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Intro To Digital Storytelling


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  • 1. Digital Storytelling An Introduction to
  • 2. Digital Storytelling Website
    • http://www. coe .uh. edu/digital-storytelling
  • 3. Digital Storytelling (documentaries, narratives, essays)
    • Combining the art of telling stories with any of a variety of available multimedia tools:
      • graphics,
      • audio,
      • video,
      • animation, and
      • Web publishing.
  • 4. Types of Digital Stories -1
    • Personal Narratives
    • Character Stories – explore how we love, who we are inspired by, and the importance of finding meaning in our relationships.
    • Memorial Stories – deal with memories of people who are no longer with us. These stories are often difficult but are emotionally powerful and can help with the grieving process.
    • Stories about Events in Our Lives
      • Adventure Stories – revolve around places we visit and adventures we have in our travels.
      • Accomplishment Stories – deal with achieving goals and understanding defining moments in our lives.
    • Stories about Places in Our Lives – examine the important places in our lives: our homes, our towns, and our experiences that connect us to our communities.
    • Stories about What We Do – allow us to talk about our jobs, professions and careers in terms of how we value and find meaning in the work we do.
    • Other Personal Stories
      • Recovery Stories – deal with how we overcome great obstacles and challenges in our lives.
      • Love Stories – provide us with an opportunity to share some of the most meaningful parts of our lives with the people we most cherish.
      • Discovery Stories – let us reflect on what we have learned and illustrate our journeys of discovery.
  • 5. Types of Digital Stories -2
    • Examination of Historical Themes and Events
      • Based on Material Students Explore
      • Facilitates Research and Organizational Skills
      • Needs to Go Beyond the Digitized “MTV Video” or the “Encyclopedia Entry”*
  • 6. Types of Digital Stories -3
    • Stories that Inform or Instruct
      • Can be Argued that All Digital Stories Inform (or Instruct)
      • Distinction is that Digital Stories Can Be Created that Deliver Instructional Content on Many Different Topics, Including: Math, Science, Language Arts, Medicine, etc.
  • 7. Elements of a Digital Story
    • Overall Purpose of the Story
    • Narrator’s Point of View
    • A valid Question (or Questions)
    • Choice of Content
    • Clarity of Voice
    • Pacing of the Narrative
    • Meaningful Soundtrack
    • Quality of the Images
    • Economy of the Story Detail
    • Good Grammar and Language Usage
  • 8. Telling the Story
    • Primarily a visual story but might also use:
    • First person narrative
    • Previously recorded audio
    • Text slides
    • Interviews
  • 9. Writing and Recording a Script
    • Digital storytelling script is a narrative that gives meaning to images in your project.
      • Written script will be made into a digitized voiceover during production of the digital story.
  • 10. Necessary for Project
    • Support for technology-integrated unit
    • Option of creating teacher tool or student presentation
    • Planned and storyboarded
    • Created or located media elements
    • Option to use Photo Story, MovieMaker, iMovie, PowerPoint, or equivalent technology
  • 11. Finding Images & Audio on the Web
    • Image Search Engines
    • Google
    • Picsearch
    • AltaVista
    • ClipArt for Teachers
    • Gander Academy
    • School Clip Art for Teachers
    • Audio Search Engines
    • AltaVista
    • Singing Fish
    • Find Sounds
    • Freestuff Bug
  • 12. More Sound Resources
    • http://www. partnersinrhyme .com/pir/PIRsfx.html
  • 13. Tools for Creating Digital Stories
    • Microsoft Photo Story
    • Apple iMovie
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft MovieMaker
    • Apple Keynote
    • Apple iPhoto
    • Adobe Photoshop Elements
    • Many other software options
  • 14. Let’s Get Started
    • Create Teams or Partners
    • Decide on Topic - directional question
    • Research and Resource gathering
    • Storyboard and Script
    • Create Project
    • Present and Reflect