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Logicas Pres (Eng)

  1. 1. Logistics Consulting 2009
  2. 2. Overview Francisco Castillo is a consultant specialized in distribution and logistics. Our service consists of a tailorrmaid solution for each client according to their needs Mr. Castillo brings more than 17 years of operational and consulting experience to the table when reviewing his client's needs and goals. He began his career from the root level in distribution centres, starting with the delivering of goods and through the years working his way up the ladder to operational director positions. His most recent job positions include Logistics Director for LG Electronics and Commercial & Logistics Director at Zimag Group. Francisco is also a member of the council of supply chain management professionals (CSCMP) the advancing productivity innovation and competitive sucess and a participant in various National Logistic Committees.
  3. 3. Services If your organization seeks self-distribution or is looking for opportunities to improve upon an existing network We can provide assistance in creating an efficient distribution network. Whether you're considering new technologies or determining applications which apply, We can perform an Operational Audit to define your actual potential and recommend a strategy that will help to improve productivity and customer satisfaction. Sometimes Facility Resets are the best solution to increasing capacity and improving productivity while at other times minor changes are enough to increase efficiency. All situations start with an analysis of the actual situation and/or the strategic direction of your corporation. If a major change in your business direction is anticipated and requires preparation beforehand, then a Strategic Analysis will most certainly answer your key questions and concerns. Determining whether one or more distribution centers are required to fulfill your business volumes and service levels is another of our expertise. We adhere to best business practices and utilize powerful analysis tools to review and compile sales throughput and product data. The data is key factor in properly calculating and designing the distribution centre(s) which will best meet your predetermined constraints and operational objectives ( Distribution Centre Design ). We are always prepared to accompany your organization through all Implementation phases ensuring that all of the deliverables established throughout the project analyses and recommendations are satisfied.
  4. 4. Operational Audit When operations and processes begin to deteriorate it is the customer service levels that are directly affected. Orders are not properly fulfilled, shortages and back-orders, delivery leadtimes are not meet. With each error comes decreased customer satisfaction and increased costs associated with customer management and administrative, management and handling costs. Our goal is to bring proper analysis techniques, different ideas and modifications of solutions that have been developed through previous work experiences. We work with your employees to review existing operations and to stimulate ideas and solutions that best meet long-term organizational goals and requirements. What necessitates the need to conduct an operational audit?  Inability to completely fulfill customer orders  Product shortages  High number of errors and associated returns  Inability to deliver product on-time We offer the following type of distribution related audits:  operational processes  operational productivity  throughput capacity  storage capacity  resource requirements  equipment requirements  automation/technology  information systems (WMS/DRP)
  5. 5. Strategic Analysis The need to perform a review of your distribution network is driven by the continuous demand to reduce total network operating costs, while constantly maintaining or improving customer service levels. This situations will generate the following initial questions:  How many distribution centers (DC) are required?  Where should the DC be strategically located?  What product mix is required per DC?  What are the associated operational costs? We utilizes proven methodologies in conjunction with software enabling us to incorporate large amounts of historical data and easily produce multiple scenarios for comparison. Although the tool is very flexible to allow us to easily model your existing network and to compare all future scenarios for impacts on your distribution requirements. Many factors are considered in the equation for determining the optimal location(s) such as;  Customer and supplier locations  Customer and supplier volumes  Availability of workforce  Local salaries  Mid to long-term corporate objectives
  6. 6. Strategic Analysis The scenarios modeled may include:  A single DC  Multiple DCs  3PL Management  Cross-docking  etc. The results include facility sizing requirements, modeling operational & transportation costs, resource & equipment requirements and all capital investments. Once evaluated and reviewed a Return-on-Investment (ROI) will be calculated for each scenario. We understand the amplitude and importance that these decisions represent for a company. This is why we work hard at incorporating the most data possible in our evaluations to ensure that our models most closely reflect reality. Before investing large sums of money it is important to collect and analyze as many relevant decision factors as possible to create and model scenarios that are easily adjusted, evaluated and compared. Some key questions that should be answered prior to investment are:  Cost to build?  Cost to operate?  Resource requirements and availability?  ROI? For the answers to these types of questions and more contact us today to see how we can work together towards achieving YOUR objectives.
  7. 7. Distribution Centre Design Over time a distribution centre becomes out-of-date and inefficient due to continuous changes that take place each and every day. Often managers and operators lack the time required to optimize all changes taking place due to an immediate focus of getting " the right product to the right place at the right time ". They are limited to dealing with the situation-at-hand, forcing them to find short-term solutions to make it work . Ensuring that the proper equipment is used and that product are properly allocated to the storage locations that best meet distribution demand are crucial in optimizing overall productivity. We have developed tools and procedures which allow us to quickly analyze data and create scenarios that will improve the overall utilization and productivity of your facility. Often our analyses have been able to demonstrate to clients that the existing facility had sufficient capacity to meet their distribution needs and goals without requiring significant expansion or new construction. The data, now cleansed, analysed and summarized, will be utilized towards accurately designing and costing the required construction.
  8. 8. Distribution Centre Design Our services include the following:  Review and evaluation of existing operations and capacity:  General layout of facility  Utilization of resources  Storage equipment used  Mobile equipment used  Systems and Technology in use  Product groupings and positioning  Review if recommendations are able to be integrated within the existing facility.  Improved operational productivity  Revised product groupings (as required)  Storage space (Slot type) required per product  Product positioning  By vendor  Store-friendly (for retail networks)  By selling unit of measure (ie. Case vs. unit vs. pallet)  By type of material handling equipment required  Product groupings
  9. 9. Contact Address: Madín 116, San Lucas Tepetlacacalco, Tlalnepantla Edo. Mex. C.P. 53120 Telephone: Office: 53-65-61-15 Mobile: 04455-34-35-23-33 Email: castillop_francisco@prodigy.net.mx