagement and Measurement
  14. 14. Real-Time Digital CurationPublishing Rules by Author or CreatorProtect & Control your BrandCurate content dynamically or manually
  15. 15. Social Distribution – Contenteverywhere
  16. 16. Auto or Select Tweets Auto generation #tags Publish to FB & +1Push to Blogs & Widgets
  17. 17. Engage content
  18. 18. World’s largest pool of media producers ~60/100 75/100
  19. 19. “Exclusive" Content Create unique content in many different categories at scale By assignment Licensed Content Leverage our community 500,000 Writers of over 500,000 writers Local-to-global targeting Curated discussion topics
  20. 20. Syndication Your content syndicated across our network of sites Content Curation Reputation, credibility, and quality scores for each writer Automated algorithm control, plus editorial oversight and attention Spam filters to prevent undesirable content
  21. 21. Connect email
  22. 22. One Platform | Smarter Insight | Better Digital Messaging PulsePoint’s messaging solution, PulseConnect, ispowered by an award-winning technology platformthat helps marketers manage the customer life cycle through the delivery of personalized, relevant and timely messaging across email, mobile and social channels. The platform gives marketers a comprehensive and actionable understanding oftheir customers through unmatched audience data, reporting and optimization.
  23. 23. Delivery across email, social and mobile inboxes RewardingUnparalleled Features andaudience Differentiatorsmeasurement &segmentation Comprehensive reporting & web analytics integrations: Omniture, Google, Coremetrics
  24. 24. Mailing Workflow for automated quality control Automated & PersonalizedDynamic Content for delivering the most relevant messagesComplete Lifecycle Automation Integrated Partner App Exchange
  25. 25. By increasing Personalized, relevancy using Audience targeted, full consumer characteristics, life-cycle behavioral performance trendscommunications targeting, content, and new target across email, frequency and and social channel preferences.Deliver Discover Drive Revenue
  26. 26. ScaleBusiness Services
  27. 27. PulseAudience, Audience Measurement Tool Direct Sales Team 3rd party data for Direct SalesShare of buys on our network of sites Properly identify audience segmentsScale across categorized impressions Optimize InventorySocial Publishing for EventsSocial Publishing for Events
  28. 28. Audience Development Quality traffic at lower CPM’S Tested and proven partners Increased pageviewsAd Operations Support andAd Network DevelopmentOptimized ad network partnersHigher CPM’SCentralized ad operationsLeverage our expertise and scale
  29. 29. MonetizeAd Exchange
  30. 30. The PulsePoint Ad Exchange & PulseAudience 800M real-time adtransactions a day on our high-quality,highly selective direct publisher inventory. Top 3 ad- supported property
  31. 31. Leading brands - frompharmaceuticals, auto, finance, CPG and more Direct relationships with 11,500+ high-quality publishers
  32. 32. Data used for automated optimization during the campaign and sources 3rd party data on and offline.PulseAudience, ourAudience Insights Platformhelps publishers developaudience targeted salespackages and identityspecific users across theirproperty.
  33. 33. AskPrice model helps Enables publishers todetermine the value of guarantee CPMtheir audience and set an AskPrice Provides a higher CPM and higher margin.
  34. 34. Proprietary Clean Tag technologyhelps to lift yield across remnant inventory pool
  35. 35. Assigns 40+ Enables a pass attributes to every along of importantad call to maximize parameters to bidder value following bidders Maintains Scrubs iFrames 1st look bid from subsequent visibility monetization partners