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"IQPC’s HR Excellence for Healthcare Conference will showcase the latest opportunities in healthcare HR and include presenters from top notch medical institutes across the country. This premiere event will take place on March 22-24 in Chicago, IL.

“The healthcare HR world is undergoing monumental changes right now including policy reform and looming baby boomer retirement,” said Jessica Druckman, Team Leader and Conference Producer at IQPC. “Also, social media has changed the healthcare HR game and become an essential tool for branding, engagement and patient satisfaction.”

IQPC recently spoke with Cindy Carson and Dona Marie Wilfong of the “STAR” Program at West Penn Allegheny Health Systems about their newest innovation of simulation-based training to improve talent development and quality of care in their hospital systems. This is just one of the technology breakthroughs that will be presented at the conference and is sure to have a major impact on the HR healthcare industry. You can listen to the complete interview here.

The HR Excellence for Healthcare conference will present case studies, hard facts and winning strategies on creating a healthcare vision, using social media tools, retaining and developing talent, and more.

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HR Excellence for Healthcare

  1. 1. Book before 1/29/2010 and pay only $999 proudly presents See page 10 Learn Today’s Best HR Practices from these Winning Organizations! • Scripps Health • North Shore- LIJ Health System • Cleveland Clinic March 22nd - 24th, 2010 • Chicago Foundation • Henry Ford New Opportunities in a Changing Health System • Duke University Environment Health System • Martin Memorial Health System • Orlando Health Are you ready for the new day • Mayo Clinic in healthcare HR? • Dana Farber Cancer Institute • University of Pennsylvania Health System • University of Case Studies, Hard Facts & Winning Strategies For: Pittsburgh Medical Center ✔ Creating a unified vision in an organization of healthcare specialists • CentraState Healthcare ✔ Using social media for identifying and recruiting healthcare talent, learning, System branding & patient engagement • New England ✔ Creating and advertising a "career product" that offers what healthcare talent Hospital wants, needs, expects, and values • Manhattan ✔ Retaining healthcare specialists through an engaged onboarding program and by Physician’s Group crafting alternative career opportunities for people who can only advance within • Genesys Health System their specialty • West Penn Allegheny ✔ Designing rewards and recognition programs for specialists and incorporating Health Systems pay-for-performance modeling and non-traditional benefits into a total • North Broward compensation strategy Hospital District ✔ Preparing clinical leaders to become change leaders and to improve quality of • St. Francis care by building enterprise systematic policies for innovation Medical Center ✔ Developing talent and improving quality of service through simulation based • University of training and other technology-assisted learning programs Act Washington Medical now! Centers Register • Newton Memorial Media Partner: Knowledge Partner: you and your Hospital colleagues • The Children’s Hospital today! of Philadelphia • Spectrum Health System Register Online at or Call 1-800-882-8684
  2. 2. Dear Colleague, The experts have hoisted the warning signals. And healthcare HR executives had bette r read them correctly. Because the make or break your healthcare instit healthcare HR strategies and tactics ution tomorrow. you blueprint today could There will be enormous changes to cope with. For example, healthcare looming baby boomer retirement, and policy reform, increasing mergers & pay for performance are creating an acquisitions, union activity, uncertain and unfamiliar playing field But that’s only the tip of the iceb . erg! Social media is the future which has already happened. Yet many healthcar learning, branding and patient satis e institutions have not tapped into faction technology. this powerful new recruiting, As a healthcare HR practitioner, you’ ll have to keep on top of a whole host motivating talent, knowledge trans of happenings – new sourcing trend fer technologies and much, much more s, developing, retaining and ! And before you know the answ ers to the varied new problems • How can my organization fuse toge you’ll have to solve, you better ther recruitment, retention and succ know the questions like: • How can the financial impact of emp ession into a unified, robust talent man loyee turnover be rendered explicit? agement strategy? • How can we measure the correlatio n between engagement, employee connect with business results?) attitudes and profitability? (does bein g a great place to work really • How can the true financial impact of our learning & development programs accurate, reliable estimates of the payo be measured and convincingly prese ffs related to healthcare training and nted? (how do we get • How can we get started immediately continuous learning?) in using social media for identifying • How can we develop a surefire rewa and recruiting talent? rds & recognition program for spec • How can we employ workplace surve ialists? ys to continuously improve employee productivity and increase retention & engagement? Where do you look to get these answers? This new Human Resources IQ Con ference, HR Excellence for Healthc Environment, provides healthcare are: New Opportunities in a Cha HR executives with today's most inno nging vative new HR tools, techniques, and • You'll get insights into the mechanics technologies of using social media for recruiting, • You'll learn how to design and imp branding, engagement, and patient lement workplace surveys guaranteed satisfaction satisfaction to increase employee productivity and • You'll see how others are becoming true HR change leaders...developing unproductive activities, exploiting succ HR change policies, abandoning obso ess, using piloting as a way of intro lete and improvement ducing change, initiating continuous & organized • You'll discover how the best have imp lemented total rewards strategies inco • And, fundamental to all your HR plan rporating pay-for performance mod ning, you'll find out how other lead eling ers have demonstrated the ROI of thei ...and much, much more! r initiatives The world of healthcare HR is chan ging more rapidly than most expected you on the forefront of the changes . This conference puts with practical solutions to the challenge s you are facing right now. Act now. Register yourself – and a team of key people – today! your P . Maximize .S learning by attending our Jessica Druckman ps for a how-to-worksho Team Leader ach to IQPC hands-on appro itical solving today’s cr Healthcare HR challenges! 2 Register Online at or Call 1-800-882-8684
  3. 3. Who you will meet… Chiefs, Vice Presidents, Directors & Managers from hospitals and medical facilities in the following functions: • Human Resources • Talent Management/Acquisition • Leadership Development • Recruiting and Staffing • Training and Development • • Organizational Development/Effectiveness Performance Management Specifically you’ll learn: • HR Planning and Sourcing • People Development • Employee Services How to use social media for identifying & recruiting healthcare • Compensation & Benefits 1 talent • Total Rewards • Diversity & Inclusion How to use social media for transferring best practices to increase 2 both individual and organizational productivity How to improve employee retention through onboarding…and 3 craft alternative career opportunities for people who can only advance About the Organizer: within their specialty How to develop rewards and recognition programs for healthcare 4 specialists…and link work assignments to performance targets Human Resources IQ is a vertical market How to improve the quality of care through simulation based social media website designed for 5 training and other technology assisted learning programs sharing solutions between and among practicing professionals in the fields of HR and training. We are a subsidiary 6 How to leverage your negotiating power in union contracts of IQPC, one of the world's largest, fastest-growing conference/trade show How to create a workplace culture that increases engagement and organizations. 7 quality of care By virtue of this close connection—this How to build a healthcare employee brand and use metrics to day-in, day—out working contact with 8 demonstrate the ROI IQPC conference producers, researchers and literally thousands of HR/Training professionals—Human Resources IQ 9 How to design and implement a robust corporate wellness program is an amazingly well-informed source for enabling you to increase individual 10 How to transfer baby boomers’ knowledge to bridge the talent gap and organizational productivity. IQPC produces more than 1,500 events annually around the world and continues to grow. Founded in 1973, Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities IQPC now has offices in major cities Sponsorships and exhibits are excellent opportunities for your company to showcase its across six continents including: Berlin, products and services to high-level, targeted decision-makers attending the conference. Dubai, London, New York, Sao Paulo, IQPC helps companies like yours achieve important sales, marketing and branding objectives Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and by setting aside a limited number of event sponsorships and exhibit spaces – all of which are Toronto. IQPC leverages a global custom-tailored to assist your organization in creating a platform to maximize exposure at research base of best practices to the event and to the attendees. produce an unrivalled portfolio of For more information on sponsoring or exhibiting at this or other upcoming events, conferences. please contact Mario Matulich at (212) 885-2719 or 3 Register Online at or Call 1-800-882-8684
  4. 4. Pre-Conference Workshops Monday, March 22, 2010 A 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Registration at 7:30 a.m. – Lunch will be served How to Effectively Leverage Social Media in Healthcare: Recruitment, Branding, Learning & Patient Engagement There have been huge strides in the healthcare industry this past Protestors in the healthcare industry claim that social media poses year with respect to social media. Hospitals and medical facilities great dangers and that it’s unique, however, in this fast paced have looked beyond the strict, historical constraints of the workshop, Lee Aase of Mayo Clinic’s Social Media & healthcare industry and are leveraging social media more and Syndication Group will prove that healthcare is less unique than more. you think. Join him for this how-to workshop and leave with tools and strategies to: Mouths dropped and shock filled the air this past February as • Use social media for recruitment and learn which platform will surgeons at Henry Ford Twittered a surgery by using social- solve your current and future recruitment challenges - Facebook, networking site Twitter to give short real-time updates about a LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more! risky procedure. Dr. Craig Rogers, the lead surgeon in the Henry • Design a compliance policy to alleviate concerns that prevent you Ford surgery, tweeted last as he wrote, “The robotic partial from launching the initiatives forward – privacy, acceptable use, nephrectomy was a success. Thank you for joining us today.” behavior, etc. His intent was merely to get the word out about this surgery as • Create a space for healthcare provider dialogue and to share social platforms extend communication capabilities and patient experiences – YouTube, Yammer, Facebook, etc. breakdown barriers. • Market your social media program internally and externally • Police your organization’s reputation in the online community & If organizations are already tweeting throughout surgery, ensure consistent message of your organization’s online presence the opportunities are endless! Think about the possibilities • Use social media as a toolkit for patient engagement for recruitment, patient engagement, branding, and much, • Incorporate social media into crisis management programs much more! Are you capitalizing on the available • Demonstrate the ROI of your social media program opportunities? Workshop Leader: Lee Aase Head of Social Media & Syndication Mayo Clinic B 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m Registration for Workshop B How to Design, Implement & Monitor an Effective Diversity & Inclusion Program: A Step-By-Step Approach With rapidly shifting demographics of the American society, the Benefits of attending: • cultural make up of our workforce and customer base will soon Learn the differences in societal and cultural values and beliefs of have a pluralistic identity. Pew Research states that 82% of the the emerging workforce • population increase in America over next few decades will be due Develop cultural competencies that have become a critical to immigrants and their US born dependant. By 2050, more than component to designing programs that engage a multi cultural half of the US population will be persons from Hispanic and/or workforce and patient population • Asian descent. Learn how cultural competence is a key catalyst to addressing healthcare disparities Will we continue to be a melting pot where differences meld • Learn strategies for developing successful diversity and inclusion together to create the American identity, or will we see the programs emergence of a tapestry of cultural values and identity? How do we manage the ethical and practical dilemma that Workshop Leader: emerges from implementing diversity programs, and concepts that Naren Balasubramaniam are based on conflicting societal values and beliefs of the new face Vice President - System HR Services of American workforce? Henry Ford Health System 4 2 Register Online at or Call 1-800-882-8684
  5. 5. Pre-Conference Workshops Tuesday, March 23, 2010 C 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 5:30 p.m Registration for Workshop C – Dinner will be served. How to Design and Implement Healthcare Workplace Surveys: The Key to Improving Productivity, Profitability, Patient Satisfaction & Quality Healthcare workplace surveys can be an invaluable tool to increase patient retention, patient satisfaction, low readmission rate, slips talent retention and engagement which can have significant impacts & falls in patient population, staff injuries, law suits from on the overall performance of your organization, from worker employees, access to open panels, physician motivation, staff productivity to profitability to quality of care. Yet all too often, retention, RVUs per visit, profit, etc. • workplace surveys fail due to lack of reliability and validity. Dr. Use basic (and easy-to-use) statistical tools to measure linkages Palmer Morrel-Samuels has a wealth of experience working with between application of survey results & improvement and hospitals and medical facilities in designing, executing and outcome metrics • measuring workplace surveys. He has seen what works and what Learn simplified experimental designs for conducting applied doesn’t work. Join in on this workshop with Palmer Samuels, research in determining the effectiveness of best proposed author of Harvard Business Review’s “Getting the truth into solutions • Workplace Surveys,” to learn how to design a survey that is not only Determine if your intervention actually improved a problem and high in reliability and validity, but most importantly, business utility: consequently affected an objective performance metric Benefits of attending: *There are no statistical prerequisites for this workshop – other • Learn how to design practical & effective questionnaires to get than an insatiable desire to learn. We’d like to thank Harvard the truth out of workplace survey Business School Publishing for making it possible for us to offer • Discover how to use survey results to achieve immediate jumps complimentary reprints of relevant HBR articles. Reprints will be in workforce productivity provided free of charge, on a first-come first-served basis to • Learn how to select the best outcome metrics for your participants attending this Masterclass. organization. We’ll help you choose between focusing on Workshop Leader: Dr. Palmer Morrel-Samuels, PhD., Principal, Employee Motivation and Assessment Inc. D 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 5:30 p.m Registration for Workshop C – Dinner will be served. How to Increase Employee Engagement & Improve the Quality of Care through Workplace Cultural Transformation • You can try and discover that which has made other places a Define your own workplace culture in words your employees will “great place to work,” but fail to make your own one your embrace • employees call great. Most of the ‘great places’ in healthcare (or Use your culture as the foundation for creating an integrated and anywhere) were that way prior to anyone coming along to sustainable ‘talent management’ system • “measure” them. The question this workshop will examine is Measure the intangible of behaviour • why? What existed in your own history that would make you a Recruit to retain staff long term • “great place to work”? Understand what it takes to make pay for performance work in the healthcare setting The logic behind having a strong integrated talent management • Make meaningful measurements out of turnover rates or other process is that a happy work environment leads to higher levels of aspects of talent management benchmarks engagement that result in great retention and ultimately in better patient outcomes and care. But can you ‘will’ this to happen As a bonus participants will receive a copy of Dr. Cohen’s White Paper through a survey or is there something inherent in the on “The Myth or Reality of Measuring ROI in HR” along with his environment that causes this to happen? As a growth industry, it article on the “Myth of Generational Differences Based on Values”. will be imperative for healthcare employers to recognize the intensity of the relationship between employees and sustainability. His book on corporate culture and leadership Inside the Box will be Join this fast-paced workshop, leveraging the successes and given to the first ten people who sign up and pay for the workshop. failures of your peers, and learn how to: • Define culture in practical terms Workshop Leader: David S. Cohen, Founder and Consultant, Strategic Action Group, Ltd. 5 Register Online at or Call 1-800-882-8684
  6. 6. Main Conference Day One Tuesday, March 23, 2010 7:30 Registration and Coffee • Creating new positions that effectively utilize and retain talent • Incorporating nontraditional professional development incentives 8:00 Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks Linda Thompson Vice President of Human Resources & Service Excellence 8:15 Establishing “Great Place to Work” Initiatives New England Baptist Hospital that Demonstrate ROI 11:15 Building your Healthcare Employee Brand & AARP & Working Mother Magazine have cited Scripps Health as a top employer, and the organization has landed #59 on Fortune’s 100 Using Metrics to Deliver a Competitive ROI Best Places to Work this past year. Victor Buzachero, as Corporate How do you build an HR team that supports your corporate Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Scripps Health, has culture? How do you create a consistent HR brand that delivers created a “great place to work” initiative that has not only cultivated value? How do you then create metrics to measure your results a national reputation for excellent corporate culture, but has also and report back to your board of governors? Cleveland Clinic demonstrated a strong ROI. Too often companies overlook the long- Foundation found themselves asking these exact questions – yet run benefits of instituting such initiatives, despite their proven ability speechless when it came time to answer – and decided to take to generate substantial returns during good and bad economies action to remedy the situation. Julie Judge, Vice President of alike. Leave this opening presentation with practical strategies to: Human Resources from the Cleveland CIinic Foundation, will take you through her journey of delivering true value back to her • Integrate a “great place to work” strategy as a business imperative organization. Her steps include becoming: • Formulate the key drivers to achieving a “great place to work” • Effectively assess the ROI from the initiatives • A business partner • A change agent Victor Buzachero • An employee champion Corporate Senior Vice President of Human Resources • An employee expert Scripps Health Julie Judge 9:00 Talent Management: Impacting Business Outcomes Vice President of Human Resources Cleveland Clinic Foundation North Shore-LIJ Health System transformed itself by looking at the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring to career development to 12:00 Luncheon succession planning. The health system was able to systematically and rapidly make overall improvements in talent management, company culture and business results. Join Joseph Cabral in this 1:00 Health Coaching for Healthcare: Designing and interactive presentation and learn how to: Implementing a Robust Corporate Wellness Program, and Establishing an ROI from the • Lead change with consideration to your business' needs and initiatives goals through talent management • Implement new methodologies to measure ROI on leadership According to the 2009 Top Five Total Rewards Priorities Survey development that will resonate with all shareholders conducted by Deloitte, “containing health care costs is now the • Align talent management with your organization's business goals No. 1 Total Rewards strategic challenge facing organizations today, cited by 68 percent of respondents”. With that concern in Joseph Cabral mind, many organizations are turning to corporate wellness Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer programs to reign in preventable health-based expenditures. North Shore-LIJ Health System These wellness programs offer great opportunities particularly within the healthcare industry, as investments in these initiatives 9:45 Morning Networking and Refreshment Break have direct correlations to increased quality of care delivered to patients. During this presentation, we will evaluate the critical 10:30 Retaining Healthcare Specialists by Developing ingredients to a successful wellness program including: Alternative Career Opportunities • Obtaining senior management and executive buy-in for wellness programs The healthcare industry is confronted with a unique challenge – • Identifying initiatives that will work in your corporate culture investing in employee training in order to fill specialty positions, • Incentivizing wellness programs to encourage participation then struggling to retain these specialists because of the limited • Establishing timeliness and accountability measures advancement opportunities. Preventing the flight of talent to • Measuring the effectiveness and ROI from your corporate organizations that are able to provide higher compensation for wellness program seasoned specialists, in lieu of shouldering the training costs, has created a need to provide alternative career paths as a means of Fran Keane both talent recruitment and talent retention. During this Vice President of Human Resources presentation we will discuss how to effectively utilize the tools CentraState Healthcare System that are available for implementing nontraditional career paths and rewards which are essential to healthcare specialist retention. 6 Register Online at or Call 1-800-882-8684
  7. 7. Day One Continued 1:45 Case Study – Using Employee & Volunteer Self 4:30 Leading through the Middle . . . Achieving Service Portals for Cost Savings Breakthrough Performances in Quality: a Case study of Penn Medicine Leadership Turbulent economic times require most organizations to put future Collaborative growth plans on hold, and implement initiatives that will immediately affect the bottom-line. With more students than employees rotating Health care reform at the national level has moved Transitions in through the North Broward Hospital on a given year, over 10,000 in fact, Care to the front burner and turned the burner on high. Patients Director of Learning & Development Jean Seaver knew it was time to are readmitted to hospitals at alarming rates — a troubling change their orientation program. By switching to a student & vendor outcome for the patients and for the clinicians who joined the portal via the internet, she was not only able to realize immediate savings profession because they wanted to provide the best of care. An of over $90K for the organization, but also generate additional revenue aim of healthcare reform is to eliminate the perverse current in the process. During this interactive case study presentation, Jean will financial incentive for hospitals to fill their empty beds with take you through the lessons she learned along the way. readmitted patients—this session focuses on Penn Medicine’s strategy for preparing clinical leaders to lead the change initiative. Jean Seaver Director of Learning & Development Through Penn Medicine’s Innovation Collaborative, unit-based North Broward Hospital District clinical leaders are provided with both formal and informal preparation in leading healthcare reform initiatives by leveraging 2:30 Networking and Refreshment Break the skills, knowledge and behaviours acquired through a formal leadership development experience. Components of Penn 3:00 Social Networking – A Powerful Recruitment Tool Medicine’s “leadership for improvement” model include: for the Healthcare Talent Crisis • A partnership with the Wharton School of Business in “Tweet, tweet, tweet…” If the thought of a bird is the only thing that strengthening clinical leadership practices in the areas of comes to mind, you’ve yet to jump on the social networking strategic orientation, innovation, execution and relationship bandwagon. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are just a few of the social management media tools making their voices heard in the corporate setting, especially • Deployment of action learning teams focused on achieving in regards to recruitment. With current talent shortages already causing outcomes through process innovation problems in the healthcare industry, and projections indicating that 25% • Leveraging social media and double loop communication of the workforce will be eligible for retirement by 2010 and jumping to processes for improving practice and transferring learning across 43% by 2015, your talent pipeline must be ready for the challenges that the organization lie ahead. Social networking promises to expand your communications • Measuring the interrelationship between employee engagement capabilities and exposure to a pool of readily available talent, creating a and quality/service outcomes cost-effective tool for recruitment and pipeline development. Judy Schueler • Exploring the different social networking tools and determining Vice President, Organizational Development and the right fit for your company Chief Human Resources Officer • Assessing the ROI from social media recruitment initiative University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS) • Effectively following passive candidates • Ensuring your talent pipeline is prepared for projected retirement 5:15 Panel Discussion: Can a US Based Healthcare figures Organization Support International Operations? Steve Wojack Corporations have been developing and implementing global HR Director of Recruiting policies for years, however, healthcare has failed to harmonize due University of Washington Medical Centers to cultural challenges and policy differences. However, with many US Healthcare organizations supporting institutions overseas, and 3:45 Recruiting & Retaining Talent though Effective & more to follow, developing global policies may be the future. Is it Engaging Onboarding possible to export global healthcare talent? How do you overcome cultural and policy differences to develop global Failure to embrace onboarding as an ongoing process, and instead standards? Join in on this interactive panel discussion with three treating the step as a stand-alone process, can have major impacts on executives who have been through it all – heartaches, stumbles employee retention. The resources invested in extending the and yes, even triumphs – in an effort to develop global HR onboarding process can exhibit exponentional returns, in light of the programs. alterative – having failed to ensure integration of a new employee and requiring the process to start anew. During this presentation, we will Julie Judge take a closer look at effective and engaging onboarding approaches Vice President of Human Resources that stay the course through performance and leadership development: Cleveland Clinic Foundation • Owning and tracking the onboarding process Katie Devine • Assessing critical decision points of new hires Vice President of Human Resources • Incorporating technology for a consistent onboarding experience University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) • Measuring the effect of your onboarding processes on retention 6:00 Close of Conference Day One Eva Goldenberg Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Legal Officer and Vice President of Human Resources Newton Memorial Hospital 7 2 Register Online at or Call 1-800-882-8684
  8. 8. Main Conference Day Two Wednesday, March 24, 2010 7:45 Registration and Coffee 10:00 Morning Networking and Refreshment Break 8:15 Chairperson’s Recap of Day One 10:30 Leveling the Playing the Field in Union Negotiations 8:30 Increasing Engagement & Retention through Work Culture Surveys With recent market volatility and most pension plans in the red, Unions are looking to employers for greater contributions to offset Work culture surveys – if designed, executed, analyzed and losses. Despite the apparent burden this places on employers, it followed through effectively – can create truly competitive nevertheless provides a great deal of leverage for organizations to advantages. Over the past 10 years at Duke University Health seek concessions from those Unions. Whether for-profit, not-for- System, work culture surveys have been instrumental in increasing profit, public, or private, the prevailing environment has enabled employee engagement, and in turn patient satisfaction – the negotiations which provide cost-saving solutions that must be ultimate objective for a healthcare provider. The organization has explored. During this interactive presentation, Bill Myhre, Chief demonstrated that controversial if not forward-thinking initiatives, Human Resources Officer from Manhattan Physician Group, will such as behaviour based inputs to at-risk-pay programs, can be walk you through the experiences he has had over the past 20 most appropriately adapted and applied through the institution of years. He’ll provide you with insights and tactics that any work culture surveys. During this interactive case study organization can effectively use in union negotiations. presentation, Stephen Smith, Chief Human Resources Officer of Duke University Health System, will discuss how his organization Bill Myhre has leveraged work culture surveys to: Chief Human Resources Officer Manhattan Physician’s Group • Create a unified vision and culture among a seemingly segmented workforce 11:15 Taking Advantage of the Economic Downturn • Enhance the employee brand • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction A Case Study of Spectrum Health’s Journey from • Create and deliver transparency “Good to Great” Stephen Smith While current economic turmoil causes most organizations to put Chief Human Resources Officer new projects on hold and wait out the storm, Spectrum Health Duke University Health System seized this opportunity to undertake a “Surprise & Delight” transformation initiative. By revamping their talent acquisition 9:15 Attracting, Developing & Retaining Outstanding strategy – improving processes and investing in staff development – People: Lessons Learned from Two Top they were able to successfully maintain adequate staff and reduce costs by 1.6mm. Join this interactive case study to discuss the “Employers of Choice” roadblocks they overcame in their journey from “good to great”. There’s no doubt that the healthcare industry is approaching a • Setting goals with transparency serious talent crisis. While the current economic environment has • Understanding the cost impact of vacant positions caused baby boomers to delay retirement & has brought vacancies • Actively recruiting passive candidates down to single digit percentages, the situation is only temporary. • Transforming recruiters to “talent specialists” • Enhancing learning with “best in class” methodologies, tools & Now is the perfect time to reexamine your HR strategy to ensure techniques that your recruitment, development & retention tactics are best-in- • Quantifying value to the organization in language executives class and prepared for the upswing. Martin Memorial Health understand System and Orlando Health are 2 of just 17 healthcare agencies to have received the “Employer of Choice” award since its creation Erika Duncan in 2000 by Employer of Choice Inc. Organizations that achieve Director of Talent Acquisition & Talent Development Employer of Choice tend to have greater retention, employee Spectrum Health System engagement, and patient satisfaction. Amy Barry of Martin Memorial Health System & Nancy Dinon of 12:00 Luncheon Orlando Health will take you through their journeys, highlighting how to tie workforce strategy to corporate strategy and targeting 1:00 Total Rewards Management in Healthcare: Re- and improving areas of weakness to compete for talent with the thinking the Compensation Package very best. Join this interactive presentation to discuss critical factors such as: Today’s workforce has new expectations. Traditional compensation and benefits programs are no longer viable tools for attracting and • Culture retaining top talent. Incorporating nontraditional incentives into • Strategy your compensation and benefits plan – resulting in a total rewards • Growth and Opportunities strategy – can translate into bottom-line business results. Driving • Employee Loyalty good performance through your incentive strategy is certainly • Performance Results achievable, yet all too often companies fail by neglecting to define what good performance means for their organization. How do Amy Barry you cut through all the noise to find solutions that really work? Chief Human Resources Officer How do you offer options and flexibility in a cost-effective manner? Martin Memorial Health System Join in on this interactive presentation to share best practices on the design and maintenance of total rewards packages: Nancy Dinon Vice President of Human Resources • Developing a rewards structure consistent with your business Orlando Health and brand 8 Register Online at or Call 1-800-882-8684
  9. 9. Day Two Continued • Assessing generational attitudes toward your total rewards 3:45 Developing Talent and Improving Quality of strategy: Will your program retain current talent and attract Care through Simulation Based Training future talent? • Offering options & flexibility for health insurance coverage: A Case Study of West Penn Allegheny Health Systems’ Phase-In Retirement plans, Triple Option medical plans, and more “STAR” Program • Incorporating work/life balance components into your total rewards strategy: Telecommuting, Job sharing, Compressed work weeks Training and learning programs must embrace new evolutions in • Enhancing career path opportunities the workplace – personalities and learning styles that have grown beyond the strict rubric of traditional classroom instruction. Tech- Guy J Van Tiggelen, CPA, CCP, CBP savvy with expectations of seamless access to information at their Director, Compensation & Benefits fingertips, the workforce of today has enabled progressive LifeBridge Health organizations to revamp their learning programs and capitalize on new growth opportunities, and healthcare is no exception. 1:45 Developing Talent through Interactive, Continuous Education Programs & eLearning STAR, the Simulation, Training & Academic Research Center at West Penn Allegheny Health Systems, has made great strides in Innovation and excellence in healthcare delivery is greatly delivering advanced simulation programs, helping to increase both bolstered through the use of interactive training – providing an the quality and effectiveness of training provided to its employees. online training environment that reaches a wide audience and is The simulation programs have not only changed the way in which easily adaptable. Interactive training provides a great forum to not the material is presented, but also how it is disseminated. STAR only fulfill regulatory requirements, but also to enable personal has provided the platform for West Penn Allegheny Health career development. While there is a great amount of Systems to ensure its employees translate theoretical learning into opportunity, developing a successful online continuing education effective hands on training, in a targeted and efficient manner. program is dependant on translating medical knowledge into Unique among the clinical and surgical simulation industry, STAR clinical excellence. During this presentation we will discuss: programs provide learning experiences that focus on critical thinking, decision making and teamwork. STAR has also • Effectively using technology for the design and implementation recognized the importance of uniquely tailoring its training of training & learning programs programs, eliciting input from their clients’ executive management • Enhancing awareness & encouraging adoption of interactive in order to better address their needs. While the results speak for learning programs themselves – enhanced quality of care, decreased medical errors, • Combining eLearning and classroom instruction for blended and increased retention – Cindy Carson & Dona Marie Wilfong learning programs will share their “STAR story” and explain how to get your program • Ensuring the accuracy of the content and messaging in informal off the ground. learning Cindy Carlson Karen Burdick Director, Administrative Operations Director, Genesys Learning Institute STAR Center Genesys Health System West Penn Allegheny Health Systems 2:30 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break Dona Marie Wilfong Director, Clinical Operations STAR Center 3:00 Diversity & Inclusion Programs; Improving the West Penn Allegheny Health Systems Patient-Provider Relationship and Increasing Workplace Engagement 4:30 Case Study: Building an HR Center of Excellence Diversity & Inclusion has expanded beyond the scope of traditional Lee Elliott, Vice President of HR and Fund Development, recently diversity lines such as a gender and race, requiring programs to had an Aha! moment – when turning his attention toward now also account for considerations such as sexual orientation retention, he realized HR simply lacked the skills necessary to and disability. While designing and implementing diversity and provide all the services needed to help managers and others inclusion programs is important for all companies regardless of handle complex people issues. This led his team to what has industry, any shortcomings to a program within the healthcare become a multi-phased effort to change the way HR performs its industry has uniquely acute impacts. Failure to implement work. During this case study presentation, Lee Elliott will take you successful programs can impede communication – both among through the critical phases toward developing an HR center of employees and with patients – and can severely impact the excellence. organization’s quality of care. • Phase I: Develop skills and services in HR such that any people • Designing multicultural awareness programs to enhance the issue that is more complex than a manager can patient-provider relationship comfortably/effectively deal with can be addressed by HR – in • Ensuring awareness in corporate culture through diversity & conjunction with the manager inclusion programs • Phase II: Creating a wholesome and enriching work environment • Ensuring your talent management program is aligned with • Phase III: Enhance spirituality and meaningfulness diversity & inclusion initiatives • Measuring the ROI of diversity & inclusion programs Lee Elliott Vice President of HR & Fund Development Kelley Cornish St. Francis Medical Center Director of Enterprise HR and Diversity & Inclusion The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 5:15 Close of Conference Robert Amelio Vice President of Talent & Diversity Dana Farber Cancer Institute 9 2 Register Online at or Call 1-800-882-8684
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