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Classroom newsletter

  1. 1. Classroom Newsletter Essential question: How will building a WalMart affect the community? Unit Questions : How will we decide where to build a WalMart by analyzing the geographical physical features of the city? In what way do geographical physical features help decide where to build a WalMart? Content Question: How do you make a map to scale? The WalMart Project Summary of Unit There is a recent article in the paper about WalMart wanting to build a store in the town. The article told of how the City Mayor and WalMart officials are discussing areas in the city which is best to build a store. By obtaining a map of the City from City Hall, based upon the physical features of the city, where should WalMart build it's new store? Each student gets a map and marks a spot with an "X" saying where WalMart should build. Suggestions will be sent to the Mayor's office. The students have to explain why that spot is best for building based upon the land's physical features.
  2. 2. Standards and Objectives: - Students will decide where to build a Walmart by analyzing the geographical physical features of the city. - Student will use a map to scale . Role of the student: Each student will be required to initially analyze the map and decide on two locations Groups will collaborate journal entries to deicide on one location. Each group will send a letter to the Mayor’s Office. The WalMart Project Classroom Newsletter Role of the parent: Parents are to help and encourage their students while they are at home working on their project Role of Teacher: The teacher will be responsible for showing the students how to use the maps and what geographical features to consider before picking the land to build the WalMart. The teacher will take responsibility in assisting the students with any help that they may need throughout working on the project
  3. 3. The WalMart Project Classroom Newsletter PBl is an instructional approach built upon authentic learning activities that engage student interest and motivation. It allows students to elfect upon their own ideas and opinions, exercise voice and choice, and make decisions that affect project outcomes an the learning process in general. Students can learn about real world problems and do projects dealing with real world scenarios. In the classroom, students will be deciding where to build a WalMart based upon the land’s physical features. PBL teaches students 21 st century skills and by doing this project, students will learn presentation skills, organization and time management skills, research skills, and group work skills. Benefits of the unit: Students will be able to take real-world scenarios and apply them to this project through building the WalMart which will help them think outside the box by being creative and think critically
  4. 4. Other Classroom News : Coming Field Trip: The Planetarium at the science place on Dec. 16. Volunteers wanted! Holidays: Nov. 21 through Nov. 25 - Thanksgiving break. Dec 2 - Early release day. Dec. 19 through Jan. 3- Winter break. Community Involvement: How will building a Walmart affect the community? - Students will be asking themselves this Essential Question throughout the entire project. Classroom Newsletter The WalMart Project Contact Info: Email: [email_address] Website: