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  • Welcome Introduce: Cassie ~ BraveTech for 3.5 years Liz ~ 11 years total, 3 years as BraveTech manager Cassie - Introduce title and presentation
  • Cassie
  • Cassie Currently, we have 10 BraveTechs providing IT support.
  • Liz Expectations or requires training? – Ask participants
  • Liz
  • Liz Previously BraveTech positions were advertised by posting flyers around campus and word of mouth. Brave Opportunities, an employment system for the students, has alleviated this issue and made finding potential student workers much easier. I and another full-time staff person review the applications and select top applicants for an interview. Emphasis for written communication skills are determined through the applicants application.
  • Liz We are discussing the interview process because we believe that it is necessary for you to understand the course of action that we undergo and that it is the foundation in which we optimize the success of the potential student workforce to best provide IT support to our campus.
  • Liz During the interview, we look for applicants that are dressed appropriately, body language during the interview, communicate clearly.
  • Liz
  • Liz
  • Liz Identify the following: Identify CPU (Processor). What is its purpose? Identify the PS2 port. What is its purpose? Identify memory. What is its purpose? Identify battery. What is its purpose? Identify the hard drive type for this computer?
  • Liz We monitor new BraveTech’s progress and as their skills develop, they are given opportunities to complete work orders on their own. The workshop provides BraveTech’s with updated knowledge needed to be successful at the helpdesk and on the call tree.
  • Cassie Complete work orders as assigned Instant Management system where work orders can be prioritized by low, medium, high, and urgent/stoppage prioritization. Techs go in to the system are able to choose what work orders to be complete first by this prioritization system. Basic troubleshooting ~ printers, network connections Install technologies ~ setting up new machines, replacing older ones Add/Remove from Domain Setup the user’s email client of choice Backing up and restoring data Software installations ~ troubleshooting Building images for Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple Having a basis image with basic software and drivers to help with the turn around time and amount of time spent in an office. Mentor other BraveTechs as you optimize your knowledge and gain experience with specific types of jobs.
  • Cassie
  • Cassie The time spent on work orders includes orders as small as troubleshooting a printer issue to building an image for a machine to backing up data, imaging a machine, then restoring the data. From November 1, 2009 to October 31, 2010, the BraveTechs closed 1,515 work orders. An average of 63 minutes is spent per work order.
  • Cassie & Liz (Motivation) Example, a fellow BraveTech and I were able to request to work with one of our CIO’s on a database project. He helped us to optimize our learning experience by giving us real raw data and structure to work with. (Involvement) By being involved closely with the students, opportunities can be given to them to allow for a better educational and work experience. (Listen) As BraveTech Manager, it is good to listen to the student workers and know what is going on in their academic setting so that you may “Stop, collaborate, listen”.
  • Liz She has shown initiative for working on the DoIT Wiki; met with one of our CIO’s to discuss her willingness to assist with the documentation on policies and procedures.
  • Cassie After serving as a BraveTech, he was called back in to be the temp BraveTech Manager, and now works as a full-time technician. 2.5 years as a temp, 5 months permanent.
  • Liz Take lead; make sure things got done. Lead BraveTech Took initiative to distribute work orders to other BraveTechs in Liz’s absence. 3.5 years as a BraveTech; 5 months permanent.
  • Cassie 2 years as a BraveTech Became a part of the team when we first started supporting Macs and became our lead BraveTech for Mac support. Always dependable Good work ethic

Cause10 Cause10 Presentation Transcript

  • Cassie Manis Liz Cummings UNC - Pembroke
  • The History.
    • Created in 2001.
    • Inaugural BraveTech team consisted of twelve members.
    • These BraveTechs represented many fields of study including Art, Math, Business Administration, Graphic Design and Computer Science.
    • Model for BraveTech Program came from the Tech Ranger Program at the University of Central Florida. http://techrangers.ucf.edu
    • Offered a 76 hour BraveTech Training Program during the two weeks prior to a new school year starting.
    • The training program ended in 2004.
  • Characteristics
      • Dependable
      • Positive Attitude
      • Punctual
      • Motivated
      • Flexible
      • Team Oriented
  • Ideal BraveTech
    • Possess the desire and willingness to learn new things
    • Be able to work in a team-oriented environment
    • Have patience and be thorough
    • Have knowledge to provide technical support
    • Be able to meet deadlines
    • Possess trouble-shooting incite
    • Be able to work under pressure
    • Have positive attitude
    • Have good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Pre-Interview Process
    • BraveTech Positions are posted through the Brave Opportunities, an online tool through the UNCP Career Center.
    • Students must apply for the position. https://www.myinterfase.com/uncp/student/
    • They must also submit a resume.
    • Applications are reviewed and top applicants are selected for an interview.
  • Interview Process
    • The interview is divided into three parts:
      • Customer Service Aptitude
      • Critical Thinking Skills
      • Technical Knowledge
  • Interview Process
      • Customer Service Aptitude
      • How would you handle an irate Client?
      • Is the Client always right?
      • How do you think IT and Customer Service relate?
    • Interview Questions
  • Interview Process
      • Critical Thinking Skills
      • How do you deal with problems/issues that are unfamiliar to you?
      • How do you deal with constant interruptions and the consistent necessity for multi-tasking?
      • What steps would you take to troubleshoot for a client who cannot print?
    • Interview Questions
  • Interview Process
      • Technical Knowledge
      • Name the operating systems and software for which you are familiar.
      • How much experience do you have troubleshooting computers?
      • What precautions should be taken when diagnosing hardware issues?
    • Interview Questions
  • Interview Process
      • Technical Knowledge
    • Interview Questions
  • Training
    • BraveTechs begin the program as observers by shadowing the current and most experienced BraveTechs to build upon their knowledge-base and skills.
    • Helpdesk staff provide a workshop at the beginning of every semester.
  • Duties
    • Basic troubleshooting
    • Install technologies for user’s where requested
    • Software installations
    • Build images for all models
    • Identify and replace malfunctioning hardware
    • Assist with the creation of network cables and port activation
    • Provide assistance on the DoIT Help Desk
  • The Impact of BraveTechs
    • For the past year, November 1 of 2009 to October 31 of 2010, BraveTechs have handled 45% of all work orders within Client Services.
    • The rest of the Client Services team completed 55% of all work orders.
  • The Impact of BraveTechs
    • On average, BraveTechs close 87 work orders a month.
  • Optimizing the Student’s Opportunities
    • Listen
    • Involvement
    • Motivation
  • Sarah Weatherman 2009 - Present “ I have learned to be flexible and to adapt. I have also learned a lot about communication with our clients.  I have learned what to listen for and what questions to ask to figure out what the problem is likely to be. ”
    • “ It provided an opportunity for hands on IT experience that cannot be obtained in an academic environment alone, as well as additional skills to better prepare me for work in and outside of the computer industry.”
    Mike Pruitt 2001 – 2004 Graduated May 2004
  • “ The BraveTech program put me in a setting for a career path that I enjoy, and also helped me obtain a full-time permanent position doing what I love.” Cassie Manis 2007-2010 Graduated May 2010
  • “ Every day was a new problem to solve, an unseen challenge placed in my path to help my knowledge bank grow to encompass things I would undoubtedly have to face later down the road.” Ryan Guisewite 2007 – 2009 Graduated December 2009
  • Q&A Liz – [email_address] Cassie – [email_address]
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    • joind.in/talk/view/1999
    • to comment on our presentation. We appreciate any feedback or reviews anyone may have.