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Fmp task 3 ideas gen
Fmp task 3 ideas gen
Fmp task 3 ideas gen
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Fmp task 3 ideas gen


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  • 1. Final Major Project : Ideas Generation Graphic Novel/Comic Book, Set in medieval times focus Set of comic strips over a on a hunting story or a series of newspapers or scouting mission magazines Graphic Novel set in the early 1900’s focusing on a jazz 3D model of an FMP idea for a new singer of importance BRAINSTORM before their fame or style of jazz club set in town rising to their fame 3D model of a 1900’s jazz club Electronic comic strip released environment online over a period of weeks o months Adobe Illustration of a series of old fashioned 1900’s posters displaying jazz music and blues instruments to be shown in music stores to either attract jazz fans or increase peoples interest in jazz and blues.
  • 2. Choosing my Main IdeaGraphic Novel set in the early 1900’s focusing on a jazz singer of importance before their fame orrising to their fameExpanding on the Idea I will create a graphic novel or a comic book based on the early life of a jazz singer. It will be set in the early 1900’s in America, before the singers rise to fame, with a surreal fantastical twist in the storyline. I would like to include other jazz singers in the plot whether they are just introduced for a scene or deeper entangled in the story. Singers that come to mind are Nina Simone, Ethel Waters, Della Reese, Nat King Cole,. Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong. Obviously, because of the specific time it will be set in, I will have to look over the singers timelines and where they were in their career and how old they were before including them.
  • 3. Ideas Generation, using research collected I have discovered that the majority of comic and graphic novel fans prefer hardback books to any other kind, and would be interested in my idea. Therefore I have decided to begin working with my black hardback sketchbook for the Graphic novel and with the general idea of Ella Fitzgerald’s rise to fame.