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Articles of Confederation Day 1






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    Articles of Confederation Day 1 Articles of Confederation Day 1 Presentation Transcript

    • Post-War Problems
      Britain still occupies forts in West
      Loyalist lands
      Spain closes Mississippi River at present day New Orleans
      Huge debts
    • States Constitutions
      By 1780, most states adopted written constitutions
      Constitution: A plan of government
      States did not want to give up sovereignty
      Sovereignty: not surrendering power to federal government
      *Revolution made states work together but people still felt their state was their country
    • America’s First Constitution
      1777 – Congress created the Articles of Confederation
      Each state had to ratify this document
      12 states accept; Maryland refuses
      1781- all states ratify
      Created national government with single body (Congress)
      Formed a very weak central government.
      - One legislature, with little power. (Congress)
      - No judiciary (national court system)
      - No executive branch (president)
    • Powers of The Articles of Confederation
      Each state has one vote
      States controlled taxes and law enforcement
      States had more power than national government
      Congress could
      wage war
      make treaties
      handle foreign affairs
      regulate trade with Indians
      set up Post Office
      borrow money
      print money
    • Why a Weak Government?
      Parliament and the King were strong
      The colonies had rid themselves of such a government.
      An executive reminded them of a King, so no deal.
    • Achievements
      Treaty of Paris 1783
      Land Ordinance of 1785: set up system for settling the North West Territory
      territory would be surveyed and divided into townships
      Land broken down into townships, then sections
      Sections sold to settlers for about $1 per acre
    • Northwest Ordinance of 1787
      Provided a way to admit new states
      Requirements for new states
      60,000 free inhabitants - settlers could write a state constitution which then had to be approved by Congress
      Outlawed slavery, freedom of religion, freedom of speech
      5 states created – Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin
    • Review
      What were the Articles of Confederation?
      When were the Articles ratified?
      Why did it take more than four years to ratify the Articles of Confederation?
      What powers did the Articles of Confederation have?
      What is the Land Ordinance of 1785?
      What is the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?