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Front cover analysis
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Front cover analysis


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  • 1. Front cover analysis
    The guy right at the front has his arms crossed; he has big sunglasses covering his eyes. The guy behind him has a big beard and also has big sun glasses. The woman right at the back has a cap on and her face is slightly tilted to the side. The guy at the front has closed body language; he has jewellery and a silk tie which shows he is rich. The jewellery is also a trait of the gangster type look he is going for. The man behind him is wearing similar big sun glasses which are also enigmatic. His hand is placed where the audience can see it, this emphasizes his tattoo to help portray his gangster type look. The lady behind him has her head tilted to the side so you can only see part of her face which is also mysterious just like the other two people. However the way she is standing and the fact she is at the back shows she is not as important as the other people.
    The masthead of the image is big, bold and white which stands out well against the black background. It is also behind the people on the page, this makes the audience stare at the image to figure out what it says. It also becomes a consistent heading as many vibe magazines have the masthead behind the main image, this is how the audience recognise vibe. The red and white writing over the black background is a classic colour scheme; it stands out well against the dark black background. The font of this cover is a sans serif font type which is clearer for the audience to read.
    This is from the magazine vibe. The image has a very basic conventional layout as the masthead is at the top and the barcode is towards the bottom. However instead of having one person on the front page, this magazine has three people instead, this is unusual for this type of magazine. The main colours of the magazine are white, black and red. These are dull colours which emphasizes the gangster type look they are giving. Moreover white over black is a classic colour scheme which goes well with the gangster type image.
    The light is shining from the right and left side of the picture, just behind the subjects. This highlights them more and it portrays they are important and we should respect them.
  • 2. Front cover analysis
    This front cover is from vibe magazine. The colours of this magazine are effective and the white has a good contrast against the blue. The title of the magazine is behind the main image however nearly all of vibes magazines are set this way, the user knows the magazine is vibe just by seeing the title like this.
    The main image of this picture shows a young attractive singer which will draw men’s eyes as they are the target audience. She has a policeman’s hat on and is dressed all in black. The image shows her head down to her thighs. She has open body language almost inviting the viewer to look at her. Furthermore her clothes stand out against the background making drawing the user’s eyes to her as soon as they see the magazine. I think this magazines purpose is to entertain rather than to inform. I think this because one of the cover lines say “Keri Hilson has been a bad girl” this will make the reader curious and so they would want to open the magazine up or to buy the magazine.
    The skyline of this picture is red which in my opinion does not look so good against the blue, even though this is a classic layout, I do not think it is good. The masthead is white against blue is effective and good to look at. The front is plain and standard which appeals to males more than females; this helps the magazine to attract male’s attention which is the target audience.
    The layout of this magazine cover is the conventional T shape. Moreover the rule of thirds attracts the target audience’s eye to certain parts of the cover. Moreover the rule of thirds attracts the target audience’s eyes to certain aspects of the page which will then entice them to buy the magazine. I think this image was taken in a studio with high key lighting, so that the main image is well lit. The star of the image also appears to be wearing makeup as you can see her face is shiny and immaculate. The picture is well lit; you can tell this picture was taken in a studio. The angle of the image is eye level to the audience; this shows she has no more power than us.
    This image was taken in a studio with high key lighting, so that the main image is well lit. The star of the image also appears to be wearing makeup as you can see her face is shiny and immaculate. The picture is well lit; you can tell this picture was taken in a studio. The angle of the image is eye level to the audience; this shows she has no more power than us.
  • 3. Front cover analysis
    This is a front cover from flavour magazine. This magazine has a very basic layout with two people on the front and the conventional T shape layout. This magazine aims to inform readers rather than to entertain them. We know this as the main cover line says “Hollywood stars in the making”. The lighting in this picture is very strong and is coming straight on, we know this as the characters on the front of the magazine cast shadows behind them. The background is also white which implies this picture was taken in a studio.
    In the main picture it shows two people who are well dressed standing in a comfortable position. The clothes they are wearing look expensive which hints they are wealthy. Their facial expressions are portrayed as excited, this ties in with the main cover line “stars in the making”, and they could be excited that they are well on their way to becoming famous stars. Furthermore there is no sense of enigma in the picture as the new stars do not want to hide themselves; they want the opposite, for everyone to know who they are. They are also wearing bright clothing which attracts attention to them.
    The colour scheme of the magazine is black, white, yellow and grey. The background is plain and the yellow writing stands out well. The Title is large and classic as the colours are black and white. The font is very basic and standard; I think that the font is plain and the background is plain because they want the audience to pay attention to the main image, which is why the light is strong on their faces making the picture bright, it’s also very large and dominates most of the magazine, demanding your attention.
    The target audience is youngsters who are interested in the rnb industry, I think this because it is usually youngsters who want to know about new like this, and also younger people tend to listen to rnb music more than the older generation. I think this is also targeted at females rather than males and it is the females who would want to know about gossip more than the males; also the colour of the font is yellow which is considered to be a feminine font.