Womens advocacy

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  • 1. Women’s Advocacy Katherine Allenbach Caroline Cassard Kelly Marsh Mae Huber
  • 2. Political
  • 3. Nancy Pelosi • First female Speaker of the House • First woman elected to lead a major party in Congress – Led Democratic party to gain house majority
  • 4. Nancy Pelosi supports… Programs about violence against women  Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)  International Violence Against Women Act Women receiving equal pay  Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
  • 5. Lisa Madigan The first female Attorney General of Illinois. Advocates for women being domestically abused
  • 6. Although Nikki Haley is pro-life, she supports abortion in thecases where it is necessary to protect a young mother’s life.
  • 7. Corporations
  • 8. Bobbi Brown Dress for Success • Provides women searching for careers with modern, profession al apparel/makeup • Bobbi Brown artists teach tutorials and supply makeup packages
  • 9. “Since 1997, Dress for Success hasserved more than 550,000 women around the world.”
  • 10. Bobbi Brown andemployees give careeradvice; they teachseminars about thebusiness of cosmetology.
  • 11. Dove to helping girls/women realize their beauty Dedicated  True Beauty  Real Beauty  Movement for Self-Esteem Work to help women understand that real women do not look like those in magazines
  • 12. Dove Videos • Today’s Girl • Dove: Real Beauty
  • 13. Advocating for Change Diversity and Inclusion Global Women’s Leadership Council Supported a Nike Women’s Marathon  To support women athletes
  • 14. Real GLAMOUR "Who says supermodels have to be superthin? There’s a new definition of gorgeous—and you’re about to write it."Lizzie Miller the girl on page 194
  • 15. Revlon Run/Walk for National BreastWomen Look Good…Feel Better Cancer Coalition Raised over $50 Helps cancer Lobby at million in the NY patients cope with national, stat and LA race for their appearance- e, and local cancer related side effects levels research, counselin regarding g, and outreach breast cancer programs research, diaRex Healthcare gnosis, and They raise money to support Rex’s Mobile treatment Mammography Unit They have screened more than 22,000 women in 10 counties in NC Raised thousands of dollars in the Revlon Charity Gold Tournament in NC every October
  • 16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC6ZwphmGIY&feature=channel_video_title
  • 17. Avon Breast cancer Speak out against Crusade & Walk for Domestic violence Breast Cancer Launched in 2004 Launched in 1992 to educate and and they have build awareness raised and of domestic donated over $740 violence million to breast cancer programs
  • 18. Avon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5G- 6ml81Yo&feature=player_embedded#!
  • 19. Youth
  • 20. Tanning• 40/50 states have restrictive laws on tanning – 16 states under 18 years old – 6 states under 16 – 2 states under 15 – 16 states under 14• Parental consent• 10% tax
  • 21.  A Non-profit organization Organization to help girls become “strong, smart, and bold” Has programs to help girls learn about basic life information
  • 22. Girls Inc. Bill of Rights
  • 23. Girls Inc. Tips on how to overcomeStereotypes.1. Tell a girl shes great because of what she does and not because of how she looks.2. Tell a girl its okay to brag about something shes good at.3. Tell a girl it isnt "yucky" to play in the mud, hold a snake, or get sweaty.4. Tell a girl its okay to get angry and to express it in a healthy way.
  • 24. Girls on the Run Program in 176 cities in N. America Combines training for a 5K with confidence + self- awareness lessons
  • 25. GotR Key Words for Core ValuesEmpowerment Responsibility Intentionality DiversityConnectedness Joy Optimism Gratitude Nurturing Healthy Open-hearted Compassion
  • 26. Molly Baker, Founder
  • 27. Girl ScoutsIn GovernmentTheir advocacyefforts help show Leadership and Self-esteemlawmakers that they They teach girls creativewant to work on decisions making skills andissues affecting girls team work It’s Your Healthy Media Commission Story, Tell It They have a “Watch What You Watch”. They Promotes self believe that with the increase in media, it esteem, creative would be beneficial to have positive expression, heal messages about girls and women. thy living, and media literacy in girls.
  • 28. Do you think that organizations like this arepowerful enough to change women’s view ofwomen? What can you contribute to improve women’s self-esteem?
  • 29. Sources• http://pelosi.house.gov/special- issues/women.shtml• http://www.aimatmelanoma.org/aim-for-a- cure/legislative-accomplishments-in- melanoma/tanning-restrictions-for- minors.html• http://www.womensconference.org/the- honorable-nancy-pelosi/• www.girlsinc-online.org/
  • 30. • http://www.whatisworking.com/2010_11_16_ archive.html• http://www.nikkihaley.com/issues/right-to-life• http://www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com/cms/b obbi_buzz/bobbis_causes.tmpl?cm_sp=Gnav- _-BobbiBuzz-_-BobbisCauses• http://www.girlsinc.org/index.html• http://illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/women/ind ex.html