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This is a handout I created after being asked to share what I have on my iPad too many times. Although not all the apps I have are here, this does help teachers decide what apps to start with.

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Whats on my iPad

  1. 1. What’sOnMyiPadByDesireé Caskey
  2. 2. StayConnected &Informed• Bpstilt.ning.com – Social Network• Emergingt.blogspot.com – Blog• Youtube.com/caskeyd – Video Tutorials• Slideshare.net/caskeyd – Printables• Google + - Desiree Caskey• Twitter – caskeyd2
  3. 3. AnApp forEverythingI am always being asked to share what apps Ihave on my iPad. Although I add and removeconstantly, I think I have a pretty good collectionof apps for many different needs. Check out myfolders on the following pages.Although this is by no means all of the apps thatare on my iPad, it does show you the variety oftools you can find. Most of the apps were freewhen I got them. I have added and deleted manyapps. Know that once you buy an app, you canalways delete it and get it back. It stays in yourPurchased area of the Apps store.Along with a collection of apps you might want toinvestigate, this handout provides you with asimple guide to the App Store to make yourresearching and purchasing easier.3
  4. 4. ProductivityTools4
  5. 5. Favorite AppsforProductivityEvernote - Evernote is a suite of software and servicesdesigned for note taking and archiving. Your notes cancontain text, images, sound recordings, clippings fromwebsites...but unfortunately, not the kitchen sink. ILOVE this app because I have it on every device I ownso all of my notes are right at my finger tips.Dropbox - Dropbox is a free service that lets you bringyour photos, docs, and videos anywhere and sharethem easily. Never email yourself a file again! Dropboxis like Evernote...you can put it on all your devices andhave access to your files from anywhere.Notes - Notes is a built-in tool for the iOS devices thatlets you take notes...not so cool until you realize thatyou can sync it with your Gmail account and pull up anynote you took on your iPad from any computer that youlog into your Gmail account with...you have to turn onthis sync option in settings.5
  6. 6. Favorite AppsforProductivityPages – Apple’s answer to Word is a pretty nice toolonce you get used to it. It is easier to desktop publishwith this tool too. Although it is $9.99, if you want a fullfeatured word processing/desktop publishing tool, youneed to try this one.Keynote – If you just can’t get away from building slide-based presentations, then Keynote might be a tool youcould easily fall in love with. Apple’s iWork Suite opensOffice files if necessary and also saves out in manyformats for you to share.Google Drive – Google lets you access and now edityour Google files on your iPad. Although the interfaceisn’t ideal, the fact that you can open and edit your wordprocessing, spreadsheet and presentation files is reallyhelpful in a pinch.Slideshark – just can’t let go of your PowerPoint files?Slideshark lets you use your iPad to present yourpresentations from your iPad…and use your iPhone asa remote. The cool factor is pretty high for this one!6
  7. 7. Photography, Video &MusicApps7
  8. 8. Favorite PhotographyAppsPhotobucket - If you have a Photobucket account, youcan take advantage of this great free app! You canaccess your photos, save them to your device andshare them with friends.PhotoSync - I LOVE this app and use it all the time totransfer my photos and videos between devices…andfriend’s devices as well.PhotoShop Express - This free app is amazing and fullof photo editing features. For those of us that like todo a bit more editing than just adding filters before weshare, this is the tool.Snapseed – This photo editing tool gives you manydifferent filters that you can apply to existing photos,but you can also take a photo directly into Snapseedor paste from another tool. This tool takes fulladvantage of the input methods for the iPad.8
  9. 9. Favorite Video &MusicAppsTED - TED-Ideas Worth Spreading-Fans unite! Thisapp gives you all the TED videos, organized bythemes, and allows you to save videos to yourdevice to view offline.iTunes U - Why wouldn‘t you use this app? So manyFREE courses provided by higher education thesedays. The really good ones include text, apps,videos and other resources.App for Google Play - I have almost all my musicstored in Google Play, so having an app that lets meaccess my music, but not take up storage on myiPad is huge - because my iPad is full!YouTube – I like this app because you can sign intoyour account to watch videos you subscribe to,videos you have favorited, your uploads…or justsearch YouTube and watch!9
  10. 10. Teaching Tools10
  11. 11. Favorite Teaching ToolsNearpod - Create, Engage, Assess! Description fromthe iTunes Store: Nearpod enables teachers to usetheir iPads to manage content on students devices. Itcombines presentation, engagement and real-timeassessment tools into one integrated solution. Nearpodis a synchronous solution for the use of iPad and otheriOS devices in education. To try Nearpod, you will needone iPad running the Nearpod Teacher app, and atleast one other iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch)running the Nearpod Student app.Educreations - This app allows you to teach andassess students in a different way…by recording on thiselectronic whiteboard. Educreations is like YouTube, inthat illustrations you create can be uploaded to yourclass channel and accessed anytime.Stage – This tool allows you to use your iPad as adocument camera and annotate on your (or yourstudent’s) work…without touching it!11
  12. 12. ForStudents12
  13. 13. Favorite Student ToolsPeek - This companion to Evernote allows you tocreate flash cards for your students out of thenotebooks you have in your Evernote account. You canalso import from StudyBlue or Membean.Socrative – Okay, this fits under both the teacher andstudent categories. This is a tool that allows teachers tocreate online tests and administer them through anyweb-based device. On the iPad, the students use theapp and enter the name for the testing room theteacher assigns. There are a lot of options for this tooland completely worth checking out.Mind Mapping Tools – There are a lot of great appsthat allow students to organize their thoughts into mindmaps. Help students organize, plan, understandinformation with these tools!Productivity Tools – Many of the productivity toolsmentioned earlier are favorites for students as well asteachers.13
  14. 14. Looking at the App StoreThe App Store can be a bit confusing. Be sure to look at the very bottom of the screen.Here you see:•Featured – new and noteworthy apps•Top Charts – top free and pay for apps in many categories•Genius – suggestions of apps based on what you already have on your iPad•Purchased – a history of your app purchases for your account, not just this device•Updates – this is where you update any apps. There is a number indicator that tell you howmany apps you have to update. I recommend you frequently update apps. These updates areusually bug fixes or feature enhancements.The App Store can be a bitconfusing. Here you can searchand browse for apps. You canalso redeem any gift cards youmay receive (swipe all the wayto the bottom)Be sure to look for a “See All”option to expand the amount ofapps that are presented to you.14
  15. 15. Using the App StoreSometimes Apple will feature a collection of Apps foreducation so be sure to check the Featured option atthe bottom of your Apps Store.Be sure to check the Education category as well…Apple is good about featuring good apps, free and pay-for both.Click on Top Charts, then change the category toEducation to see a huge collection of great free apps.Once you have a good collection of apps on your iPad,use the Genius tool to find similar apps.15
  16. 16. Looking at AppsWhen you click on the image of an app, a windowsimilar to the one below appears. You can see screenshots of the app, see how others have rated it, andfind out exactly what its purpose is.From this window you can purchase the app as well.16
  17. 17. Looking at AppsRatings and Reviews allows you to see statementsfrom those that have used this app. This will give youa good sense of what others think of this app.17
  18. 18. Looking at AppsThe Related section provides you with apps that aresimilar to this tool. I always look here if I find an app Ilike. You can access this area even if you alreadydownload the app to your iPad.18
  19. 19. Math19
  20. 20. Social Studies&Science20
  21. 21. Family&ConsumerSciences21
  22. 22. Children’sBooks22
  23. 23. Reading &StoryCreators23
  24. 24. Primary24
  25. 25. Reading &Word Games25
  26. 26. Best AppsforLab of iPads• Student Tools– Socrative - Assessment– Nearpod – Interactive Teaching– Educreations – Show me what you know– BaiBoard – Collaborative whiteboard– Khan Academy – Extra Assistance– YouTube – Extra Assistance– Scan – QR Reader• Teacher Tools– Timer + - Classroom Activity Timer– Educreations – Create Video Tutorials– Stage – Document Camera with Annotation– ClassDojo – Classroom Management Tool 26