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  • 1. Virtual International Authority File An Introduction Cason Snow 2 DEC 2009
  • 2. What if VIAF • VIAF is a joint project of national libraries implemented by OCLC. • Begun by OCLC, Library of congress, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
  • 3. Who is VIAF • OCLC is implementing this project. – Conducting research – Performing authority control – Providing infrastructure
  • 4. Who is VIAF • Participating national libraries include – Australia – Czech Republic – Egypt – France – Germany – Israel – Italy – Portugal – Spain – Sweden – United States – Vatican City • Participating libraries include – Getty Research Institute
  • 5. Who is VIAF • Poland and Switzerland are being tested • OCLC is in negotiations with – Canada – Japan – Russia • Finland may participate in the future • Other European nations lack required authority files
  • 6. How does VIAF work • The primary goal of VIAF is to provide universal bibliographic control by linking name authority files from across multiple data sets. • Currently VIAF is working with personal names in Romanized scripts, with a strong focus on Europe.
  • 7. How does VIAF work • All of the names in authority file are compiled and then sent through matching process. • Strong matches include – Work in common – Control numbers in authority record (LCCN) – Exact bibliographic dates (birth and death) – Joint authors – Name as subject heading • Cannot match simply name or name and one date
  • 8. How does VIAF work • Matching variations – Same name, same person – Same name, different people – Different names, same person • Dates provide one of the strongest matches but they are not present in some national authority files, e.g. Spain
  • 9. How does VIAF work
  • 10. How does VIAF work
  • 11. How does VIAF work
  • 12. How does VIAF work
  • 13. How does VIAF work • Individual heading links to national authority record
  • 14. Future plans for VIAF • Non European languages – Have a small set with Israeli records – First start with Romanized then move to non Romanized • Integrate with International Standard Name Identifier (ISO 27729) • Incorporate additional national and regional authority files • Add other authority types, e.g. geographical
  • 15. Why have VIAF • VIAF seeks to provide consistent guidelines for the control of name authority records • Does not impose one form of the name, it provides suggested form, based on primary language of the cataloger
  • 16. Further Information on VIAF • VIAF website: • OCLC’s VIAF webpage: VIAF (Virtual International Authority File)