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Game Mechanics in Cafe
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Game Mechanics in Cafe


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Game Mechanics in Cafe T-mac
  • 2. 01 GameMechanics inCafe Game design Framework MDA Framework Mechanics Dynamics Aesthetics Game designer 업계 평균 player Mechanics : Functional elements of the game Dynamics : Player's interact with mechanics Aesthetics : Player's emotion in the game mechanics are more nearer designer than player
  • 3. 02 GameMechanics inCafe Mechanics Mechanics factor Point Virtual Goods, items Leaderboard Level Badges Onboarding Challenge/Quest 업계 평균 Engagement Loop These are the elements of the game mechanics The elements can apply to variety of field I will apply these elements to the café.
  • 4. 03 GameMechanics inCafe Cafe 업계 평균 Café is a place where you can buy drinks, simple meals, and snacks. Cafés are already using diverse strategy in order to attract more consumers.
  • 5. 04 GameMechanics inCafe Representative Mechanics of cafe Point Giveaway bonus whenever player achieve their mission. 업계 평균 Most cafes offer coupons to consumers. Consumer earn certain mileage when they purchase a coffee. Mileage can be exchanged as free coffee when required mileage is fulfilled.
  • 6. 05 GameMechanics inCafe My suggestion 1 New Strategy: Point + High risk high return High risk high return : Risk is comparably high, but there are better chance to win much higher profits. 업계 평균 Consumers can volunteer to put their coupons with 10 points in the glass case. Then, cafe owner will conduct a lottery. This will be held once a month. Nominated owner of the coupon can gain coffee per points in their coupon. Thus, the winner could earn free 10 cups of coffee. This promotion will boost consumers to buy more coffee. In addition, the coffee owner could perform economy of scale thus could reduce the cost of coffee. Consumer also will be much more interested in this strategy.
  • 7. 06 GameMechanics inCafe My suggestion 2 Level Indicates the degree of the growth of the player Cafe sell the membership card. Membership card record the purchases and consumer increase the one's level to buy more coffee. The cafe offers a variety of benefits depending on the level. 업계 Silver : Refill drinks for 10% of the original price. 평균 Gold : 10% discount on all drinks Platinum : Offer size-up to all beverages These benefits are sufficient to attract consumers. Consumers will visit more frequently in order to raise their level in the cafe.
  • 8. 07 GameMechanics inCafe reference Gamification by Design MDA Framework image - 업계 평균
  • 9. Thank you