Google Docs: uploading and downloading files


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A basic tutorial explaining download and upload to Google Docs.

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Google Docs: uploading and downloading files

  1. 1. Uploading & Downloading Files Google Docs
  2. 2. Uploading vs Downloading <ul><li>Uploading is copying files from your computer’s hard drive to the “cloud” …Google Docs </li></ul><ul><li>Downloading is copying files from the “cloud”…Google Docs to your computer’s hard drive </li></ul>Upload Download Google Docs File File
  3. 3. Uploading Files <ul><li>You can upload and STORE any file format, but you can convert only certain types of files into Google Docs format </li></ul>
  4. 4. 1. Click Upload 2. Click Select files to upload Note : If you want to convert your files to a Google Docs format, make sure this option is selected. 3. Choose a destination folder 4. Click Start upload
  5. 5. Selecting Files to Upload Navigate to files on a Mac: Navigate to files in Windows: When you click on Select files to upload , a window will open for you to navigate to the files you wish to upload. Select your file and click Select Select your file and click Open
  6. 6. Downloading Files You can download a document from Google Docs to your computer two ways – from the main Docs window or from inside a document . Before you download your file, it is important to know file formats that are supported: For documents: Here are the supported file types for documents: HTML RTF Word Open Office PDF Text For spreadsheets: CSV HTML ODS PDF XLS TXT: only for a single sheet Note: it's not possible to export a spreadsheet as .xlsx. For presentations: PDF PPT Text For drawings : You can export your drawing as a PDF, PNG, or SVG file by clicking Edit > Export from the drawing toolbar. Note : Downloading is also referred to as exporting
  7. 7. Downloading files from Inside the document window From the File menu, choose Download as…and select the file format you want to convert to Note : when you choose Download, your file will download to your hard drive into the download location set by your browser.
  8. 8. Downloading files from Google Docs Main Window 1. Select the file to download 2. From More actions, choose Export
  9. 9. 3. Select the file format you would like 4. Click Download Note : when you click Download, your file will download to your hard drive into the download location set by your browser.
  10. 10. Use the Export feature from the main Google Docs window when you have several files…of any file format File formats selected: Doc, Presentation, Drawing Convert and Download lets you change file formats in one window and shows you how many of each you will be downloading.