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Group 1 presentation oml 433 online

  1. 1. Professional Experience: 10+ Years Employee Relations• Staffing Coordinator• Human Resource Generalist• Human Resource Manager• Various Management PositionsFinishing up my Bachelors of Science in Organizational Management and LeadershipWhy I’m obtaining this degree: I hope that it allows meto engage my current knowledge with more education so to further my career in management.
  2. 2.  Happily Divorced In a loving and committed long-term relationship with my boyfriend Greg Two nine-year-old boys, Gregory Jr. and Brayden Two-year-old boy named Kayson
  3. 3. My HobbiesAnything outdoorsWhatever sport is in season with our oldest boysThe ever-so-cliché shoe shopping addictionVolunteering at various churchesMentoring younger childrenMy Favorites Color: Anything bright! Food: Homemade Chicken and Noodles or My famous (and delicious!) Chicken Asparagus Roll-Ups TV Show: How I Met Your Mother
  4. 4. Kevin BellOld man going to school  A birthday gift from my son  I ride to work every day  Enjoy riding with The American Legion Riders, Post 136 as well as The Patriot Guard
  5. 5. My wife Gina, granddaughter Abby, and daughter Christa I have four grown children and nine grandchildren, ranging in age from 8 to 19 years old
  6. 6. My Military Background Spent eight years in the U.S. Army. Supervised an artillery gun crew for six of those years Achieved the rank of SergeantAfter Discharge Learned conventional machining Worked as a machinist for 10 years Became Correctional Officer for the State of Kansas for 12 ½ years Worked at Hutchinson Correctional Facility and The Eldorado Correctional Facility
  7. 7. Career Change  Tired of correctional business, went into private security with Hawker Education Beechcraft in 2005 Admin of Justice classes at  Company disbanded the Hutchinson Community security department, so I College moved to manufacturing Integrated Electronics  Unfortunately laid off one course at Wichita Technical year later Institute  Hired by Spirit Aerosystems Working on Bachelor’s of after being unemployed for Science in the OML program 2 ½ years at Friends University
  8. 8.  22 years old Stay-at-Home Mom Adores “Mommyhood” Loves Cats Talented Fisherwoman Shawnee, Bradley, Oliver, & Arthur
  9. 9. Fishing!Oliver Arthur Baby Kitty Indy Lou
  10. 10. Hobbies I EnjoyReadingFacebookingPlaying Board GamesHosting Dinner Parties Products I Admire Anything Apple® Eco-Friendly Products Cloth Diapers Essie® Nail Polish
  11. 11. Married for 1 ½ years – Had a dream Christmas weddingMiddle daughter of three – Younger than one sister by 12 years, older than other by 2 yearsGets scared watching paranormal shows – Makes husband watch too (with all the lights on!)Lobbying for a kitten – She’s beautiful and needs a homeWants more children (in the future!) – Will adopt without a doubt
  12. 12. Andrew Hooper
  13. 13. Experience & EducationWorked on farms throughout high schoolWorked aircraft for 5 years straight out of high school through the presentWent to Airframe and Power Plant school for two years and earned my A&P licenseCouple years of University classes
  14. 14. Family & HobbiesRecently Married and expecting our 1st child in July.Hobbies consist of spending time with my wife at the softball diamonds in the summer and venturing the outdoors hunting during the winter.
  15. 15. FavoritesColor - Lime GreenFood - Pepperoni PizzaMovie - 21 Jump StreetMusic Genre - CountrySitcom - Two and a Half MenVehicles – Big Chevrolet Fan
  16. 16. Our Group at a Glance✬Over 35 years of marriage!✬48 ½ years of work experience!✬10 Children ranging in age from adult to not yet born!✬Numerous outdoor hobbies including: ✬Motorcycle Riding ✬Softball ✬In-season Sports
  17. 17. What We Expect from Each Other as a GroupWe like to: Hear ideas from everyone for maximum opportunities. Evenly share the work loads, not relying on others to complete more work Get our share of the work done on a timely manner Show appreciation when supported or helped
  18. 18. Individual Roles & ResponsibilitiesEach member did his or her own personal slidesShawnee assigned tasks for membersCassie volunteered to put the PowerPoint presentation togetherAndrew put together slides outlining the ground rules for the groupKevin put together slides on the group characteristics
  19. 19. Group CommunicationIn one word: Awesome!Never having met, discussions are still meaningfulDo not have bickering and backbitingOverall, very positiveMade project and distance learning much easier
  20. 20. Group flexibilityAll members are… Open to suggestions Great at cooperating with one another Open to alternate ideas Very supportive of others’ ideas
  21. 21. Group IdentityWe Are the Champions!We identify with this Queen classicFits our overall attitudeNothing can hold us back!