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  • 1. CLIQUES
    Cassandra Bentley
    Katie Mazurowski
  • 2. What is a clique?
    Clique- is an inclusive group of people who share interest, views, purposes, patterns of behavior, ethnicities. Membership in a cliques is typically exclusive.
    Maybe both positive and negative
  • 3. Do you think there is cliques in are school?
    87% think there are
    13% think there’s not
    The research shows that there is cliques in west senior
  • 4. Are cliques a good or bad thing?
    36% say that there a good thing
    64% say that there a bad thing
    There research shows the most people don’t like cliques , and think there a bad thing.
  • 5. Do you feel like you have to join in or pretend its okay when friends say mean things about people
    12% say yes
    88% say no
    The results show that most people say they don’t join in because there friends. If only 12 % say they do why is there so much bullying ?
  • 6. Are you in a clique?
    32% say yes
    68% say no
    The results show that most people think there not in a clique. But in the first question 87 % say there are cliques. Then why does the majority say there not in one?
  • 7. Teen health and wellness “cliques”
    Whether you love cliques or hate them, they are probably going to be around as long as junior high and high school exist.
    Cliques often make life very difficult for many teens
    Becoming part of a clique is also a way of establishing your identity and defining who you are.