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Will Simm 'Clasp' Community Relay presentation

Will Simm 'Clasp' Community Relay presentation






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  • To reduce the communication barriers that create anxiety through interactive digital technology <br /> Th estimated number of children under 18 with an ASD is 133,500. <br /> No prevalence rate for ASD in adults - estimate that there could be over 500,000 <br /> Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects an individual’s ability to communicate and interact socially with others, and can thus result in profound isolation and anxiety in everyday situations. <br /> Although half a million people in the UK have ASD [1], services to support adults living in the community are scarce. <br /> Two of the biggest challenges for people with ASD are communicating with others for social engagement, and accessing appropriate support, which often requires direct social contact. <br /> The anxiety associated with these seemingly simple acts can be devastating [2]. <br /> The estimated numbers have been worked out from the population of the UK as given in the 2001 census: 58,789,194, of whom 13,354,297 were under 18. <br /> The figure for children is based on the 1 in 100 prevalence rate and corrected to the nearest 100. <br /> The estimated number of children under 18 with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is 133,500. <br /> Given that there is no prevalence rate for ASD in adults, the figure for the whole population is a very rough guide, but we estimate that there could be over 500,000 people who have an ASD. <br /> Lancashire: 1,461,400 <br /> => 14, 614 <br />
  • When anxious difficult to get phone out <br />
  • Community organisations came together with academics to lead and define the project <br />
  • 1 grounded in AR, qual for requirement capture <br /> FP event to produce tangible output for presentation <br /> 2 AR and PD to visualise systems and refine req <br /> 3 agile iterative cycles <br /> refinement of the user requirements is represented by the tapering of the spiral <br />
  • Quick process overview <br /> 9 month (2+7) <br />
  • One key objective of the project was to embed values in the system features <br /> Understanding exactly what the key user requirements not from a technical perspective but from a value perspective <br /> Diaspora, trust privacy <br /> “circles of visibilty” (aspects) <br /> Distributed, community owned pods <br /> Our approach is to use technology not a prosthetic to replace absent ability, but to leverage existing capability. <br /> Our CUG had strong analytical abilities used for self feedback and reflection, clasp provides data for this <br />
  • Replace blobo with other devices <br />
  • Close with some of the positive outcomes of the project <br />

Will Simm 'Clasp' Community Relay presentation Will Simm 'Clasp' Community Relay presentation Presentation Transcript

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjvLZrEYE7M
  • Can digital technology reduce barriers to social engagement amongst adults with HFA/Asperger?
  • ...feedback “I’d be able to contact people when I am extremely stressed without going through the complexity of the explanation” “It is easier to respond to a text than to send it in a first place”
  • The SpeedPlay Process Model
  • Training I&II 1. Design Brief 2. Tiree Understand & Observe Understand & Observe Prepare 3. Prototype Selection Vα Visioning & Visioning & Visualising Visualising Co-Design 4.Final V.05 CUG+ Show & Tells v01 v02 v03 Iterative Prototyping Iterative Prototyping (Prototype, Refine, Review) (Prototype, Refine, Review) Speedplay iT! 1. PRINCE2 2. PAR 3. Agile/Iterative Prototyping Build v04 Knowledge Transfer Knowledge Transfer Easter Sustain Protee Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July
  • Barnacl
  • Contact: W.Simm@Lancaster.ac.uk Speedplay @WillSimm Catalyst@Lancaster.ac.uk @CatalystProj www.catalystproject.co.uk