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CAST 2009 has been designed to bring software testers together so that they can learn from each other. You'll have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with idea innovators, trainers, …

CAST 2009 has been designed to bring software testers together so that they can learn from each other. You'll have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with idea innovators, trainers, authors and your peers from all over the world!

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  • 1. CAST 2009 Brought to you by: The Association for Software Testing
  • 2. Welcome to CAST 2009! The 4th Annual Conference of the Association for Software Testing
    • July 13 – 16, 2009
    • Held in Colorado Springs, CO at the elegant Antlers Hilton Hotel
  • 3. CAST - Conference of the Association for Software Testing
    • Designed to bring software testers from around the globe to learn from each other
    • Gives testers the chance to share their thoughts and ideas with:
        • Innovators
        • Trainers
        • Authors
        • Peers
  • 4. CAST - Conference of the Association for Software Testing
    • CAST sets itself apart from the rest through excellence
    • in the following areas:
    • CAST puts the CONFER back in conference
    • CAST is free from thinly veiled sales pitches
    • CAST contains up-to-date content
    • CAST presentations are theme oriented...
  • 5. CAST - Conference of the Association for Software Testing
    • The theme for CAST 2009 is...
    • “ Serving Our Stakeholders”
    • The people we test software for are our stakeholders, and CAST 2009 invites you to come learn how to better serve them!
  • 6. CAST - Conference of the Association for Software Testing
    • When you attend CAST, you're helping
    • advance the understanding and practice of
    • software testing, not only within your
    • organisation, but around the globe!
  • 7. CAST 2009 Presenters
    • Dr. Jonathan Koomey
    • Gerald “Jerry” Weinberg
    • Mike Dwyer
    • Dr. Cem Kaner
    • James Bach
    • Scott Barber & Dawn Haynes
    • Fiona Charles & Michael Bolton
  • 8. CAST 2009 Tutorials
    • Dr. Jonathan Koomey
    • Project Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    • Consulting Professor at Stanford University
    • Tutorial: Turning Numbers Into Knowledge: Honing Your Analytical Skills
  • 9. CAST 2009 Tutorials
    • Gerald “Jerry” Weinberg
    • Established the first specialised software testing group for Project Mercury
    • Author of The Psychology of Computer Programming
    • Tutorial: Ensuring Testing’s Proper Place in the Organisation
        • Demonstrate the value of testing vs. cost;
        • Find point of influence within your organisation and learn how to cope with them;
        • Communicate with executives; and,
        • How to evaluate risk and make it real
  • 10. CAST 2009 Tutorials
    • Mike Dwyer
    • Principal Agile Coach with BigVisible Solutions
    • Founder of 3SidedCoin
    • Tutorial: Experiencing Agile Integration
        • Hands-on experience of being part of an Agile team to meet changing objectives in a time-constrained environment;
        • Hands-on experience integrating testers and testing into an Agile team;
        • Participation in a simulation scaling small Agile teams into a larger, more complex "team of teams";
  • 11. CAST 2009 Tutorials
    • Dr. Cem Kaner
    • 17 Years Experience in the Silicon Valley software industry
    • Professor of Software Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology
    • Tutorial: Metrics, Qualitative Measurement, and Stakeholder Value
        • A facilitated discussion which yields a list of important questions;
        • A brief review on traditional measurements;
        • A review of traditional measurement theory, with an emphasis on validity and threats to validity; and
        • An overview of qualitative measurement, as well as how to apply this measurement on the job.
  • 12. CAST 2009 Tutorials
    • James Bach
    • Self-Taught software programmer & tester
    • Author of Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar
    • Tutorial: Teach YOURSELF Software Testing
        • How to sort through differing schools of testing;
        • The entry points for personal testing education;
        • A syllabus of software testing concepts;
        • How to identify, articulate, and test your own heuristics; and,
        • How to assess your progress
  • 13. CAST 2009 Tutorials
    • Scott Barber & Dawn Haynes
    • Scott Barber is the Chief Technologist of PerfTestPlus
    • Dawn Haynes is a senior trainer and consultant for PerfTestPlus
    • Tutorial: Translating Stakeholders' Performance Desires
        • How to take what a stakeholder says and translate that into actual performance desires
  • 14. CAST 2009 Tutorials
    • Fiona Charles & Michael Bolton
    • Co-founder of the Toronto Workshop on Software Testing
    • Regular contributors to Better Software magazine
    • Tutorial: Testing Your Testing: Determining Risks
        • Explore strategies for identifying stakeholders and how they tell us about their risks;
        • Discuss the kinds of questions that need to be asked in order to better assess those risks, as well as look at sample questions to better understand different contexts; and,
        • Examine a process for conducting a risk assessment workshop that has been proven useful in the banking, retail, and health care industries
  • 15. CAST 2009 – Special Tutorial
    • BBST Instructor Training
    • This workshop will use presentations, lectures, and hands-on exercises to address the challenges of teaching online
    • Becky Fiedler, Scott Barber and Cem Kaner will host the Live! AST Instructors Orientation Course Jumpstart Tutorial On July 17, 2009.
    • As a certified instructor you can offer the course for AST credit ( through AST for free ), for your company, or on your own. You or your company can charge fees without paying AST any royalties or other fees.
  • 16. CAST 2009
    • Three Tiers of Pricing Available:
    $875 $1295 $1135 Conference + Tutorial $515 $895 $745 Conference Only $425 $795 $655 Tutorial Only Student Non-Member Member
  • 17.
    • Group & Student
    • Discounts Available!
  • 18.
    • For more information or to register visit