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No enterprise even with SAP

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Corporate Portal

  1. 1. Clextra as your ‘Portal’ or ‘Intranet’ Clextra is your ideal Top-Level Single-Point Practical Access tool for EVERY conceivable Software Application as your PORTAL or Intranet. Quite often the word PORTAL and INTRANET is used inter-changeably especially in a Corporate internal use situation. It’s the only way in today’s Socially Networked world that Corporate Culture can be managed. A Portal Whatever the size of your Business; A Portal or Intranet is the ‘key’ and ‘corner-stone’ to Business Success & Profitability. While individuals can bring in Clients, Sales & Revenue … the Execution & Delivery requires a ‘Team’. The Team needs … 1. To know who is in the Team. Who is doing what. By when. 2. To be in touch with everyone else in their team and with others in other teams. 3. Sales has to co-ordinate with Execution-Development-Manufacturing. They have to keep Finance informed. Finance with Logistics. Back to Sales & Marketing. Top-management needs to interact with each of the above to ensure Budget adherence. Target vs Actual and constant Gap reduction. 4. In today’s flexi-time, flexi-place, flexi-work economy they may hardly meet; being working different shifts or keeping alternate hours yet their work has to be synchronized. 5. Cyber-security, theft, unauthorized-access, privacy, safety, integrity, sharing are all high-impact daily issues. 6. Sharing of ‘physical’ resources such as Scanners, Printers, Internet gateways, Mailboxes, Storage, Backup-devices is as important as ‘logical’ resource sharing. Databases, Personal Software, Enterprise Software, Documents, Correspondence etc. 7. To know at all times … Company Policies on all issues. Payroll. HR. IPR. IT. Finance. Goods Movement. Inventory Control. Re- imbursements. 8. While ‘remote’ the social and community needs of common interests, what we do after-office-hours, buying & selling of a range of hobby, home & consumer products are inevitable and unavoidable parts of the Enterprise. 9. Personal work, Personal productivity, Enterprise productivity, attendance-hours, output have to be managed on a ‘trust’ or ‘non- trust’ basis linked to Company Policies, Rules & Regulations, Guide- lines and acceptable Organisational Culture. 10.Entire workflow, Process adherence, Statutory compliance, Corporate Governance, Project management, Risk metrics can be placed in quick and simple ways once you have a portal in place.
  2. 2. Wish List …. To provide such a solution to a New Economy Enterprise; the Clextra Decision Execution System was designed; and is built from ground-up to cater to the following customer-felt needs :- BENEFITS i. Extend Communications. Provide employees with the freedom to communicate, collaborate and work more efficiently by giving them access to information. In retro you desire a right to information on a need-to-know and need-to-perform basis. A balance between privacy and Corporate information is established as the de-facto culture. ii. Increase productivity Provide a collaborative environment between employees, vendors and customers. A central, collaborative platform helps eliminate e-mail chaos, provides audit-trails, centralised storage and eliminate costly mistakes by providing a central repository and archive for information. iii. Manage administrative costs. Users have the power to access team member schedules, distribute relevant company information without cost or assistance, and create virtual project groups instantly with least Corporate, Administrative, HR or IT support. iv. Lower demands on IT staff The Clextra Intranet Server is a highly-scaleable application that requires minimal support. It is based on industry standard architecture and includes rich API functionality, guaranteeing seamless integration to any networked environment. Using open-source, thin-clients, browser- technologies ensure that your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is the lowest possible. v. Intranet failures Intranets fail due to lack of maintenance; poor-training; in- adequate support-services; manpower turnover and attrition. Too much information, too many applications, too little 'internal selling' is yet another set of reasons for a failure. A package of CONSULTING + PRODUCT + SERVICES ensure that your PORTAL or INTRANET is used optimally and ROI (Return on Investment) is ensured. INITIAL LIST i. It must be browser based. Not required visible changes and upgrade; in the short-run. Obtain the full benefits of Internet; TCP/IP technology; yet ensure security, privacy, secrecy on a need-to-know basis. ii. It must be self-service and allow varying levels of user-definable transparency in implementation. iii. It must cost next to nothing to start with.
  3. 3. SCALABLE LIST i. A tool to measure and compare measures, norms and metrics between Finance & HR was lacking. ie. Company People & Company Money. ii. Assessment of People Related activities need to be made; recorded and constantly updated allowing quick-access for decision-making when required. iii. Competency Mapping of People; skills; their talent and contribution within a team and/or the organisation; had to be measured and recorder. iv. Is a Team better than an Individual? Yes and No. When 'yes', making the entire organisation; team-focussed; and mapping People and Jobs-on-hand; allows effective financial monitoring. Clextra Choice … 1. Clextra ENTRY Not using any other feature or menus of Clextra – ONLY Customer Applications. Simple one-menu OR Complex-Group access with group- customisable menus. i. Dual-access System. ii. 9-level Access-Control. iii. Standard – Basic LINKS. Accessible to ALL. iv. Customer Applications Menu. (LINKS to your Applications). 2. Clextra BASIC Standard from 700+ features available in Clextra :- 1. Base information of 1000+ fields. 2. Geographic, Physical & Virtual Location and Contact Information. 3. House Magazine. (Internal soft copies of Customer Newsletters). 4. CEO Notice Board. 5. Mission Statement. HR, Quality, IT and Security Policies. 6. Press Releases and Press Cuttings. 7. Calendar for Personal & Corporate Diary / Events. 8. Corporate (and Personal) Holidays 9. eDMS + Legacy storage of all Documents. 10. Structured System for IN & OUT Correspondence. 11. Internal Correspondence. IOM. Inter-office Memo Management. 12. Gate Pass. Materials IN-OUT movement. 13. Conference Room Booking. 14. Internal d-eMail. Alternate to current email. 15. Cupboard – Pigeon Hole for Documents. 16. Corporate Forms. (for download). 17. Personal Photos (Corporate moderated) upload.
  4. 4. 18. iflow. (upto 99 custom defined Decision workflows). 19. Time Sheet Management. (Last, Next and/or Current week). 20. Out-Station Travel Sheet. 21. Local Travel-Conveyance Claim Sheet. 22. Attendance PUNCH IN and OUT. 23. Leave Records Management. 24. Leave Requisition. 25. Standard self-assessment Behavioural Psychometrics. 26. Hall of Fame. Performers. Achievers etc. 27. Opinion Poll. 28. Personal Classifieds. 29. Collaborative ToDo 30. Collaborative ‘Next course of Action’ 31. Minutes of Meeting. 32. Organisation Charts – from artwork Feature. 33. Customer Application Menu. Clextra Team-Group wise access. 34. Clextra ACCESS-wise links. 35. Organisation-Level wise links. 36. Team Dimensioning. 37. Team-Leader. Reporting-to. 38. Team SWOT. Team Roles. 39. …. MANY, MANY MORE … please ASK for a full-list. Each of the above can be configured and a combination of off-line and on-line Workflow processes setup to suit your ‘culture’ of working. Some of the features are ‘ready-to-go’ others may involve taking ‘Management- Decisions’ to get maximum ‘Returns’ on that deployment. Any or all are optional subject to ‘Contact’ and choice in ‘Activation’. 3. Clextra INTERMEDIATE Use all or as many required 60+ Modules and Components of the 400+ features available in Clextra integrating with ALL (or most) other applications in your organization – local, regional, national or world-wide. 4. Clextra ALONE and INTEGRATED It is possible to use as many as required of the 400+ features available in Clextra along with ANY of your existing legacy FA; HR; Inventory; POS; Wireless Mobile Interfaces; MRP and Office Spreadsheets; PDF’s etc. and NOT make a Big-5 investment for BI; KM; DWDM etc. yet meeting 80% of your Information needs at 20% of that cost. You can work with Clextra alone INTEGRARING Clextra with Legacy applications and AVOIDING the high-cost and problems associated with ERP-type behemoths.
  5. 5. Optional Features … (with Clextra INTERMEDIATE or ALONE) 1. Finance Applications  Ratios. Metrics.  Cashflow.  Activity based Costing.  Comprehensive Management Accounting System.  Expenses Management and Monitoring.  Comprehensive Digital Content Delivery; ecash & Accounting.  Collaborative Budgeting & Forecasting. 2. Inventory Applications  Clextra Inventory Dimensioning. Brand – Style – Model.  Inventory Analytics.  Product Lifecycle Planning.  Corporate to Field Communications. 3. Advanced People Applications  Options of Performance Appraisal Systems.  Performance Management Systems.  Competency Mapping.  Sales or Support incentives and Bonus Planning and actual. Compensation Management.  Time Planning and Time Sheets. Access Control and Attendance (we recommend and prefer RFID based cards / implementation).  Risk Management. Behavioural assessments. Team inter-personal. Achievers and Performers Gallery. Transparency and Self-Service. Training or Learning Organisation. Syllabus Management.  Coach Management. Commuting. Shifts Planning.  Learning Management System. Learning Organisation.  Training and Training Effectiveness.  Team Composition. Options from several Team Models. 4. Communications i. email alternate Existing email is fraught with problems. Virus. No in or out going records. No central repository. No separation between message AND attachments. ii. Contact Information Upto 9 contacts per firm and 8 internal staff communications history and follow-up for Collaborative and co-ordinated Customer-Communications. iii. TDEM Targetted Direct email Marketing to your customer- subscriber or Vendor base.
  6. 6. 5. Storage Documentation repository Upload or download documents for and on any platform from a centrally managed and controlled system. Track utilization from an optional Clextra feature. Linked to individual one-off or regular periodic upload of documents. 6. End-of-Day data-capture For any period – typically end-of-day – capture from pre-assigned individual from any part of the world – Financial; Inventory; OR other data required for operational budgets, actual; competitive and soft information data-capture – from any cyber-café or e-capture technology. 7. Workflow Track tickets, dockets or work pieces from a Delivery, Time-Taken, Cost and Quality TARGET vs ACTUAL approach. Use the Clextra ‘cycle’ and Clextra ‘checklist’ features to setup, monitor, manage, audit and improve workflow with individual or team accountability. 8. Process Improvement Using the Cycle Feature any aspect of the Business Cycle – HR, Finance, Delivery, Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales, Collections etc. can be budgeted for; actual data collected and improved using the Clextra DQTC (Delivery, Quality, Time & Cost) feature. Checklist feature to ensure adherence to Process and Systems. Matrix checklists for dual accountability and audit. Decision Quality to improve Decision Making touch-points. Documentation adherence. Soft-copy storage of documents where technically and commercially feasible, 9. Help-Desk IT Helpdesk. HR Helpdesk. Concierges Services Helpdesk. Traveldesk. Security-desk. You can establish one or more co-ordinators across Multiple locations; 24x7x365 if required. Allow external or out-sourced access. Nominate one handler. Options for two levels of escalation or 1, 2 and/or 3 decision makers. These may include; Suggestions; Grievances; Requests; Complaints; Employee Tickets etc. 9. Self-Service Mature and advanced use by Employees; Customers; Vendors; Agencies and out-sourced Contractors for HR; Finance; Logistics; Procurement; Inventory; Brand; Marketing or Sales Information Management.
  7. 7. Best in Class What? You say "It's just another piece of software with a lot of competing products?" Actually and Currently, No!. Coz, this is the "Mother of all Wrappers" or Pigeon Hole System; for every other software tool or product that you have; or are otherwise buying or will invest in the future. Obviously, the Clextra Decision Execution System allows you to populate it with, capture or take metrics in and out of the Clextra system; for SAP; PeopleSoft; COPC; SEI-CMM, PCMM Levels; Six-Sigma, ISO-9000, D&B or any other Process or Systems that you or your customer or vendor organisations follow. (NOTE : Levels and desire for automation may differ; subject to technical feasibility and competitor reluctance.) Attractive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). If you want to keep costs down; you do not have to own servers; PC's; clients; operating systems; application software; or even have an IT department. In fact an SMS mobile is sufficient for your field forces. Even the CEO can use a dial-up internet connection from anywhere. Ahem! These are 'least-cost' options you may not want to exercise. (Check with our Representative Partners for some pioneering and innovative Payment methods.) Clextra as your Intranet and Portal. Scalability and Growth. Sales & Marketing HR Finance Production, Delivery OR Manufacturing Purchase Logistics Technology
  8. 8. Contact Information : Casper Abraham Cellphone : 91-98450 61870 Edgevalue 62-B Modi Residency, Millers Road, Benson Town Bangalore 560 046 INDIA Corporate website : Product website :