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Womens connection pres

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  • 1. Before You Go Network• Know what is interesting about you• Have your elevator pitch ready• Know what you need to take the next step in your career or business• Research who you know is attending• Have questions ready for awkward silences
  • 2. Following Up• Create a system• Remember that networking is a two way street• Follow-up and offer them something of value• Connect with them on their social networks• Keep the conversation going
  • 3. Twitter is the New CocktailParty.Cassie Boorn
  • 4. About Me
  • 5. The 5 Stages of Twitter Acceptance1. Denial “I think Twitter sounds stupid. Why would anyone care what other people are doing right now?”2. Presence “Ok, I don’t really get why people love it, but I guess I should at least create an account.”3. Dumping “I’m on Twitter and use it for pasting links to my blog posts and pointing people to my press releases.”4. Conversing “I don’t always post useful stuff but I do use Twitter to have one-on-one conversations.”5. Microblogging “I’m using Twitter to publish useful information that people read and converse with.”
  • 6. What is a Tweet? A status update on Twitter is called a Tweet. It is a 140 (orfewer) character text message.
  • 7. Following? Follower?Who am I following where?
  • 8. What is a Re-Tweet?If you like a tweet that someone sends you “re-tweet” it. Then all of your followers will see the tweet.
  • 9. What is an @reply?A public message sent to one ormore people on Twitter. (kind oflike a conversation in a room full of people)
  • 10. Direct MessageA private message sent to a Twitter follower.
  • 11. What do people share on Twitter?
  • 12. Updates About Their Lives
  • 14. Links to Articles
  • 15. Ask Questions
  • 16. How can you use Twitter?• Connect with experts in your field• Find new clients and business leads• Stay on top of the news• Free stuff!• Never have to miss a single thing that Kim Kardashian is doing
  • 17. Why is Twitter Good for Networking?• Access• Insight into personal lives• Ability to interact in a comfortable way
  • 18. Any Questions?