Credit Suisse Improves Time to Market and Systems Resiliency CAST


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As a world-leading financial services firm, any application downtime is unacceptable to Credit Suisse since it has immediate financial impact on customers. The company adopted software quality assurance monitoring technology from CAST to measure changes in quality in a quantifiable way and have the development team increase the quality level of the product they produce.

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Credit Suisse Improves Time to Market and Systems Resiliency CAST

  1. 1. Credit Suisse
  2. 2. Success Stories: Credit Suisse Credit Suisse adopts software quality assurance monitoring technology from CAST to improve time to market and systems resiliency “The key drivers to use Client Profile tion, by giving information to all the different stake holders in the IT organization right at Credit Suisse Group is a world-leading finan- the code level. CAST are to measure cial services company that offers investment Another important consideration is, as products, private banking and financial advi- changes in quality in a sory services for private and corporate clients the organization is gearing up to do more outsourcing, Credits Suisse plans to hand over the code to the vendor with a set of quantifiable way and Business Situation predetermined performance agreements and Credit Suisse Equities team working right deliverables in the SLAs, based on CAST AIP have the development team in the heart of Wall Street serves the Front information, that would ensure the overall Office, which moves very fast. Any system quality of the code as the vendor modifies increase the quality level of downtime is unacceptable. If the systems are it. This is the insurance against the risks of down for 7 seconds, it will drop 200 thousand outsourcing, for a fast moving firm like the product we produce.” trades, and impacts customers immediately. Credit Suisse. The business can’t afford that. Every busi- Hank Hyatt, Global Head of Equities IT ness has to balance agility with stability and Benefits Credit Suisse resilience, but on Wall Street that tension is The results according Hank Hyatt, Global much more intense than any other industry. Head of Equities IT, has been “a significant The key challenge is to balance the demand upward trend in the level of overall quality for fast response with the need to correctly in the systems as we’ve measured them. manage technology. Having a way to take In addition, increasing the code quality has Emperical evidence: Strong correlation between risk out of the technology without losing time translated into fewer in-production failures”. CAST violations and actual defects is most valuable to the IT organization. Credit Suisse has actually done some studies 12 0.08 to show the how CAST AIP violations and SolutionCAST Violations/KLOC Actual Defects/KLOC 9 0.06 actual defects are correlated. The charts 6 0.04 Credit Suisse turned to CAST’s Applica- below demonstrates the fact that applications 3 0.02 0 0 tion Intelligence Platform (AIP) primarily to typically degrade over time, as more code 5.3.07 improve resiliency. Resiliency is a way to base is added and that is clearly reflected Application Versions establish a set of robust systems that don’t in the CAST AIP information. By using this CAST Violations/KLOC go down, or when they do they come back powerful information Credit Suisse has been Actual Defects/KLOC up very quickly. In order to build resiliency, motivating teams to fix violations and reduce quality cannot be tested in, it has to be built production defects during the development in. CAST AIP helps build quality into applica- phase. Questions? Email us at Europe 3 rue Marcel Allégot 92190 Meudon - France Phone: +33 1 46 90 21 00 North America 373 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10016 Phone:+1 212-871-8330