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FM Transmitter(S)-Network
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FM Transmitter(S)-Network


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Published in: Education

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  • 1.The project will create a standard model for technical requirements of the FM transmitter full solid –state acquisition(technical features + factory/site acceptance tests) 2.Based on that a study of the transmitter manufactures market will be issued. 3.Prepare the documentation and organize an international tender fallow of the offers analyze and selection of the winner. 4.The Draft Contract for the FM transmitter acquisition will be issued.
  • 1.Experimental broadcasting –means that the transmitter is running on the usual daily program but any broadcasting gaps due to the equipment shall be permitted. 2.After the end of the experimental period a final report will be issued and will contain the major faults of the equipment and the conclusions of the reliability of the equipment operation.
  • 1.The band 85.7-108Mhz began to be occupied by the commercial networks and the risk for the public radio is to run out the frequencies in FM.
  • 2.The national coverage implies a huge cost of the network and more time frame to be finished.
  • 1.New full solid-state technology will be used- comparison with tubes technology: Ultra-low harmonic distortion (0.0016%), FM signal-to-noise ratio(-90dB), peak limiter using “lookahead” techniques with no affect on pilot carrier. 2.Using a digital modulator; Immune to subsonic program line transients; no AFC trips and no AFC relock tome due to subsonic noise bursts(no modulated VCO). 3.At the last : Costs, but not the lasts; Power supply consumption and air filters (regular maintenance also).
  • Transcript

    • 1. FM transmitter(s) full solid-state Catalin Popescu
    • 2. Project Goals
      • Operating full solid-state FM transmitter(s).
      • Pilot phase for the “2 National FM Networks development in band 87.5-108 Mhz” project.
      • Create a reliable future FM network.
      • Future base platform for development of the paging and the RDS services .
    • 3. Description
      • Manufactures market study.
      • Standard proposal of technical requirements for the FM transmitter.
      • Standard quotation list.
      • International tender for the equipment.
      • Contract.
      FOR MORE INFO... Mr. Catalin Popescu – Project Engineer Phone: 40 1 400 1072 Fax: 40 1 335 58 65
    • 4. Description, Cont.
      • Acceptance tests and commissioning.
      • Start the experimental broadcasting period.
      • Final Report.
      FOR MORE INFO... Mr. Catalin Popescu – Project Engineer Phone: 40 1 400 1072; Fax: 40 1 335 58 65
    • 5. Competitive Analysis
      • Competitors
        • Commercial private radio networks (i.e. PRO-TV, CONTACT, RADIO ROMANTIC, etc.)
        • Private local radio stations.
      • Strengths
        • Infrastructure: buildings, masts, power service.
        • License for 2 national FM networks (37 transmitters, each).
        • Commissioning the equipment by own people.
    • 6. Competitive Analysis, Cont.
      • Weaknesses
        • The state budget allocations.
        • The FM networks ought to have a national coverage.
        • The old FM networks operate in band OIRT (64MHz – 70.4MHz).
      FOR MORE INFO... Mr. Catalin Popescu – Project Engineer Phone: 40 1 400 1072; Fax: 40 1 335 58 65
    • 7. Technology
      • Full solid-state utilizing the latest digital component technology
        • Produce an FM signal of exceptional quality and reliability.
        • Generate the complete modulated FM waveform in digital domain.
        • Modular design.
        • Operation and maintenance low costs.
    • 8. Technology, Cont.
      • Program input is standard AES/EBU digital stereo
        • Maintain a digital program path through the stereo generation and frequency modulation process.
      • Accept analog subcarriers for the RDS
        • Future development of the RDS service.
      • AES/EBU: American Engineering Society / European Broadcast Union
      • RDS: Radio Data System
    • 9. Team/Resources
      • The Project has 4 teams:
        • Technical Team
        • Network Planner and Installation projects Team
        • Development Team
        • Contract’s Team
    • 10. Team/Resources, Cont.
      • Technical Team Tasks:
        • Manufactures Market Study;
        • Quotation List;
        • Acceptance and Commissioning;
        • Training;
        • Final Report.
    • 11. Team/Resources, Cont.
      • Network Planner and Installation projects team tasks:
        • Feasibility studies for the new frequencies and transmitters sites;
        • Installation projects;
        • Prepare and submit the documentation for transmitter Authorization.
    • 12. Team/Resources, Cont.
      • Development team tasks:
        • Prepare the Biding documentation;
        • The Biding.
      • Contract’s team tasks:
        • The Contract draft;
        • Negations and signs the final version of the Contract;
        • Support group engineering.
    • 13. Team/Resources, Cont.
      • People
        • Engineers, technicians, accountant, legal adviser, clerks
      • Equipment
        • New equipment according with the budget
        • Use the locations existing equipment
      • Locations
        • Company Headquarter, Bucharest
    • 14. Schedule
      • Review high-level schedule milestones here
      FOR MORE INFO... Mr. Catalin Popescu – Project Engineer Phone: 40 1 400 1072 Fax: 40 1 335 58 65 Manufactures Market Study Bidding Bidding Documents preparing Quotation list issue Contract Draft Contract-FM transmitter Jan’97 Feb Mar Apr May Jun’96 July Sep Oct Nov Dec Aug
    • 15. Schedule, Cont.
      • Review high-level schedule milestones here
      Jan’98 Feb Mar Apr May Jun’97 July Sep Oct Nov Dec Equipment Production Experimental Broadcasting Acceptance and Commissioning Aug Installation Projects Mr. Catalin Popescu – Project Engineer Phone: 40 1 400 1072 Fax: 40 1 335 58 65 FOR MORE INFO... Training
    • 16. Schedule, Cont.
      • Review high-level schedule milestones here
      FOR MORE INFO... Mr. Catalin Popescu – Project Engineer Phone: 40 1 400 1072 Fax: 40 1 335 58 65 Experimental Broadcasting Report Training Jan’99 Feb Mar Apr May Jun’98 July Sep Oct Nov Dec Aug
    • 17. Conclusions and more…
      • The total time-frame is 2 years and 7 months.
      • FM transmitter Proposal (included the quotation list) Draft documentation.
      • First step to upgrade and development the national FM Networks in CCIR band .
      • Introduce experimental operation of the RDS encoder, for future trends of the service development.
      • Tests the monitoring possibilities.
    • 18. Related Documents
      • On going status
        • Technical Team, Mr. Adrian D.,Phone: 400 1072
      • Budget
        • Development Team, Mrs.Bont M.,Phone: 400 1845
      • Post mortem
        • Support Group Engineering, Mrs. Doina M., Phone: 400 1945
      • Submit questions to
        • Radio broadcasting Dept., Mr.Stefan D.,Phone: 400 3563