Build Secure Applications with Software Analysis


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Learn how advanced Software Analysis and Measurement (SAM) can help improve application security by analyzing source code to identify vulnerabilities and architectural patterns in the application, and enable development teams to prevent these vulnerabilities right at the development stage with sophisticated Threat Modeling that takes into account cross-tier and cross-technology interactions.

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Build Secure Applications with Software Analysis

  1. 1. Despite the fact that application security has become an increasingly major concern in recent years, many application development teams treat security as an afterthought.
  2. 2. The answer is Software Analysis and Measurement (SAM).
  3. 3. While each individual organization has different needs, there are few important criteria that you need to know when managing application security.
  4. 4. Since design flaws account for 50% of all security problems, a holistic view of the application is necessary to identify architectural vulnerabilities.
  5. 5. To evaluate against industry best practices, the data flow technology must be able to trace the flow of the application data across different tiers of the application and across different technology stacks, right down to the database.
  6. 6. Many SAM solutions produce lists of violations that number in the hundreds, if not thousands. It important to also receive guidance that can be used to prioritize these security risks based on factors such as the importance of the rule, the impact across a transaction chain, and the propagation risk across the rest of the system.
  7. 7. Virtually all applications in active development have a framework component to them. To be effective, the SAM solution must be capable of analyzing the framework stack of the application and synthesizing the information in the context of the overall application.
  8. 8. Building a Threat Model is one of the most critical measures for all mission critical applications, and should be considered for virtually your entire application portfolio. To build comprehensive Threat Models, it is vital to have an accurate blueprint of the application that maps all of the inputs and outputs.
  9. 9. There is a vast body of knowledge, discussion, and research on making applications inherently more secure. One of the fundamental requirements of a SAM solution is to ensure that the application is compliant with the best practices recommended by experts and practitioners.
  10. 10. To be truly beneficial to the development team, a SAM solution should not only identify vulnerabilities in applications—it also should ensure continuous improvement through detailed explanations of identified vulnerabilities along with the solution to fix it.
  11. 11. Executives require a comprehensive analysis of security vulnerabilities that can be used to determine the security risks within an application portfolio. Having such a tool will help with budget requests, project portfolio management, resource prioritization, and benchmarking internal and vendor teams.
  12. 12. SAM solutions:  Automate feedback to developers providing proactive protection and real-time education  Enforce compliance to industry standards and best practices  Help in complex Threat Modeling and enable management teams to assess application threat in an objective manner and help them make informed decisions To view the complete paper, click the link in the description below.