MPU and MCU IP Cores from CAST


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An overview of the processor cores available from CAST, including the 32-bit BA2x Family, a range of 8051s, and several legacy processors.

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  • FSM stands for Finite State Machine, which typically implements the logic that controls the data-path. FSMs are handcrafted (in RTL) and once they are implemented in silicon you can not change them
  • Leader in mixed-signal applications like“smart sensors” and “multi-function” housekeeping functions like firmware updates, calibrations, configuration management etc)Logos are just for some of the recognizable brands that are our customers. More than 200 licences.
  • MPU and MCU IP Cores from CAST

    1. 1. 8-bit to 32-bit Processor and Microcontroller IP from CAST Nikos Zervas COO November 2013
    2. 2. Processors & Controllers Today 2.25 processors/design avg. for ICs 79% of ICs, 56% of FPGAs have multiple processors 32-bit Processors Applications demand it avg. in ICs over 20M gates 8-bit Controllers 8051 still key Touch, sensors, video, etc. Low-power essential Single supplier dominates But is it your best choice? 5.48 processors/design Proven, easy, 8-bit MCU Small, fast, low-power Ideal for many embedded systems, subsystem controllers, Big-Little SoCs We will show that CAST is: The smart alternative for 32-bit MPUs The best source of 8051 MCUs Slide 2 8051s and Beyond Stats from 2012 Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study
    3. 3. MPU and MCU IP from CAST 8051 Compatibles All Fast, modern 8-bit compatible core for the most widely used 8bit MCU BA2 Embedded System & Application Processors 32bit ISA Range from deeply embedded to full application processors Legacy Processors Replacing obsolete parts, extend existing systems, or reuse proven code Slide 3 8051s and Beyond Royalty-free and competitively priced Pre-integrated peripheral options for MCUs and Platforms Complete IDEs and powerful debugging tools Dev kit board packages for hands-on evaluation CAST’s 14 years of IP experience and unmatched customer support
    4. 4. Why an 8051? Flash-based Devices Well-established, wellsupported instruction set Audio Automotive Consumer Devices Small size, low power, and adequate powerful for many applications Royalty-free Communication R8051XC/2 Much reusable legacy code available Modern tools for SW development and on-chip debug Less integration complexity Vibrant Markets Industrial Control Video T8051 Mixed Signal ICs Example App: FSM Replacement On-Chip NOR-FLASH T8051 External Memory Firmware storage SFR Data Port0 Control int1 Data Memory Measured Signal int0 External Memory On-Chip IRAM ADC Hardwired DSP Slide 4 8051s and Beyond Serial Port 1 Host OCDS Stack & Variables JTAG
    5. 5. Why a CAST 8051? Partner with the most experienced, most successful 8051 provider 14 years selling & supporting 8051s Mature, proven, multi-generation designs Shipping in hundreds of customer products Configure to meet different project requirements Optional bundled peripherals Easy, error-free automatic RTL and test-bench configuration Royalty-free, cost-competitive licensing Enjoy easy development and verification Seamless interface to Keil 8051 software dev tools Native EASE embedded software debugging package Software stacks for CAST IP and ready-to-use platforms Slide 5 8051s and Beyond
    6. 6. Migration Dilemma: Switch from 8051 to 32-bit? 8051 is familiar, efficient and affordable, but: Its processing power is marginal for some modern systems Better code density will significantly reduce memory cost, the dominant expense in many chips Software teams would rather avoid writing code for an 8-bit CPU The 8051 is just too slow to transfer or perform computations on the 32- or 64-bit data typical today The data volume of many apps is beyond the 8051’s capabilities More and more systems need to run an OS and use common AHB peripherals Yet 32-bit processors have much bigger requirements: They can use significantly more silicon and power They can be tremendously more expensive, esp. with royalties Slide 6 8051s and Beyond
    7. 7. Migration Solution: 32-bit BA2x Processor Family Implements the powerful BA2 ISA on highly efficient hardware architectures, offering: Extreme Code Density High Performance Energy Efficiency Example of BA2 ISA code savings Proven, mature, IP products with major advantages: Easy Software Development with Free Tools Customizable Configurations and Platforms for Rapid System Integration Better Business Terms including No Royalties The ease & efficiency of 8051s, the power and capability of 32-bits Slide 7 8051s and Beyond
    8. 8. BA2x Family Processors 1H’14 AREA BA28 High Performance Application uP BA25 High Performance Application uP BA22-xx NEW BA21 Deeply Embedded uP From 10k and up to 200 Coremarks on 65nmLP v From 150k and upto 1,600 Coremarks on 65nmLP Deeply Embedded to Application uP From 15k and upto 1,000 Coremarks on 65nmLP PERFORMANCE Slide 8 8051s and Beyond
    9. 9. BA2x – Consider the Benefits Low Area and Power Integrated Peripherals From 10K gates & 0.05 mW/MHz on 90nm PIC allows deterministic and lowlatency interrupt response Extreme code density for systemwide energy savings PMU minimizes power Optimized mix of 16-, 24-, 32-, & 48-bit instructions Minimizing instruction memory area and power usage Advanced power management for further power reduction DBGU for JTAG debug Easy SW Development Complete IDE under Eclipse Architectural Simulator OS, RTOS, & embedded C/C++ libraries support 9 Slide 9 8051s and Beyond
    10. 10. BA2x – Consider More Benefits Unique Business Terms Ready for SoC Integration Single, multi or unlimited use license with no royalties Offered with your choice of preintegrated peripherals Competitive pricing with no hidden extra charges Zero Risk Production proven in high-volume consumer devices 24/7 support by CAST Access to IP developers at Beyond Semiconductor Slide 10 10 8051s and Beyond
    11. 11. Features BA2 Variable Length ISA Pipeline Stages Out of Order Completion Branch Prediction Unit Memory Protection Unit Number of GPRs SoC Data Bus SoC Instruction Bus Hardware Multiplier and/or Divider Multiply-Accumulate Unit Floating Point Unit DSP Extensions Acceleration JTAG Debug Support Embedded Tick Timer, PIC, and PMU Vectored Interrupt Controller Tightly Coupled I/D Busses Instr. & Data Caches Instr. & Data MMU Configurable Peripherals Platform Beyond Studio SW IDE and gcc SDK DMIPS/MHz Coremarks / MHz FMAX @ TSMC65LP Eq. Gates5 BA21 Ultra Low Power BA22-DE Deeply Embedded BA22-RT Real Time Embedded BA22-AP Application Processor BA25 Adv. Application Processor 2 4/5 5 5 71 / 12 2 12-32 AXI4 Lite AXI4 Lite 16-32 16-32 32 AHB/Wishbone AHB/Wishbone AHB/Wishbone AHB/Wishbone AHB/Wishbone AHB/Wishbone 32 AXI4 AXI4 2 (L0/L1) 1.83 2.53 125 MHz3 10k3 = Supported Notes: 1: Minimum for simple ALU instructions. 3: Preliminary characterization data 5. Approximate size estimate for area-optimized design Slide 11 2 1.74 2.442 400 MHz 25k 1.7 2.44 400 MHz 15k = Optional 1.74 2.442 400 MHz 35k 1.5 2.1 800 MHz 150k = Not Supported 2: Feature can be made available up on request 4. DMIPS rating for code running from tightly-coupled memories. 8051s and Beyond
    12. 12. Legacy Processors for Obsolete Chip Replacement Pin-compatible RTL or netlist cores Extend the life of older systems Build new or extended systems around existing legacy code with modern tools Customer Application Pharmaceutical printer supplier HAPA used the C68000 in a replacement board that is dramatically more compact and less expensive to produce than the original. Slide 12 8051s and Beyond Z80 CPU 6502 65C02 68000 68000 for AHB 80186XL 80186EC 80188EC 80251 387L math
    13. 13. Why Consider IP from CAST? Competitive technical features Extreme Code-Density High Performance Energy Efficiency Fast time-to-market Complete processor ecosystems for easy software development and rapid SoC integration Design-for-Reuse productization plus Pre- and Post-Sales Support from the longest-running IP team in the industry Business terms that work better for you Production-proven & low-risk Flexible licensing with or without royalties Slide 13 8051s and Beyond
    14. 14. A Suggestion: Don’t Believe Us! Get our software tools, compile and simulate your code, and then measure code size and performance on your own (or just ask us). Let us know your process node, libraries, and target frequency and we will work together on area and power characterization. Do the same with the competition (if they are willing). Slide 14 8051s and Beyond